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AWeber Features and Reviews

AWeber lead generation software is a marketing platform for entrepreneurs and businesses to generate leads with their marketing campaigns.


AWeber works as a marketing automation software and email marketing tool that enables entrepreneurs to collect leads and send effective and targeted email campaigns. The software comes with a drag-and-drop editor that lets businesses build automated campaigns and newsletters using multiple already-designed HTML templates. This marketing software allows marketers to integrate email marketing accounts with numerous business apps, allowing them to share information with other departments within the organization easily.

Additionally, AWeber's campaign feature enables users to send automated responses depending on contact tags and behavior, as well as the date and time assigned to contacts in the database. More so, the software's tracking feature can be used to stay up-to-date on the status of contacts in a campaign's lifecycle. Plus, marketers can also identify campaigns and emails that caused the most unsubscribes and those with the most activity.

Businesses can also use AWeber to create responsive landing pages, analyze results, send personalized emails, as well as manage and load contacts. The software also has an AI-powered Designer that allows users to build branded emails automatically. Plus, there is click automation that lets users create targeted sequences by tagging subscribers depending on email opens and link clicks.

With AWeber's signup forms, entrepreneurs can create responsive signup forms and also import subscribers. Even more, users can gain new subscribers from AWeber's mobile app and also integrate with tools and platforms like Facebook, LeadPages, and PayPal. Plus, the software allows users to conduct A/B testing on a combination of signup forms to find the right one for their businesses.

Product Details

AWeber lead generation software enables users to create professional emails using numerous templates. Users can also customize these email templates using the software's drag-and-drop editor that comes with a range of customizable options. Even more, the software enables users to build HTML emails and also use plain text messages within them.

Additionally, AWeber offers numerous free images and allows users to store frequently used images as well as personal logos. Plus, the software also allows custom coding in cases where users cannot find suitable templates.

AWeber lead generation software allows users to build automated email flows that help their newsletters reach the right audience. This feature also allows marketers to manage and send automated responses targeted at subscribers on their lists. More so, users can choose triggers that include activities like applying tags to a list or adding new customers to a subscription list. These triggers will prompt emails to be sent whenever users perform any of those activities.

Also, users can build email sequences using a drag-and-drop editor and include multiple actions like apply a tag, wait, or send messages. Even more, AWeber offers automation options that allow entrepreneurs to create targeted campaigns. Plus, the software has an "if this, then that" rule that will enable users to apply tags depending on subscribers' actions like opens and link clicks.

AWeber lead generation software has an autoresponder functionality. This feature enables users to send emails in sequences at specific time intervals. Businesses can send out welcome emails to new subscribers, followed by a promotional email some days later. These emails can also be sent to active subscribers on a mailing list.

AWeber lead generation software helps with blog broadcasts. With its RSS to email function, AWeber allows bloggers to convert blog posts to newsletters using a predefined schedule. This way, users can send subscribers newsletters containing their most recent content.

AWeber lead generation software provides signup forms. The software offers users number templates for signup forms that can be customized to fit their business requirements. Also, users have access to signup form display options like pop-up, lightbox, pop-over, and in-line. More so, users can integrate their signup forms with other platforms like WordPress, Facebook, as well as Paypal. When the signup forms are integrated with PayPal, customers that make purchases are automatically added to a user's subscriber list.

AWeber lead generation software enables split testing. Users can try out different combinations of forms to find the one that fits their needs and increases their lists as well as conversions. Users can set up to two different forms for testing and define the percentages for each of them.

Also, the software allows users to create multiple signup forms for individual lists and place them at different places on their website.

AWeber lead generation software has a list management feature. AWeber allows users to manage and add subscribers to their mailing list easily. Users can add subscribers manually or import them from existing files in formats like TXT, CSV, TSV, XLSV, and XLS. Plus, the software allows users to migrate lists from other marketing platforms.

Additionally, lists can be segmented using tags, giving users improved targeting options and granular control of their campaigns. These tags can be added using signup forms or manually. Even more, the software allows users to add subscribers and segment lists using behavior-based tags like location, visits, purchases, clicks, and opens, allowing a more personalized campaign.

AWeber lead generation software enables users to analyze and track different performance metrics to improve the effectiveness of their campaigns. Businesses have access to numerous reporting options that allows them to track activities like subscriber growth bounces, clicks, and email opens.

AWeber lead generation software integrates with numerous platforms and services like Etsy, PayPal, shopping carts, WordPress, and Facebook. Even more, AWeber integrates with different landing page providers. This way, users can grow their lists and gain more subscribers.

AWeber lead generation software comes with mobile apps to give users access to a comprehensive dashboard. Users can see reports on sent messages, open and click rates, subscriber stats, and scheduled broadcasts. AWeber users can also monitor the status of their followup messages right in the mobile app.


Businesses and entrepreneurs can use AWeber to create emails and marketing campaigns. With an autoresponder, this software enables users to deliver messages to subscribers in sequences. They can also connect with multiple online tools and create signup forms to build their lists and attract more subscribers. Even more, the software allows users to test different combinations of emails and also segment subscribers depending on their actions. Plus, users can also connect with multiple landing page providers as well as track the performance of their emails.