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Adobe Experience Manager

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Adobe Experience Manager Features and Reviews

Adobe Experience Manager digital asset management software helps organizations, managers, creatives, and marketers to build, manage, and share digital assets from a central hub.


Adobe Experience Manager digital asset management software is a cloud-native solution that helps organizations to create, manage, and optimize thousands of digital assets. This software allows creative teams, product teams, and businesses of all sizes to work smarter by automating digital asset operations. Sales and marketing teams use the automated and AI-powered intelligent search feature to find digital assets quickly.

With this software, users can prevent collaborators from interfering or overriding changes while working on a digital asset. Creatives can preview and lockout assets for editing and annotations and move the assets back to the public library after operations.

Creative teams use Adobe Experience Manager t0 build, edit, and share collections of assets between team members. They can create static collections and smart collections to drive productive collaborations. This tool provides management teams with valuable data and actionable insight into digital asset interaction, engagement, performance, and audit trail.  

Managers and team leads can create customized workflows using drag and drop tools to plan, design, publish, approve, and leave feedback on digital assets. They can control access to digital assets by creating user roles and permissions to specific folders and collections. Adobe digital asset management tool makes it possible for companies to seamlessly and securely distribute digital assets to remote teams, partners, and third-party agencies and institutions. 

Adobe Experience Manager digital asset management software, users can customize and deliver unique multimedia experiences across multiple devices. This tool allows creatives to provide the best image and video quality automatically.  This platform supports creative cloud apps and multiple file types, including Word, PDF, JPEG, PNG, TIF, and more. Managers can leverage advanced and emerging file-formats, including panoramic,3D, and virtual, and augmented reality to create incredible user experiences. 

Adobe digital asset management solution allows users to seamlessly connect to Adobe Creative Cloud apps and services, including Photoshop CC, Illustrator CC, or InDesign CC, and more. 

Product Details

Adobe Experience Manager's digital asset management software helps companies to advance critical projects by creating, editing and sharing digital assets. This feature allows users to create static or smart digital asset collections. Static asset collections include a dynamic list of folders and assets (image files, presentations, documents, and videos). Smart collections pull in assets based on user interactions or specific search criteria.

Project teams can create collections containing assets from separate locations and share them with team members. They can control access and grant viewing and editing privileges. At the click of a button, users can download single files or multiple assets in a folder or collection. 

Adobe digital asset management software allows users to check out and lock assets while working on them so that other team members cannot make changes or move the assets until they finish work on them. 

Adobe Experience Manager's digital asset management software helps creative teams to drive effective collaboration and reduce bottlenecks. With this software, team leads can create workflows to speed up digital asset planning, design, review, approval, and distribution. Creative managers use this tool to create and customize workflows that will suit project needs and requirements. Users can leverage ready-made workflows in Adobe Experience Manager, or build their workflows from scratch using an easy-to-use drag-and-drop editor.

Users do not need to switch between task interfaces and content storage. Adobe digital asset management software allows users to manage workflows and content repository from a central location. Managers can add team members and digital assets to projects or tasks, and assign user roles. The software automatically allocates tasks to users with relevant skills. Users can easily create annotations, leave feedback on jobs in progress, and use instant notification of alert team members of updates on digital assets. 

Adobe Experience Manager's digital asset management software uses machine learning and AI-powered search engines to help users find digital assets quickly. This software allows users to search and filter content from large libraries. Product teams can perform visual searches. By simply selecting an asset, they can find other digital assets that are visually similar using machine learning and pixel recognition driven by Adobe Sensei. With this tool, users can save valuable time, get their digital assets out quickly, and increase productivity. 

Adobe Experience Manager's digital asset management software allows managers to source and distribute assets across internal and external teams securely. With the self-service portals, users can share digital assets to team members and third parties. Team leads can create different access levels so that team members can only view, edit, and share authorized digital assets. This tool allows companies to receive assets from partners, agencies without compromising confidential data.

Adobe Experience Manager's digital asset management software provides valuable insights into brand asset engagement and performance. This tool provides vital data about digital asset use, interactions, and engagement. Furthermore, users can access and monitor digital assets that have been shared and downloaded, and more. 

Managers use the reporting and analytics feature from this software to generate reports, analyze different digital assets, track asset creation, engagement, and optimize them to improve customer experience. Businesses can customize their reporting interface to generate reports that meet their needs. This tool allows users to archive reports and control access to archives. 

Adobe Experience Manager's digital asset management software supports multiple file types and integrations with Adobe cloud applications. This tool supports various file types, including TIF, JPEG, PNG, PDF, Word, and more. More so, it allows users to connect to Adobe creative cloud applications like Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop.

The Adobe InDesign Server brings design and marketing teams together. Multiple groups can connect, create, review, and approve digital assets directly on Adobe creative cloud applications. Furthermore, creatives can use Adobe Dimension CC to build quality 3D assets that are accessible on the digital asset management platform. 

This tool allows companies to leverage emerging file types like virtual reality, augmented reality, 3D, panoramic to create and deliver multi-channel interactions and immersive customer experiences.


Adobe Experience Manager digital asset management software allows organizations, managers, and creative teams to connect, collaborate, create, and deliver high-quality digital assets at the click of a button. With this software, managers can leverage artificial intelligence to search and filter relevant data, gain insight on asset engagement and performance. Businesses use this software to transform digital assets, deliver immersive customer experiences, and drive business success.