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ActiveCampaign Features and Reviews

ActiveCampaign marketing automation helps businesses engage and connect with their contacts through automated, personalized email marketing and contact management.


ActiveCampaign marketing automation software is a user-friendly marketing platform designed to work for all types of businesses. It contains an extensive suite of tools equipped to help small, medium, or large-scale enterprises, acquire, engage, and retain customers. 

The software does everything from finding new contacts to keeping tabs on its users’ post-sale processes. ActiveCampaign aims to offer value to its users at any stage of its business lifecycle. Even though the platform supports a host of email and messaging features, it does much more.  

ActiveCampaign topples its competition by tying its messaging and email features to an impressive and user-friendly marketing automation platform, together with its inbuilt CRM and sales automation functionalities. The software allows businesses to create not only special marketing workflows but also produce automated follow-up sequences. And while everything is going on, the tool simultaneously tracks the behavior of multiple marketing channels. 

ActiveCampaign marketing automation software can integrate with over 150 applications and services. They range from accounting, analytics, and CMS application, to other ones more focused on sales, lead generation, as well as support. The software is effective to use whether or not it is the user’s first email list or the 50th. The easy-to-navigate setup makes the platform easy for users to find what they need. 

Product details

ActiveCampaign marketing automation software provides users with the option to send and manage different types of email communication. Clients are permitted to send email campaigns that make the most sense for their businesses. They retain as much control over their messages as possible. Users can choose to send broadcast emails, triggered emails, targeted emails, autoresponders, or scheduled emails, depending on the occasion.

ActiveCampaign marketing automation software assigns an unlimited amount of tags to every contact on the user’s list. These tags tell the user about their contact’s preferences, the products they own, what they’re interested in, or how engaged they are with the content. And once the tags are in place, marketing automation begins. 

ActiveCampaign’s Site Tracking connects the user’s marketing activities to their contact’s behavior. This feature allows them to respond to whatever the contacts are doing on their websites, adapting their marketing style to match their interests. ActiveCampaign gets to “see” what each contact is doing on the users’ sites. The page view history is attached to the marketer’s contact record so they can know what exactly happens there. Site tracking allows the user to monitor their lead’s behavior to see if they visited a link they sent or not. 

The data derived from the page helps users to segment their contacts accordingly and alter marketing strategies based on each customer. ActiveCampaign also finds the contacts based on their ages and tracks where they live and their travel destinations. Newsletters are sent based on their behaviors. 

ActiveCampaign’s event tracking option allows users to communicate particular actions their contacts have taken. The software then uses the information to create a personalized marketing tactic for them. This feature is also used in notifying ActiveCampaign when any user logs into the website or makes transactions, before triggering a follow-up campaign. A personalized campaign is then used to engage the contact and get them interested in what the user has to offer. 

ActiveCampaign marketing automation’s API is relatively easy to use. It means that ActiveCampaign can easily integrate with the ecosystem of apps that its users are already using and extend its capabilities when necessary. 

ActiveCampaign’s automation tools utilize Sales CRM, which makes the transition from marketing into sales quite seamless. The same tools used for marketing automation are used for automating several tasks during the sales process. 

ActiveCampaign marketing automation’s builder is highly intuitive. One common complaint of individuals using some marketing automation software is that the tools are usually tricky or confusing to manage. They end up not using all the tools they paid for or not using them to their full potential. 

The automation builder in ActiveCampaign is an intuitive drag-and-drop flowchart tool, which makes it easy for users to create powerful automation swiftly and with minimal training. 

Active Campaign marketing automation software supports Conditional Content, which allows users to alter contents per basis. This feature means the user could display completely different blocks of texts or images in an email based on how particular contacts are tagged. It could also be based on the web pages the contact viewed on their site. 

Conditional Content is great for users who wish to send out emails, notifying their contacts of a sale. It happens by using the feature to display the specific products that have been viewed in the past. 

ActiveCampaign marketing automation software possesses advanced email split testing. This feature allows users to test various subject lines, sender information, and email body content, to see which one works well with their audience. Users can define how many of their contacts get each version of the test before sending the approved text to the remaining ones. 

ActiveCampaign marketing automation software enables users to create unlimited lead scores. This advanced feature allows them to gain control and flexibility to prioritize leads along with any criteria that are essential to their businesses. The lead scores make it possible to begin automation so users can automatically distribute a lead to their sales team when they attain the threshold score. 

ActiveCampaign marketing automation software increases its users’ conversion rate, so they get more revenue from the traffic they receive. The software provides everything needed with its CRM tools and email marketing automation to get the most out of existing traffic streams. 

The app’s form builder allows the user to create effective lead capture mechanisms. With marketing automation, they can develop tactics that adapt and respond to their contacts while freeing up time to focus on other things. 


ActiveCampaign marketing automation Software is one of the best platforms for automated marketing and managing contacts. The software improves marketing efficiency and is user-friendly. It works for all types of businesses around the world, from small to large scale operations. The core strength of ActiveCampaign lies in the software’s ability to personalize email marketing while connecting and engaging with the user’s contacts.