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Acumatica Features and Reviews

Acumatica Accounting software is a cloud-based business management solution for small- and medium-sized businesses.


Acumatica offers businesses workflow automation and central control. Even more, the software provides users with information on the performance of different business locations. Plus, companies in various industries can customize the software to fit their needs and add other capabilities like CRM and data visualization.

With Acumatica's inventory control, users can easily track and manage inventory items. This enables service and retail companies to ensure that they do not run out of stock.

The software is also cloud-based and compatible with multiple devices, allowing users to keep track of business operations on the go. More so, the software provides users with analytics and reports for monitoring business performance and make informed decisions. Plus, users have access to flexible reporting tools for smoother workflows and analyzing business operations.

This accounting software also offers a database that runs on the Microsoft SQL Server. This allows users to develop system applications using Microsoft Visual Studio and customize existing applications using Acumatica Studio. Users also have access to an overview of client contacts like notes, service cases, outgoing emails, contacts, and marketing campaigns.

With Acumatica Accounting software, users can access integration services for importing different data formats from multiple third-party platforms. Businesses can use these integration tools to export or import information from external data sources or services. These tools can also be used to build interfaces.

Product Details

Acumatica Accounting software provides users with a general ledger. This gives users access to financial periods, allocations, ledgers, and charts of accounts. Even more, users can access financial data using flexible and comprehensive analysis and reporting.

Acumatica Accounting software offers users accounts receivable capabilities. Users can automate tracking and processes for improving collections and managing customer accounts. More so, the software allows users to deliver customer reports, track commissions, and authenticate balances. Plus, users can apply and collect payments, send statements, and generate invoices.

Acumatica Accounting software offers businesses accounts payable functionalities. This enables users to deliver vendor reports, optimize available discounts, and track vendor balances. Users can also predict cash requirements, automate payment processing, and manage vendor invoices.

Acumatica Accounting software supports cash management. Companies can take control of bank account reconciliation, fund transfers, cash balances, and other daily transactions.

Acumatica Accounting software supports deferred revenue accounting. Users can automate the calculation of deferred revenue to recognize revenue in future dates.

Acumatica Accounting software provides users with a native app on Android and iOS. This way, users can get real-time access to their accounts on their devices and browsers. Plus, businesses can assign tasks to team members, approve orders, review cases, and input expenses and time.

Acumatica Accounting software supports recurring revenue management. This feature enables users to manage recurring billings and improve customer service, billing accuracy, and cash flow. Even more, users can customize their billing models to fit their business requirements and automate their recurring billing.

Acumatica Accounting software gives users access to automatic revenue recognition. Businesses can automatically combine revenue recognition and revenue schedules. Even more, the software enables users to book revenues in accounting periods according to the requirements of their accounting procedures properly. Plus, businesses can use the progress of contracts and projects to recognize revenue easily.

Acumatica Accounting software supports credit card processing. Users can automate payment processing using credit card gateway services. Even more, the payment processing can be tokenized for simplified PCI compliance validation and reduced risk exposure.

Acumatica Accounting software enables businesses to manage fixed assets. Businesses have visibility of depreciation calculations and fixed assets. At the same time, users can create their own depreciation schedules or choose from a list of predefined depreciation schedules.

Acumatica Accounting software provides users with financial reporting. Users can create financial statements using a specified hierarchy and sub-account segment architecture. The software also enables users to publish reports online or export and share in PDF or excel formats.

Users can also create reports and track financials for multiple companies within their business groups. The software provides real-time consolidation reports with charts of currencies, financial periods, and accounts for related companies. Even more, the software automatically calculates both inventory and financial related intercompany transactions between these associated companies. Hence, users can easily manage intercompany goods transfers and journal transactions, share customers, and perform centralized bill payments.

Acumatica Accounting software supports multiple currencies. The software allows users to enter transactions in the general ledger in numerous currencies, enabling them to maintain balances in the foreign currency, their bank account currency, and their base currency. This feature also allows users to see rate changes when executing cash revaluations. Plus, users can evaluate their loss and gains when funds are transferred between accounts with multiple currencies.

Acumatica Accounting software enables users to create recurring transactions. These recurring transactions can be created based on preferred periods and schedules. Users can also design transaction templates using custom execution schedules, execution limits, and expiration dates.

Acumatica Accounting software provides users with audit trails. Businesses can manage audit trails of every journal transaction. Even more, transaction entries cannot be changed or deleted. Plus, users can track team members that enter each transaction and attach supporting documents or notes.

Acumatica Accounting software supports automated tax reporting. Users can automatically prepare tax filing reports after calculating VAT taxes and sales. Even more, the software enables users to perform tax-on-tax calculations, deduct tax amounts from prices, and input multiple tax items on individual document lines.

Acumatica Accounting software enables businesses to verify customer credit limits and balances. The software allows users to automatically specific credit limits at invoicing and order entry. Also, users have access to customer configuration options that allow them to increase credit limits temporarily, create customer-focused messages for past-due accounts, and issue warnings, or pause invoice processing.

Acumatica Accounting software offers users cash account reporting. Users can access customizable reports for managing short-term projections, forecasts, and cash reserves, as well as reconcile their cash account balances. Even more, users can view details for each transaction.


Acumatica is a cloud-based accounting solution that provides businesses with modules like e-Commerce and grant management. Even more, each module gives users access to reporting and document management capabilities, as well as dashboards. Users can also configure system security settings to manage access to data records, fields, and reports. More so, the software is compatible with multiple financial periods, consolidations, translations, and currencies.