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Adeptia Connect Features and Reviews

Adeptia Connect data mapping software helps developers and organizations aggregate, migrate, and transform data across databases and systems, drive business operations, and transform customer experiences. 


Adeptia Connect is a self-service data mapping software and extract, transform, and load (ETL) solution for transforming data across organizations. Companies, data developers, and analysts use the software to drive critical business operations.

The software provides a simple interface that allows users to build application-to-application and application-to-database connections using pre-configured connectors. Users can select the database and applications they want to connect and specify parameters via web forms. 

With the Adeptia's Schema Designer and web-based module, IT users and business analysts can design and manage multiple data formats. The Schema Designer allows developers to specify metadata for commonly used file formats, including Fixed-length positional files, Flat Files, EDIFACT, ANSI X12, EDI, Microsoft Excel, XML, SAP IDOC, and relational databases like SQL Suite, Oracle, MySQL, and IBM DB2. 

Adeptia Connect has a unique web-based data mapper that allows IT developers and business analysts to create and manage data maps seamlessly. The data mapper has a graphical tool that enables visual data translation and complex business rules in simple English rather than complex code. 

Adeptia Connect data mapping software automatically generates data transformation code in a shorter time than custom manual coding, thereby allowing developers to complete mapping projects in a few hours rather than days and weeks. The software simplifies the collaboration and management of mapping rules. Users can access auto-generated transformation rules in PDF format for simple documentation, business, and user sign-offs, and archiving.

Adeptia Connect data mapping software provides a single web-based console to help users track and manage how data flows are executing. The software saves all logs and process databases for archival. Managers can analyze run-time process metrics, review performance processes, and identify bottlenecks.

Product Details 

Adeptia Connect data mapping software allows managers to access on-premise data. Many organizations have databases and applications situated in their local and on-premises environment. Managers can deploy Adeptia's integration solution locally on the customer network, and behind the firewall, to access on-premises data securely. 

Adeptia Connect data mapping software delivers an extensive message and data transport capability, facilitates secure, assured, and timely delivery of business data to diverse sets of systems, applications, and databases. The software's data transport module offers end-to-end data delivery management via simple configuration and standards-based data protocols. 

The software provides support for multiple data formats and data formats, including JSON, XML, Excel, Text, CSV, XML, Fixed Length, and Databases. The software also supports an extensive set of commonly used data protocols, including SFTP, FTP, HTTP, HTTPS, REST Web Services, SOAP and Email, etc. This software supports aggregation, synchronization, distribution, validation, replication of data within companies, and firewalls. 

Adeptia Connect data mapping software helps managers to automate and execute critical data mapping and transformation processes. This software provides web-based visual, drag-and-drop, data mapping capability for business users. With this software, businesses can specify data format translation and conversion rules to convert data from one format to another. 

Data mapping rules are available in simple English, rather than complex code. The software offers a test function to help users confirm the accuracy of the mapping rules before they are saved. Users can access data mapping tutorials to learn common data mapping scenarios.

Adeptia Connect data mapping software has a built-in scheduler to trigger events and run jobs automatically at specific times or after certain intervals. The software also supports real-time and polling events where data transfers are run based on specific event triggers such as updates records in an application or a new file being available. 

Adeptia Connect data mapping software provides a portal that allows organizations to collaborate with internal and external users effectively. This software offers an end-to-end integration solution and web-based interface for organizations, customers, and partners to collaborate, work together, and build connections from start to end.  

Managers use this tool to create and manage connections, resolve issues and problems that may hamper productivity. With the customer and supplier portal, organizations can provide information to their partners about connection options, seamlessly create and manage data interfaces.

With Adeptia Connect data mapping software, organizations can publish their connectivity profiles (Shared Templates). Each shared connection represents a pre-defined transaction template for a specific type of business data that users want to send or receive like orders, inventory data, invoices, shipping information, contacts, leads, and contracts, etc. 

Shared templates make it easy for companies to connect with other companies and stakeholders. Businesses may publish multiple shared templates. For example, companies can publish shared templates on Adeptia Connect to receive invoices from their suppliers.

Adeptia Connect data mapping software has a transaction configuration interface that helps organizations manage and configure transactions with other businesses and between cloud applications. When transactions are executed on the software, data is received from the source, processed if necessary, and delivered to the target location. Transactions are designed to run automatically when fresh data arrives. Also, the data requires manual intervention after configuration. 

Adeptia Connect data mapping software allows data scientists to create app-to-database and app-to-app connections using pre-configured connectors. This software supports a wide range of pre-built application connectors for cloud applications including NetSuite, Salesforce, MS Dynamic, QuickBooks, CRM, SharePoint, Marketo, HubSpot, Shopify, Big Commerce, Volusion, Magento, Freshbooks, Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, Web Amazon SimpleDB, Google Spreadsheets, Facebook, Twitter and more. Developers can easily create data connections and exchange information with these applications directly. 

Adeptia Connect data mapping software provides a dashboard to help organizations track data operations. The dashboard allows users to view real-time data for their company and processed historical logs. This software enables users to evaluate and verify that data was delivered correctly or check if there were any errors or issues. 

Adeptia Connect data mapping software has a message center that helps users keep track of administrative messages, invites, and approvals exchanged between users in an organization and third parties. With this feature, users can easily manage all communication within their network centrally. 

Adeptia Connect data mapping software allows managers to access data securely. The software offers a secure and end-to-end encrypted environment for exchanged and transferred data between users in the application. Users are individually authenticated and authorized when they are registered and logged in to the app, and all data transfers executed over encrypted connections. 


Adeptia Connect Data Mapping Software empowers business analysts to create data mapping and integration connections with precision. With this software, companies can streamline ETL processes to improve higher data quality. Businesses use this software to drive product and deliver value to customers.