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Amazon DynamoDB

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Amazon DynamoDB Features and Reviews

Amazon DynamoDB database management software helps developers, and companies to build powerful serverless and scalable applications, drive productivity, save cost, and deliver better customer experience. 


Amazon DynamoDB is a NoSQL database management software for developers, database engineers and administrators, and businesses of all sizes. Companies in sectors such as technology, gaming, automobile, media and entertainment, healthcare, and financial institutions harness this solution to support their mission-critical operation workloads.

Amazon DynamoDB supports key-value and document data models. The software has a flexible schema; therefore, each row can have multiple columns at any time. More so, users can seamlessly adapt tables as business operations, and requirements change, without redefining the table schema. With this solution, software developers and organizations can build modern and serverless applications that can scale globally to support tens to millions read and write requests per second and petabytes of data. 

Amazon DynamoDB is fully managed, multi-master, multi-region, durable, and built to run high-performance applications that would weigh down traditional relational databases. The software offers backup and restores function, built-in security, and in-memory caching for internet-scale software and applications. Amazon DynamoDB can deliver single-digit millisecond performance at any scale, handle over 10 trillion requests daily and support peaks of over 20 million requests per second.

The software's global tables automatically replicate user data across their chosen AWS Regions and automatically scales their capacity to accommodate multiple workloads. The global tables allow widely distributed applications to access data in selected regions locally and get millisecond read and write performance.

Amazon DynamoDB supports integration with AWS Lambda to provide triggers. With triggers, users can automatically execute custom functions when there are item-level changes and develop applications that react to modified data in DynamoDB tables. 

This database management software encrypts user data at rest by default. The encryption at rest increases the data security by utilizing encryption keys stored in AWS Key Management Service and allows users to develop security-sensitive applications that require strict encryption, regulatory, and compliance requirements.

With Point-in-time recovery (PITR), database engineers can protect their DynamoDB tables from unintentional write or delete operations. With the on-demand backup and restore, organizations can create full DynamoDB tables' data backups for data archiving and compliance with corporate and governmental regulatory requirements.

Product Details

Amazon DynamoDB delivers fast read performance, supports real-time data processing, and automatically replicates data. This database solution supports both key-value and document data models and has a flexible schema; therefore, every row can have multiple columns. Business and developers can seamlessly adapt the tables as their operations, and business requirements change, without redefining the table schema. 

Amazon DynamoDB has an accelerator that delivers microsecond latency. DynamoDB Accelerator (DAX) offers fast read performance for database tables at scale and allows developers to use fully managed in-memory cache. With the DynamoDB Accelerator, managers can enhance DynamoDB tables read performance by up to 10 times, thereby taking the average read time from milliseconds to microseconds, even when there are millions of requests per second. 

Amazon DynamoDB global tables automatically replicate user's data across their chosen AWS Regions and automatically scale their capacity to accommodate workloads. Global tables empower globally distributed applications to access data in selected regions locally, and millisecond read and write performance. 

DynamoDB Streams offers real-time data processing and captures time-ordered sequences of item-level modifications in tables and stores the data in logs for about 24 hours. With this software, applications can capture changes to items saved in DynamoDB tables whenever such changes occur.

Amazon DynamoDB supports mission-critical workloads and allows companies to build serverless applications and increase performance. With this software, developers do not need to manage, provision, or manage servers, or install, maintain, or operate any software. 

The tool scales tables automatically adjust for capacity and improve performance with zero administration. Furthermore, the software has built-in fault tolerance and availability so that organizations do not have to architect their application to harness those capabilities. 

Amazon DynamoDB provides on-demand, provisioned, and read and write capacity modes for each table. The on-demand capacity modes help users manage capacity for less predictable workloads, or in situations where users are unsure of high utilization so that they can only pay for what they consume. Managers can use provisioned capacity mode when they are confident of the usage of the specified provisioned capacity. 

Amazon DynamoDB instantly accommodates tables that use on-demand capacity mode as they ramp up or down any previously attained traffic level. So when workload traffic level reaches a new peak, the software automatically adapts to accommodate the workload. This software allows developers to use on-demand capacity modes for new and existing tables, and current DynamoDB APIs without changing codes. 

DynamoDB automatically scales throughput and storage for tables that utilize provisioned capacity based on set capacity by monitoring the application usage and performance. The software integrates with AWS Lambda to provide functional triggers, perform specified actions such as initiating workflows or sending notifications. 

With triggers, managers can automatically execute a custom function when there are item-level changes in a DynamoDB table and develop applications that quickly react and respond to modified data in DynamoDB tables. 

Amazon DynamoDB supports ACID transactions, secures, encrypts user data, and automatically backs up data. The software is designed for mission-critical workloads such as support for ACID transactions for applications that require complex business logic.

Amazon DynamoDB offers native and server-side support for transactions and makes it easy for developers to make coordinated changes to multiple items within and across tables. With this software, developers can extend enterprise benefits and scale performance to a more extensive set of mission-critical workloads.

Amazon DynamoDB secures user data with encryption at rest by default. Encryption at rest increases data security by utilizing encryption keys stored in the AWS Key Management Service. With the encryption at rest feature, companies can develop secure applications that meet strict encryption regulatory and compliance requirements. 

Amazon DynamoDB frequently backs up user data for protection and provides guaranteed reliability via service level agreements. With the on-demand backup and restore feature, companies can create full backups of their DynamoDB tables' data for data archiving, meet corporate and governmental regulatory requirements, and more. The solution allows users to back up tables from a few megabytes to multiples of terabytes of data without affecting the performance or availability of their applications. 


Amazon DynamoDB database management software delivers fast database service and allows companies to build modern applications and support their critical workloads. The software encrypts and automatically backs up customer data. With this software, organizations can reduce time to market, minimize operational overhead, and increase business agility.