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“Too much talent is still hanging out at the consumer IT water holes—time to migrate over to the enterprise side, whether that be to boutique consultancies specializing in the new IT, or next-generation services teams within established IT vendors, or pockets of enlightenment in enterprise IT organizations themselves. Regardless of the venue, the user experience design challenges will be just as demanding as on the consumer side, and the societal returns will be much, much higher.”

In 1986, Steve Jobs famously challenged John Sculley, asking him if he wanted to keep on making sugar water or help Apple change the world. While that did not quite work out the way either of them intended, the challenge itself still holds. Do you want to spend your next decade developing more digital distractions to amuse people while they stand in line at Starbuck’s, or do you want to take the human race to the next plateau?”

- Geoffrey Moore


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We are headquartered in the heart of Silicon Valley, and we have many local offices around the country.

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