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ADP Workforce Now Features and Reviews

ADP Workforce Now payroll software helps companies to manage their human capital by boosting workforce efficiency, improving employee lifecycle, and managing payroll automation.


ADP Workforce Now payroll software is suited for medium and large-sized companies across multiple industries with more than 50 employees. This cloud-based software focuses on helping users manage all their HR functions like talent, payroll, benefits administration, time, attendance, and workforce management. Plus, users can gain valuable insights and make business decisions backed up by data.

Over 90,000 companies across more than 250 countries use this software to manage the intricacies of their employee lifecycle. This payroll software reduces manual data entry and paperwork errors. Besides, ADP Workforce Now scales with the companies of users and seamlessly integrates with their standard systems.

This payroll solution offers enhanced data privacy and security as it has protective layers like intelligent detection, physical security, and fraud defense. Companies can use this software to automate essential processes like employee status updates, onboarding, and recordkeeping. Additionally, ADP Workforce Now enables certifications, licenses, and compliance data tracking, and reporting.

Employees can perform self-service using this payroll solution; they can access their benefits, pay, time information, work schedules, request time off, and configure direct deposit settings. ADP Workforce Now offers data analysis tools that help users understand how well their critical metrics like labor costs, turnover rate, and overtime are doing. Besides, this cloud-based payroll software offers a mobile app that users can access on their Android and iOS devices.

This software integrates seamlessly with different types of systems like accounting, ERPs, time and attendance, recruiting and onboarding, learning, benefits administration, employee benefits, productivity and collaboration, and point of sale. Plus, ADP Workforce Now payroll software helps different companies stay ahead of their competition in their various industries- majorly hospitality, healthcare, construction, manufacturing, education, government, retail, non-profit, technical services, and financial services.

Product Details

ADP Workforce Now payroll software helps companies with smooth and accurate payroll management. This software automates payroll and tax filing for both medium and large-sized businesses. Users can streamline and process payment online and works on any device. Additionally, this software ensures smooth reporting, implementation, and onboarding processes.

Companies can use ADP Workforce Now to avoid compliance errors with federal, state, and local taxes. This software offers online reporting and analytics on KPIs. Employees and managers can make data-driven business decisions with analytics and insights. Plus, employees can use the mobile app to access time and attendance, forms, and pay stubs.

ADP Workforce Now payroll software helps employees and managers with time and attendance tracking and workforce management. This software offers companies real-time insights into their workforce, such as trends in labor costs, overtime, hours worked, and absences. Managers can effectively manage and optimize their teams in real-time. Besides, this software automates time and attendance tracking for efficiency.

Employees can clock in and out, swap shifts, view their schedules, and request time off using the mobile app. ADP Workforce Now syncs with Microsoft Outlook for easy time scheduling and automation.  This software offers solutions to different businesses that support their distinct compliance requirements.

ADP Workforce Now payroll software streamlines and automates HR management processes that scale with businesses. This software helps users with workforce reporting, compliance tracking, new hire onboarding, employee recordkeeping, and policy acknowledgment. Managers can edit their employee data and create intuitive reports to transform workforce data into intuitive insights.

Managers can manage their employees in Canada and the US effectively using this software. ADP Workforce Now offers a single database for companies to complete and set up all their employee tasks and payroll schedules. Besides, as businesses scale up, this software can help them with their unique needs.

ADP Workforce Now payroll software helps companies with managing talents, employee performance, and compensation. This software allows users to recruit, engage, retain, and unlock the potential of their employees. ADP Workforce simplifies and automates the employee onboarding process. Plus, users can create custom career websites, social media postings, and job postings using this software.

The automated resume and review sharing simplifies the screening and recruitment process. Managers can report on their time-to-hire and cost-to-hire parameters to track their KPIs and gain control over costs. Additionally, customizable performance management templates and intuitive workflows are available for managers to access and develop their teams effectively.

ADP Workforce Now payroll software enables managers to manage the enrollment and administration of employee benefits. This software streamlines benefits enrollment for all employees.  Employees can enroll for benefits by themselves using open enrollment. Besides, the customizable benefits practitioner dashboard ensures that managers are always in the loop at all times.

This software provides reports on eligibility status, benefit plan summary, employee enrollment activity, and dependent enrollments. ADP WorkforceNow assists users with compliance and forecasting using its reporting tools. Plus, this software makes sure that businesses administer compliances consistently, even with the changing regulations and laws.

ADP Workforce Now payroll software helps users to uncover workforce insights from their data. Users can use machine learning to run reports and discover business patterns, trends, and issues from their data. This software allows users to run reports regardless of their level of data expertise quickly. Additionally, companies can access and integrate data gotten from all aspects of their business.

Managers and executives can get insights pushed at the right times using Artificial intelligence via email and on the app. Users can build reports across different pages without disrupting their workflow. This software allows users to download raw data to use in a separate reporting solution. Besides, users can compare their company to the broader market.


ADP Workforce Now payroll software focuses on human capital management by providing payroll, HR, talent onboarding, benefits, and employee lifecycle solutions. This software provides businesses from multiple industries with data analysis tools, reporting tools, talent management tools, time and attendance tracking solutions, and a mobile app. Various standard applications and systems integrate with this software seamlessly. Users can access learning documentations and videos on this platform for assistance. This payroll solution emphasizes majorly on its seamlessness and effectiveness.