Alteryx features and reviews of 2020

Alteryx APA Big Data Analytics Software accelerates digital transformation by delivering end-to-end automation of analytics, data science processes, machine learning, and more.


With Alteryx APA Big Data Analytics Software, companies can automate business processes, embed intelligent decisions, and power their employees to deliver better outcomes. The platform empowers every team in an organization to make crucial data-driven decisions. Alteryx provides access to faster delivery and flexible automation while sharing trends and information with the company's decision-makers.

Alteryx APA Big Data Analytics Software allows analysts to prepare, blend, and analyze data from multiple sources using repeatable workflow before deploying and sharing them. The software helps users to connect and cleanse data from spreadsheets, cloud applications, warehouses, and other sources. They can quickly join the evaluated data together and perform predictive, statistical, and spatial analytics on them with Alteryx's intuitive user interface.

The platform encourages collaboration across different teams with its centralized analytics deployment and sharing options. Alteryx's architecture supports both operations that run on-premises or in the cloud when necessary. Analysts can distribute or store apps or workflows in a private environment and add administration governance or version controls to them.

Alteryx APA Big Data Analytics Software does not require users to possess special program skills to analyze data. The intuitive drag-and-drop editing feature allows them to handle statistical analysis and business intelligence. Industries such as Netflix, Chevron, Bosch, IKEA, Amazon, and others use Alteryx to infuse a culture of analytics in their establishments.

Product Details

Alteryx APA Big Data Analytics Software allows companies to share analytical applications with clients or within special teams. Businesses and decision-makers use the platform to engage with apps and insights created by their analytic teams. The software's web interface allows for seamless navigation. Users can update, iterate, or publish apps without requiring the assistance of data scientists. They can save their organization's workflow in a centralized warehouse that allows secure collaborations between data analysts.

Alteryx APA Big Data Analytics Software enables professionals to customize analytic apps. The platform allows anyone in an organization to access or share customized data at any time or anywhere. Administrators can speed up how everyone in a group, including customers, suppliers, or partners, consume or modify powerful analytics to improve business operations. Businesses infuse big data analytics into their services to create outsized outcomes.

Alteryx APA Big Data Analytics Software helps users to quickly prep, blend, and analyze data. Alteryx allows professionals to merge and evaluate data from multiple sources before sharing insights across an organization. The platform enables social media analysts to understand the relationship between particular tweets and media to buy data by creating repeatable workflows. Data analysts blend data from several Excel spreadsheets and sources to build a reproducible workflow.

Alteryx APA Big Data Analytics Software enables businesses to leverage the built-in tools to build data models. Users can create visual data science workflows with Alteryx's drag-and-drop features. These workflows comprise of connected apps that possess different data processing functions. Professionals can add or remove tools from the palette and drag them directly into the canvas. The Big Data analytics software also allows users to add observations or comments to specific workflows from the configuration window to increase productivity.

Alteryx APA Big Data Analytics Software helps companies to create and share data insights through reports and apps. Analysts can utilize the platform to create dashboards to communicate insights, data patterns, or relationships. After analysis, Alteryx publishes the results to the company's private gallery, where they can share with authorized members. The software allows users to add their insights to a secure collection where other users can view the information on their pages.

Alteryx APA Big Data Analytics Software allows analysts to visualize data blends and models. With Alteryx, users can see their data in motion at every step of their business journey. The software helps them to understand the entire data analytics process. Companies can learn how their data evolve while they work and communicate their final insights with the help of interactive visuals. Professionals use the insights gained from the platform to adjust their workflow and increase productivity. Industries can merge, prepare, blend, and analyze business data from multiple sources and share insights to managers and shareholders.

Alteryx APA Big Data Analytics Software offers users access to predictive tools that are based on the R language. Businesses can utilize predictive analytics tools to handle neural networks, regression analysis, time series modeling, decision trees, and more. With the software, analysts can improve business intelligence into areas such as product and inventory forecast, sales, and consumer trends. They can also tap into predictive silos and extract data from tools like SAS or SPSS to integrate into workflows.

Alteryx APA Big Data Analytics Software helps retail companies to optimize sales territories, marketing campaigns, and services with geospatial analysis. The platform allows industries to turn traditional data into geospatial datasets, acquire users' address information, and to geocode them to determine longitude and latitude. Analysts can also blend household or firmographic data to form market segments. Alteryx helps companies calculate distances and establish relationships between spatial objects. The software improves field service and optimizes sales territory for businesses. Things like transportation, asset location planning, and logistics management are streamlined for users.

Alteryx APA Big Data Analytics Software maintains the existing authentication and authorization of the user. Administrators can add analytic governance and security to their company's data while using Alteryx's servers. The platform allows access at specific levels to users with defined authorization. Alteryx software can process multiple workflows at the same time without sharing data across any of the underlying servers. The application allows different departments in an organization to use the same platform without risking sensitive data being accessed by each party.


Alteryx APA Big Data Analytics Software features intuitive data preparation and governance that empowers businesses to deliver better outcomes. The platform allows organizations to converge their richest assets by putting automation back into the hands of the users. Alteryx helps them drive transformative results across analytics and data science.