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Adobe Sign Features and Reviews

Adobe Sign electronic signature software allows individuals and businesses of all sizes to automate document workflows and get their documents signed with ease.


Adobe Sign electronic signature software focuses on improving performance and automating workflow for any department in any industry. It simplifies the process of sending documents to coworkers and customers for electronic signing. With the e-signature solution, users can get their essential documents signed and delivered in no time. Besides, users can run these automated, error-free document workflows on any device, browser, or any open application.

Users can post digital forms on their websites so customers or employees who need it can fill and sign them seamlessly using any device. With this software, no downloading or printing is required. Adobe Sign allows users to get real-time visibility on every digital form.

Adobe Sign's integration with Braintree and PayPal simplifies payment collection from customers. This software allows users to send one document to a large number of recipients quickly. Additionally, Adobe Sign integrates with popular tools like Microsoft Office, Dropbox, Google, Salesforce, Workday, SAP Ariba, and Nintex.

Adobe Sign ensures that users receive notifications on the progress of all documents sent. Users can view an audit trail of every document they send out for signing. Adobe Sign mobile app allows users access, sign, and scan documents on the go. Besides, this software routes the files in the right organizational order to foster better workflow management.

Sales representatives rely on this software to free them from administrative tasks. Users in procurement use Adobe Sign to automate workflows that simplify monitoring processes. Plus, legal practitioners can access pre-approved legal documents with ease using this software.

This cloud-based solution offers enterprise-grade security and compliance with e-signature laws and standards. Additionally, users can authenticate their signers with government-issued identification.

Product Details

Adobe Sign electronic signature software mobile app allows users to keep business moving on the go. Users can easily send, sign, track, and get real-time updates on documents wherever they are. This mobile application allows users to use their device camera to scan documents. Besides, the scanned papers are corrected and sent as an Adobe PDF.

Users can use their mobile devices to get files from their Adobe Document Cloud library and other third-party apps like Box, Google Drive, or Dropbox. No application and document download is needed for signers to sign the documents sent to them effectively. Plus, users can assign roles to specific participants to improve productivity.

Adobe Sign electronic signature software automates document track to improve workflow. This software notifies users with real-time insights and updates, which gives them the status of any document sent. Users can send automatic email reminders to signers to stay on top of all files. Besides, users can include a password, improve identity authentication, replace a signer, or cancel a signature process even when the document is en route.

This software ensures that users receive a detailed history trail for each of their documents so they can see the processes their files passed through. Users can easily find any file by using the search and filter functionality. Plus, users can know the status of reports from different departments in their organization.

Adobe Sign electronic signature software integrates with popular systems and processes to improve workflow for users. Users can seamlessly add this software to applications they already use like Microsoft, Salesforce, Google Drive, Workday, Nintex, SAP Ariba, and box. This software integrates with customer relationship management software like Microsoft Dynamics 365, CRM Dialer, Oracle, Iris CRM, Workbooks CRM, and Zoho CRM. Plus, Adobe Sign fosters talent management and collaboration with software like Avature, COMPAS, Bond, Microsoft OneDrive, Microsoft SharePoint, Dropbox, and Zoho Docs.

Adobe Sign electronic signature software allows users to send documents to multiple recipients at once. With this software, each recipient can receive their forms ready to be signed. Users can easily track all the recipients to know who signed and who did not. Adobe Sign ensures that all electronic signatures captured are safe, secure, and legally valid. Besides, this software offers users the flexibility to do business.

Adobe Sign electronic signature software simplifies payment collection from customers. This software's integration with Braintree and PayPal makes it easy for users to get paid faster. Users can seamlessly collect all payments using digital payment platforms like debit cards and credit cards. Additionally, this software enables users to accept multi-currency payments.

Adobe Sign electronic signature software allows users to turn PDFs and documents into digital forms. Users can add digital forms to their websites to enable their customers to fill and return them using any device. No downloading or printing is required for customers to fill digital forms. Besides, users get real-time status of every digital document.

Users can use this software to develop custom forms that people can fill and sign using any device. Adobe Sign ensures that all electronic signatures gotten from digital forms are safe and legally valid. Additionally, these e-signatures are stored for transaction history automatically.

Adobe Sign electronic signature software empowers users with visual design tools for automating workflow tasks. This software improves workflow management by automating every job in a document workflow. Users can assign roles like signer, form filler, acceptor, and delegator to streamline workflow. Plus, this software allows users to route documents to recipients in the right order.

Users can use a single request to invite different participants. This software empowers users with reminders and notifications to help them stay on top of the workflow. Besides, users can develop reusable workflow templates to avoid errors of any kind.

Adobe Sign electronic signature software allows users to automate business processes from end to end. This software automatically initiates workflows to improve business processes. Users can use conditional logic to direct each request, so documents move from one task to the other automatically. Plus, this software empowers users with dashboards which they use to manage documents, generate reports, and get real-time status into document cycles.


Adobe Sign is a major platform for all departments in different industries looking to simplify their document workflow. It provides users with dashboards, integrations, visual design tools, insights, and tracking. The core strength of this electronic signature solution is its emphasis on seamlessness.