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0Chain Features and Reviews

0Chain is a decentralized storage platform created to provide data privacy, protection, and private sharing.


0Chain protects users' privacy and security. It shields businesses from General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) liability, eliminates data breaches, and lowers the expenses of legal discovery and compliance.

0Chain uses a unique method for decentralized storage. It separates mining blocks from storing block history, making them independent functions. Miners and sharders are the terms for these functions. To put it another way, 100 miners will mine 0chain's blocks while 25 sharders will store them.

Furthermore, the order in which a miner mines a block and sharder stores a block is entirely unpredictable. A verified random function procedure allows for this randomness (VRF). Randomizing this function is a good practice as it increases the difficulty of manipulating the blockchain. Other blockchains that use dPOS use a "leader" or round-robin type of mining system where the sequence of the miner is predictable. 0Chain does not have this because of its randomness.

0Chain's 0Wallet is a cryptocurrency wallet that allows users to lock and stake their tokens to earn interest and service benefits. When compared to physical devices, the wallet uses the split-key technique to ensure that assets are safe and straightforward to use. Data saved on the Network determines the value of ZCN (0Chain's ticker). Developers use 0Chain storage through an SDK to protect client data and enable privacy compliance at a low cost and without compromising performance.

0Chain's security features include Sybil protection, nonlinear proof-of-stake, and many leaders for DDoS prevention. The 0Chain consumers' security uses split-key serverless 2FA wallets and cryptographic multi-signatures for exchanges and organizations. As a result, 0Chain's primary purpose is to serve the enterprise sector. The company has constructed a blockchain from the ground up that can process thousands of transactions per second, including free transactions, while maintaining a high level of security and decentralization.

Product details

0Chain provides a high-performance blockchain and storage network. 0Chain's high-performance storage guarantees parallel, high-speed data operations. It enhances resistance to DDoS attacks that can stall a blockchain and prevent Sybil Miners from taking over the Network. 0Chain enables complete GDPR compliance of data activity and full data ownership. Thus preventing Schrems II and Joint Controller concerns, as well as a simple search for blockchain data activity.

Enterprises use 0Chain to ensure user ownership, access, and transparency and follow GDPR requirements for consent, data subject rights, records, and security. For privacy, anonymity, and transparency, consumers prefer 0Box to Dropbox. 0Box is a dApp that runs on the 0Chain blockchain.

0Chain provides a wallet that allows users to store their tokens safely. So, they can store, send, lock, and stake native tokens. Users protect their tokens like a hardware wallet by adopting a split-key protocol.

0Chain combines more than one signature into a single "super" signature. The combination ensures the limitation of verification to the "super" signature rather than each signature. This combination also saves a lot of space and time, which lowers the cost of verification and speeds up the process. Aggregation with key splitting is possible with 0Chain. This protocol necessitates that all devices sign the transaction for it to take place. By doing so, 0Chain offers a safe and secure wallet while also reducing computational pressure on the blockchain network.

0Chain addresses consumer and business privacy concerns. 0Box gives consumers transparency and control over their data, and can help social internet companies improve privacy while increasing revenue. The platform also allows users to select whether they want to monetize it or not. The 0chain blockchain provides consumers with a complete and transparent view of their data on 0box. They can keep track of uploads and downloads to and from their folder.

0Chain allows users to lock tokens to earn interest. With this innovative protocol users can send transactions and store data. Users can pay for assistance with their tokens, but can also pay with  the free interest tokens generated by the Network.

0Chain provides a simple private backup for users' data. Users may control the security of their photographs and movies by putting them all on 0Box and posting a link on their social media wall for their friends to download. Users will be able to see each upload and download on the blockchain, as well as keep track of payments for your monetized material in a transparent ledger. 

0Chain provides users with a safe and secure way to hold their tokens. The platform provides a split-key protocol that simplifies storing, sending, locking, and staking native tokens like a hardware wallet. 

0Chain ensures safe storage and prevents hacks. The current wallet contains unique issues that threaten the integrity of the contents. Many firewalls experience cyber threats which have made people seek better storage facilities. However, 0Chain did justice to users’ data security. Typical users have more than one device (such as a smartphone and a laptop) to use their private key to generate many split-keys and store them in each device.

0Chain encrypts data and disperses it over several servers with data localization and tokenization. Enterprises are dealing with data compliance challenges and need a simple solution to bridge the gap to continue to use their existing apps with minimal disruption. 0Chain is a high-performance blockchain-based storage infrastructure that addresses these concerns, including cloud and on-premises deployment options.

The benefits of distributed ledger technology protocols in terms of security are perhaps the most essential consideration for any business. 0Chain removes the possible single point of failure that plagues enterprise databases when used to host enterprise software tools (with BaaS). Data is encrypted, copied throughout the network, and kept on various servers in 0Chain.

0Chain addresses the issue of blockchain forking. 0Chain solves this issue with simple ping-pong governance and endless rounds of Yes or No proposal voting. Forking occurs most frequently when blockchains introduce new features that need additional coding. As a result, the entire community may be divided on the new developments. Also, the value of blockchain tokens can fall.


0Chain protects users' privacy and security. Enterprises use 0Chain to ensure user ownership, access, and transparency and stay compliant with GDPR requirements for consent, data subject rights, records, and safety.