Thinking Bigger at Nashik

by Guest Blogger Scott B. Knox, Architect/Urban Design Mentor at Kumbathon 5 What is Kumbhathon 5? It’s not a holiday party, not a new product line, but an opportunity to see inside people, millions of them. How many? Expect about 30…

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Getting the Most from Your Data Lake

Enterprises are approaching big data with a heady mixture of anxiety and anticipation. On one hand, these initiatives promise to deliver new levels of flexibility and productivity to competitive business models, but on the other there is widespread concern over…

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The HGST Approach to Big Data

CIO Steve Phillpott lays out his company’s approach to big data analytics and the need to weave it into existing corporate culture.   At a recent conference entitled “Designing and Deploying Data and Analytics-Enabled Business Capabilities” held at Stanford University,…

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