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AgencyAnalytics Features and Reviews

AgencyAnalytics SEO software is a cloud-based reporting tool that enables organizations to personalize, create, and schedule reports on their marketing campaigns.


AgencyAnalytics offers marketing agencies SEO reporting functionalities and custom branded dashboards. The software also provides users with multiple third-party integrations, automated reporting, and social analytics. Plus, users can monitor backlinks, audit SEOs, and track PPC keywords.

With this SEO software, users can create a custom dashboard with an overview of their marketing campaigns. The software also offers users numerous drag-and-drop widgets with data on Search Console integrations, statistics from Google Analytics and AdWords, engagement across different social media channels, the number of linking domains and backlinks well as Bing and Google rankings.

AgencyAnalytics also offers customizable dashboards that users can brand for individual campaigns. This way, users can personalize their information depending on the relevant metrics.

The software also has an SEO audit tool that analyzes and crawls users' websites weekly to uncover issues affecting their rankings in organic search engines. Users can identify issues like 404 errors, images without ALT text, broken links, duplicate or missing page titles, and duplicate meta descriptions and page content. At the same time, users can prioritize these issues and track fixes to show progress over time.

AgencyAnalytics also provides a backlink monitor that enables users to import data from Majestic automatically. Users can also include details to backlink profiles with data from inbound links and Alexa rank. More so, backlink widgets can be included in reports and scheduled to be exported via email.

Product Details

AgencyAnalytics SEO software provides marketing professionals with an SEO rank tracker. The rank tracker is updated every day and helps users monitor their SEO campaigns.

AgencyAnalytics SEO software provides users with a search rank tracking tool. Users can monitor their website's SEO performance by setting up specific keywords. The software produces results in charts that users can use to analyze data and make informed decisions.

More so, the software emulates a real user and searches the top results in your preferred location, so users get accurate rankings. Users can also track rankings in any area of their choice for city-level, country-level, and global campaigns.

AgencyAnalytics SEO software offers users a daily, updated online rank tracking tool. This way, users can see the same results from reports generated from the software, and when they search on Google. Even more, the software has a keyword tracker that enables users to demonstrate SEO results using keyword rankings.

AgencyAnalytics SEO software provides users with Google Maps ranking.  Businesses can monitor Google My Business listings on Google Maps. The software helps users distinguish organiz rankings from local rankings so that they have a better understanding of their website rankings. AgencyAnalytics enables users to track up to 25 listings.

AgencyAnalytics SEO software supports localized versions of Google and Bing. Users can generate results from multiple search engines to give a broader view of their rankings. Even more, SEO experts can build ranking reports that contain relevant search engines.

AgencyAnalytics SEO software enables users to perform keyword research. With the software's SEO rank tracker, users can identity high-performing keywords and discover niche keywords that they haven't used before.

Also, users can input their keywords to generate similar keywords and their search volumes. These newly found keywords can be tracked over time.

AgencyAnalytics SEO software allows businesses to track their competition. Users can analyze the top competitors for specific keywords. Even more, users can get insight into who their competitors are and where they rank. At the same time, users can analyze the page authority, domain authority, and backlinks of their competitors to see ways to improve their campaigns.

AgencyAnalytics SEO software enables users to manage their entire agency. Businesses can create staff accounts and streamline their staff's workflows. Also, users can assign staff members to individual clients to directly keep track of the progress of campaigns from the software's dashboard. Even more, users can assign tasks to team members and create recurring or on-off tasks for individual campaigns. The progress of each campaign can also be shared with clients.

AgencyAnalytics SEO software enables marketing experts to create automated marketing reports. Users can keep their clients up to date with the progress of campaigns by scheduling monthly, weekly, or daily reports to be sent out. These reports can personalize with comments to explain the significance of individual KPIs. More so, users can add their own insights for different marketing campaigns.

AgencyAnalytics SEO software integrates with third-party marketing platforms. Marketing experts have a centralized view of insights from multiple marketing channels without switching between accounts. The software also has an intuitive interface that allows users to streamline their campaign monitoring.

Additionally, by linking integrations, users can build dashboards, create custom user accounts, and give access to teammates and clients.

AgencyAnalytics SEO software offers users custom marketing dashboards. The software offers users a variety of widgets for every metric, such as statistics widgets, tables, pie charts, line graphs, and bar charts. More so, users can customize their dashboards to view data in their preferred format. Even more, users can give clients personalized login to access the dashboards and also customize their permissions so that they only see what they need.

AgencyAnalytics SEO software provides users with Whitelabel options. Businesses can upload their logos and choose personalized color schemes. More so, users can use the dashboard to boost client loyalty and brand recognition.

AgencyAnalytics SEO software allows businesses to communicate with clients seamlessly. The software integrates with messaging tools like Zendesk and Intercom, which helps users engage with their clients whenever they view their dashboards. More so, users can easily send messages and provide support to clients with their support platforms.


AgencyAnalytics provides marketing experts with SEO audits, rank tracking, data source connection, staff and client access, Whitelabel dashboard management, and automated reporting. Users also have access to customizable marketing dashboards that can be used to present data using statistic widgets, tables, pie charts, line graphs, and bar charts. Also, the software provides users with SEO tools for competition analysis, site audits, backlinks, and tracking ranks in organic search engines. Even more, AgencyAnalytics integrates with multiple platforms like Google applications, numerous social media channels, Birdeye, Backlink Monitor, Avanser, Adroll, and Active Campaign.