Seasoned Expertise
Ron Bodkin Logo
  • Ron Bodkin

    Founder and CEO

    Ron has a successful history building engineering and data science teams to transform businesses using technology. He’s held executive engineering roles at C-bridge and Quantcast where Ron and his teams introduced “online” and “realtime lookalikes” to the Fortune 500. He is a master of using open source technologies to generate value from Big Data and often speaks on the topic in addition to his favorite topics Hadoop, Storm and NoSQL. 

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Rick Farnell Logo
  • Rick Farnell

    Co-Founder and President

    Rick is fueling Think Big’s rapid growth by leveraging his experience building sales and services organizations within companies like C-bridge and Sun Microsystems. He is one of Delta Airlines most valued customers, traveling anywhere and everywhere to ensure customer engagements are completed successfully. In his free time, Rick can be found with his family on the golf course or on the ski slopes. 

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Katie Bodkin Logo
  • Katie Bodkin

    Co-Founder, VP Operations

    Katie has been to this game before, having been responsible for knowledge management, best practices and operational systems for Oracle, C-Bridge and now Think Big. She is a genius at developing processes and managing the teams that support the scalability of services businesses and has recently become an expert on the Box platform. 

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Chuck Palmer Logo
  • Chuck Palmer

    VP of Sales

    Chuck Palmer is a veteran sales executive with a proven history of success in technology services. He has an outstanding track record  of building and managing high performance sales teams and has received numerous awards for his achievements in consultative selling and understanding customer needs. 

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Scott Rose Logo
  • Scott Rose

    VP of Services

    Scott Rose is responsible for working with Think Big clients and strategic partners to successfully deliver Big Analytics solutions that drive value. He manages operations for the Central and Eastern Regions for Think Big. Scott brings nearly 25 years of technology consulting experience having held executive positions at established and start-up companies.

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Kari Gothie Logo
  • Kari Gothie

    VP of Finance

    Kari spent many years as a CPA at KPMG and then ran for her life. She has also held CFO and VP Finance positions at other IT-services companies (most recently, FocusFrame), but she is not your typical bean counter. Kari has backpacked around the globe and is usually the life of the party. She and her husband have just completed remodeling their home in San Francisco and welcomes everyone to join them for a glass of wine on their new deck.

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Scott Fleming Logo
  • Scott Fleming

    Engineering Practice Manager

    Scott is the fearless leader of our data engineers and enjoys brainwashing them with our best practices and our Cornerstone Methodology (SM). He is best known for his ability to think outside the box and for finding creative solutions to help clients generate value out of their data. 

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Jeffrey Breen Logo
  • Jeffrey Breen

    Academy Practice Manager

    Jeffrey Breen leads the Think Big Academy which provides training and education services for our clients, partners, and internal teams. Jeffrey has over 20 years of hands-on and leadership experience in IT, having served as the Chief Technology Officer of Yankee Group and the start-up Navient Corporation.

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Dan Mallinger Logo
  • Dan Mallinger

    Data Science Practice Lead

    Dan Mallinger leads Think Big’s Data Science Practice and is obsessed with the organizational side of analytics. He is known for his ability to lead creative analytics solutions that bridge business and engineering teams, which is supported by his unique background blending corporate research, technology, and business intelligence.

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Bill Kornfield  Logo
  • Bill Kornfield

    Director of Software Development

    Bill is an experienced software technologist focused on turning rivers of data into actionable intelligence. He’s developed many software stacks that solve business problems and is the proud owner of one of the first Yahoo! employee mugs ever distributed. He is an expert at Hadoop, NoSQL, statistics and predictive analytics so very little gets by him. Bill loves riding his bike to work and spending time with his family. 

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Annette Snyder Logo
  • Annette Snyder

    Director of Human Resources

    Annette is an experienced HR professional who spends her time ensuring everyone at the company is happy and healthy.  Annette enjoys building fun, high-performing corporate cultures.  Annette cannot carry a tune, but she can make you a quilt!  She spends her downtime traveling, playing soccer and enjoying her family.

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Peter MacKenzie Logo
  • Peter MacKenzie

    Director Western Region Services

    Peter MacKenzie has held executive positions at leading professional services and software provider companies. Most recently he managed the Identity and Data Services team for the New Zealand federal government where he was responsible for identity and digital access initiatives. He also was a member of Identity Solutions Laboratory where he managed the business development and project delivery teams until the company was acquired by Hyro.

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Daniel Eklund Logo
  • Daniel Eklund

    Principal Consultant

    Favorite Big Data Technology: Riak
    I’m a whiz at: Avoiding metacircular ironic humor in biographic snippets… oh no!
    I’m passionate about: Ancient history
    An unknown personal fact: Overacted as an extra in the movie Rudy

Mike Portell Logo
  • Mike Portell


    Favorite Big Data Technology: Intelligent, real-time routing when I am driving to a new location. Excited to see what is next for connected cars
    I’m a whiz at: Prioritization
    I’m passionate about: A good book – most likely history or science fiction. Cooking – the more involved the better
    An unknown personal fact: Britney Spears and I share relatives


Ryan Tabora Logo
  • Ryan Tabora

    Senior Data Engineer

    Favorite Big Data Technology: Pig, munch munch, Squeal, Munch
    I’m a whiz at: Picking up new technologies quickly
    I’m passionate about: Music, jamming, writing, discovering
    An unknown personal fact: My comic books are overtaking my apartment


Gregory Hart Logo
  • Gregory Hart

    Staff Software Development Engineer

    Favorite Big Data Technology: Google Search
    I’m a whiz at: Learning new things
    I’m passionate about: Softball
    An unknown personal fact: I have traveled extensively in the U.S. and abroad


Douglas Moore Logo
  • Douglas Moore

    Principal Consultant

    Favorite Big Data Technology: Hard to choose, either Storm or Elasticsearch
    I’m a whiz at: Architecture
    I’m passionate about:  I enjoy the physical, mental, technical and social aspects of rock climbing 
    An unknown personal fact: I’ve never broken a bone despite being very active and I have more injuries from cycling than rock climbing


Jeff Hansen Logo
  • Jeff Hansen

    Senior Data Engineer

    Favorite Big Data Technology: My phone
    I’m a whiz: at cooking — especially anything hashed
    I’m passionate about: my wife, travel, prime numbers and linguistics
    An unknown personal fact: I’ve always dreamed of living in an airstream trailer (but my wife will never let that happen)


Troy Caldwell Logo
  • Troy Caldwell

    Senior Data Engineer

    Favorite Big Data Technology: Storm
    I’m a whiz at: Designing and building distributed systems
    I’m passionate about: Open source hardware and virtual prototyping
    An unknown personal fact: I used to speak fluent German

David Trier Logo
  • David Trier


    Favorite Big Data Technology: Google search – not the flashiest of big data sites, but it’s just so useful in daily work and life
    I’m a whiz at: Leading teams through uncharted waters 
    I’m passionate about: Remodeling my 19th-century house and teaching my 2-year old to be an up-and-coming enginerd
    An unknown personal fact: I’m an avid Notre Dame football fan


Joe Kelley Logo
  • Joe Kelley

    Data Engineer

    Favorite Big Data technology: Google Maps – I can easily find out in seconds how to get from pretty much anywhere to anywhere else in the world 
    I’m a whiz at: I’m probably better at Mario Kart 64 than I am at anything else in life
    I’m passionate about: Movies, and skiing, and movies about skiing
    An unknown personal fact: I’m pretty good at magic tricks!

Michel Debiche Logo
  • Michel Debiche

    FInancial Services Practice Lead

    Favorite Big Data Technology: Google Maps with Traffic
    I’m a whiz at: Old school Unix scripts
    I’m passionate about: Climbing
    An unknown personal fact: I used to know a lot about rocks

Rohit Garg Logo
  • Rohit Garg

    Staff Data Engineer

    Favorite Big Data Technology: Amazon
    I’m a whiz at : Learning new technologies quickly
    I’m passionate about: White Water Rafting and Poker
    An unknown personal fact: I can juggle

Lars Selsaas Logo
  • Lars Selsaas

    Data Engineer

    Favorite Big Data Technology: Google maps as I think map data is cool and would be lost without it
    I’m a whiz at: Apparently swimming quite cold water as I found out the pool at my apartment felt a lot better when the heating was turned on
    I’m passionate about: Beach volleyball
    An unknown personal fact: I wanted to be a pro volleyball player when I was younger

Field Cady Logo
  • Field Cady

    Senior Data Scientist

    Favorite Big Data Technology: Pig
    I’m a whiz at: Python
    I’m passionate about: The outdoors
    An unknown personal fact: I’m a relative of Elizabeth Cady Stanton

WIlliam Lu Logo
  • WIlliam Lu

    Solutions Architect

    Favorite Big Data Technology: Storm
    I’m a whiz at: HDFS
    I’m passionate about: Healthy living
    An unknown personal fact: I have longevity genes so most of my family members enjoy long lives

Chitra Ramanathan Logo
  • Chitra Ramanathan

    Data Developer

    Favorite Big Data Technology: Pig, MapReduce
    I’m a whiz at: Java programming
    I’m passionate about: Yoga
    An unknown personal fact: I love swimming and anything water

Matt McDevitt Logo
  • Matt McDevitt

    Project Manager

    Favorite Big Data Technology: Kafka, clearly the coolest name for a Big Data technology
    I’m a whiz at: World Geography
    I’m passionate about: Bar Trivia
    An unknown personal fact: I speak Japanese

Jagrut Sharma Logo
  • Jagrut Sharma

    Senior Data Engineer

    Favorite Big Data Technology: Google Earth. It is nothing short of magic! Allows instant travel to home and wonderful locations…in 3D! 
    I’m a whiz at: Making spicy tea and hot curries
    I’m passionate about: Playing ping pong, and volunteering for advancement of education
    An unknown personal fact: I started programming at the age of 11 in BASIC language on my computer 

Greg Huber Logo
  • Greg Huber

    Infrastructure and Operations Architect and Distinguished Engineer

    Favorite Big Data Technology: Cloudera & MapR Hadoop
    I’m a whiz at: Putting the pieces together
    I’m passionate about: 0.25 MoA and the Coriolis effect at 1760yds
    An unknown personal fact: I have made some non-typical career choices, but they have all proven to be very educational

Almir Mutapcic Logo
  • Almir Mutapcic

    Staff Software Development Engineer

    Favorite Big Data Technology: MapReduce
    I’m a whiz at: Convex optimization and its applications
    I am passionate about: My baby daughter Azra, music, sports, and sushi
    An unknown personal fact: I am an Apple fan so one of the first places I dragged my wife to during our engagement trip to London was the Covent Garden Apple Store


Ben MacKenzie Logo
  • Ben MacKenzie

    Principal Consultant

    Favorite Big Data Technology: Hadoop – Big Iron for the Internet Age
    I’m a whiz at: Hadoop, NoSQL integration and clearing US customs
    I’m passionate about: Family, Running, Physics 
    An unknown personal fact: In my spare time I operate a small goat farm

James Ji Logo
  • James Ji

    Data Engineer

    Favorite Big Data Technology: YARN, the next big thing in the big data world
    I’m a whiz at: Make big data smaller
    I’m passionate about: I am a big fan of NBA and the bulls and I am also passionate about board games, movies and of course, my girl
    An unknown personal fact: I am not as awesome as people think ;-)

Wendy Yang Logo
  • Wendy Yang

    Data Engineer

    Favorite Big Data Technology: Predictive analytics because I need someone shop for my closet
    I’m a whiz at : Cooking from scratch
    I am passionate about: Painting and modern art
    An unknown personal fact: Go crazy when singing karaoke

James Yu Logo
  • James Yu

    Data Engineer

    Favorite Big Data Technology: The universe
    I’m a whiz at: …….
    I’m passionate about: soccer
    An unknown personal fact: I like Chipotle

Michael Zimmer Logo
  • Michael Zimmer

    Data Engineer

    Favorite Big Data Technology: Mahout
    I’m a whiz at: Math
    I’m passionate about: Exploring national parks in the SW on a mountain bike
    An unknown personal fact: I can make 30 minute rice in 20 minutes

Troy Fotherby Logo
  • Troy Fotherby

    Principal Big Data Architect

    Favorite Big Data Technology: YARN – the data operating system for Hadoop 2.0
    I’m a whiz at: Designing massive-scale big-data solutions for analytics and real-time processing
    I’m passionate about: Music, the arts, the outdoors and Simian rights
    An unknown personal fact: (until now I guess) I like to think I’m pretty good at karaoke – buy me a few drinks and decide for yourself

Madina Kassengaliyeva Logo
  • Madina Kassengaliyeva

    Principal Manager

    Favorite Big Data technology: Maps on a mobile phone 
    I’m a whiz at: Finding alternative, often positive, perspectives on a situation
    I’m passionate about: Big Data! I enjoy learning about new uses of Big Data technologies
    An unknown person fact:  I host an annual “Iron Chef” style dinner, during which a friend and I each cook three courses with a secret ingredient

Clara Haskovec Logo
  • Clara Haskovec

    Principal Manager

    Favorite Big Data technology: Google maps with build in navigator, call me simplistic but it always saves me when I’m in a jam trying to get to a new place
    I’m a whiz at: Bridging creative and functional, and velocity
    I’m passionate about: Exploring, any sport that involves speed, stamina and a bit of guts, say surfing, heli-skiing
    An unknown person fact: I’m a rad photographer but I rarely let others photograph me

Aravind Srinivasan Logo
  • Aravind Srinivasan

    Principal Consultant

    Favorite Big Data Technology: Pig and lately, Presto
    I’m a whiz at: Debugging and Fantasy Football
    I’m passionate about: Community work and writing
    An unknown personal fact: One day, I want to get elected to some city council 

Jeff Brittain Logo
  • Jeff Brittain

    Website Administrator

    Favorite Big Data technology: RunKeeper
    I’m a whiz at: History
    I’m passionate about: Ultimate Frisbee, the outdoors, and music
    An unknown person fact: I was a junior olympic Racquetball player during my childhood