BillKornfed Bill leads our Software Development team at Think Big where he leads the efforts to develop common software assets, notably frameworks and components to drive productivity and velocity in creating solutions for customers, building on the experience and needs of our large implementation projects. Previously Bill was at Tocata Mobile (formerly Revel Touch) where, as Chief Data Officer, he led the creation of an analytics dashboard for the company’s tablet-based e-commerce offering. Before Tocata, Bill was at Baynote where he rearchitected the recommendation engine at the core of their business around Hadoop and introduced new recommendation algorithms that led to significant increases in e-commerce revenue when deployed on customer websites. Prior to Baynote, Bill was at Yahoo where he began working with Hadoop before it was open-sourced and developed an analytics engine for the Yahoo front page which processed log data from over one thousand Apache servers and provided critical performance feedback with only a few minutes latency.