Think Big participates in the world’s premier events focused on big data, analytics, open source, and innovative technologies. You will find us exhibiting, speaking and sharing best practices at the events below. We add events throughout the year, so check this page often for the latest!

Strata+Hadoop World

Date: March 29-31
Location: San Jose, CA


Join Think Big at Strata+Hadoop World, San Jose, to get the very latest on big data topics such as machine learning, Internet of Things, Apache projects such as Hadoop, Spark, Storm and Kafka and more. Think Big will exhibit.

Open Analytics Boston

Date: Thursday, April 12
Location: Boston, MA
Speaker: Dan Mallinger, Director of Data Science & Strategy at Think Big


Anomaly Detection in Spark


Detection of outliers and anomalies has numerous applications in network security, predictive maintenance, fraud, etc. Unlike many analytics applications, anomaly detection typically requires utilization of all data without sampling, making it an ideal match for big data tools like Spark. The most commonly cited approach on big data is the use of clustering; however, clustering and other unsupervised approaches have significant drawbacks.


In this interactive session, we’ll discuss the tradeoff between supervised and unsupervised approaches, then show an approach for using supervised models in situations where labeled data does not exist. Throughout, we’ll demonstrate insights over Spark using iPython and an example dataset.

2016 Hadoop Summit

Date: April 13-14
Location: Dublin, Ireland


Hadoop Summit is a community-driven conference dedicated to the advancement of Apache Hadoop. Think big will exhibit in the Teradata pavilion and Think Big’s president, Ron Bodkin, will speak.

Teradata Universe 2016

Date: April 17-20
Location: Hamburg, Germany


Don’t miss this year’s valuable sessions led by customers, special guests and Teradata experts sharing their big data and analytics experiences on how Data. Changes. Everything. Think Big will speak in the innovation pavilion.

Spark Summit West 2016

Date: June 6-8
Location: San Francisco, CA


Join us at Spark Summit West in San Francisco, CA June 6-8, 2016. It’s the largest Apache Spark conference and Think Big will be exhibiting!

The R User Conference 2016

Date: June 27-30
Location: Stanford University, Standford, CA


The annual useR! conference is the main meeting of the international R user and developer community. Its program consists of both invited and user-contributed presentations. Think Big will attend and exhibit.

Hadoop Summit

Date: June 28-30
Location: San Jose, CA


Join Think Big at Hadoop Summit for deep dive technical content, business focused sessions, Hadoop community activities and more. Think Big will exhibit.