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Ahrefs Features and Reviews

Ahrefs is an SEO software that provides tools for rank tracking, competitive analysis,  keyword research, backlink research, and tracking other search engine optimization metrics.


Ahrefs helps users understand why their competitors rank high on the search engines and show them what to do to get ahead of their competition. Users can see the exact keywords that their competitors are ranking for in organic, as well as paid search. Plus, Ahrefs has about 150 million keywords in the US alone.

Ahrefs collects, processes, and stores large amounts of data for marketers. They store petabytes of information that show the keywords that websites use to rank in search, on-page SEO metrics for websites, and how these websites link to each other.

The software has more than 3 billion keywords in its database and provides tools that help users decide which to target. Ahrefs has a bot that crawls 54 billion web pages, and they update their index every 15 minutes with the new data they generate in the crawling process.

Ahrefs does not only analyze keywords but entire websites and web pages. The tool’s users can drill down to the details of a website’s backlinks profile, keywords, and site health analysis. Users can get even more in-depth site analysis with advanced reports and filters. Ahrefs sends users notifications when something happens to their backlink or their competitors’ almost in real-time. You can set an alert for keywords that are related to your brand, product, service, or business so that Ahrefs would notify you with a link to the page when someone mentions them.

Product details

Ahrefs SEO’s keyword database contains more than 7 billion keywords from 171 countries. The data comes from ten different search engines, and not from Google alone, which includes, Bing, Amazon, YouTube, and Baidu. These keywords get updated regularly to keep them up to date and accurate. Plus, you get a SERP overview and history that shows the SEO metrics that qualify the top-ranking pages.

Ahrefs SEO gives you thousands of useful keyword suggestions and their ranking difficulty. The tool also shows users their traffic potential per keyword. Users can enter about 10,000 keywords at once and see their SEO metrics. It also offers filters that help you search by keyword difficulty, volume, the presence of the keyword in SERP, and more. The combination of these filters helps you streamline your search.

Ahrefs shows you other advanced metrics like your average monthly clicks, percentage clicks for paid and organic search, return rate, and so on. Ahrefs takes the first page that ranks for your keyword, then identifies the keyword responsible for the most traffic (i.e., the parent topic). It also provides a list for you to save or segment keywords for later use.

Ahrefs allows you to analyze your website’s on-page SEO performance to see what’s affecting your ranking. The software crawls all your website’s pages to show you your SEO score, analyze your key data charts, show you the issues on your site, and recommend fixes. Ahrefs checks your site for over 100 pre-defined SEO issues and gives a grouped report. Some of these issues are slow pages, unconsolidated duplicate pages, detecting links to redirects, and so on.

The software allows you to customize filters and add custom issues, so if you’re an expert, you can go beyond the pre-defined issues. If your website is big, Ahrefs allows you to speed up your search with parameters that let you include or exclude certain sections of your website.

Ahrefs saves all your crawls automatically in the cloud, so you can schedule a monthly, weekly, or even daily crawl for your projects. Depending on your pricing plan, Ahrefs allows you to execute JavaScript while crawling for a more accurate audit.

Ahrefs monitors the ranking of your website over time and compares your performance with your competitors. You can schedule the process and receive reports in your inbox on desktop and mobile. Ahrefs helps you monitor your Google rankings across 170 countries. So, with your list of keywords, select countries, and your competitors’ URL, Ahrefs will track and send updates to you.

The software gives you access to 13 SERP features, including featured snippets, site links, paid search results, AdWords, videos, thumbnails, and related questions. Plus, the software shows you keywords that have lost or gained SERP features. Ahrefs chart your ranking progress, SERP features, and search traffic against up to five of your competitors. It also shows you other websites or pages that are trying to get traffic with the same keywords on your list.

Ahrefs identifies and analyzes contents that are top performers in your niche. The software provides advanced search operators that you can combine to find topics with low competition, link-building opportunities, partnership, and so on. It also makes it easy for you to know which of your pages are gaining or losing traffic. 

Ahrefs’ Amazon keyword tool helps with product listings for your Amazon business. When you type in a broad description for your Amazon product, Ahrefs provide suggestions for you to choose from. Given that the US Amazon database alone has almost 100 million keywords, Ahrefs has built-in filters that help streamline your search. The software analyzes the browsing habits of real Amazon users (Clickstream data) for more accuracy.

Ahrefs’ SERP search tool allows you to see search results from any location in real-time without a VPN. The ranking difficulty of countries differs because of the local SERP. Albeit, the software offers results from 171 countries, so you don’t need a location-specific IP address to get results from another location. Plus, it gives you SEO metrics on any of the pages you choose to analyze.

Ahrefs’ SEO toolbar provides you instant SEO metrics while on any web page. With this feature, you don’t have to always visit Ahrefs to get SEO snapshots of the pages you’re on. Once downloaded from Chrome or Firefox, you’ll see all the important metrics of the page you visit hanging on a toolbar. You immediately have access to DR, AR, KD, UR, and other metrics.

Ahrefs’s academy provides free tutorials to teach users how to maximize the software. The video tutorials explain Ahrefs’ features and their application. They also show users how to use Ahrefs’ tools to excel in digital marketing. 


Ahrefs is one of the best SEO checker tools. The software helps you track how well your website is doing, so you can make more informed decisions. It also informs you of your competitors and shows you how to be ahead of them. Ahrefs notifies you of broken links with links to the site so you can claim the space.