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Asana Features and Reviews

Asana project management software helps businesses, teams, managers, and professionals to organize, track, and manage projects and achieve business goals.


Asana project management software is a cloud-based project management solution for businesses, managers, finance, sales, marketing, product development, engineering, operations, creative, and design teams.

This software has solutions that cater to industries and organizations of all sizes. Project teams use Asana project management software to organize, focus on tasks and projects to achieve their desired objectives.

This software allows project teams to plan and structure their work to suit their needs. Users can create project views to visualize their work, arrange tasks based on priorities and timelines, and share task details.

Team leads can organize tasks into kanban boards, or use lists to capture every step of the job. Also, users can map out projects based on timelines or view tasks in calendars, adjust schedules, and spot overlaps.

Project managers use this tool to break projects into tasks and sub-tasks for team members or show extra steps to complete overall tasks. Users can set task dependencies, set milestones to measure progress and successes, assign tasks to team members, and set tasks and project deadlines.

Team members can attach files from their computer, Box, Google Drive, or Dropbox to any task or conversation. Managers can create and streamline approval processes.

With this software, users can arrange projects into portfolios, set team priorities, organize and track multiple projects at a glance, monitor progress in real-time, and drill in for more details to address bottlenecks and risks.

Managers use this Asana project management software to manage resources, track workload, reassign, and reschedule tasks to prevent burnout and drive productivity.

Asana project management software supports six languages, including English, German, French, Japanese, Spanish, and Portuguese. It allows users to communicate and share information about projects. Users can comment on tasks, tag teammates on comments, leave feedback on files including images and PDFs, share project status, and updates with relevant stakeholders.

Product details 

Asana project management software helps companies to plan and manage projects from conception to execution. This tool allows users to organize work and projects as to-do lists, Kanban boards, for meetings, and easy planning.

Managers can further breakdown projects into tasks and sub-task, show steps required to complete jobs, and assign tasks to team members.

Asana project management software allows businesses to create task dependencies, and specify tasks that are waiting on other tasks to commence. Users can synchronize tasks across multiple projects, specify project start dates, due dates, and time.

Asana project management software allows creative directors to set project milestones to track, measure, and share progress. Users can like or acknowledge tasks, attach files to tasks and conversations from computers, and cloud storage, including Google Drive, Dropbox, or Box.

Asana project management software allows managers to create, customize, and preview forms for work requests. When clients fill the forms, it shows up as new tasks.

Companies use this tool to streamline project approval processes. Users can request and issue approvals for tasks and projects.

Asana project management software allows organizations to leverage existing project templates to get started, plan, and execute projects quickly. This software has a rich gallery of project templates for multiple teams, including HR, marketing, operations, design, product, sales, customer success, engineering, IT, and cross-functional teams.

Marketing teams can adapt existing workflows to plan and promote marketing events, develop marketing strategies, and more.

Users can create their projects from scratch, save projects as templates, and reuse them.

Asana project management software drives collaboration among product sales and marketing teams. With this feature, remote, internal, and external teams can communicate and leave feedback on tasks.

Users can comment directly on a task, and leave feedback on images and files, mention team members, ask questions and get clarifications.

With this software, operations teams can discuss a project’s progress, share project status with relevant stakeholders, and add information to portfolios.

Asana project management software supports multiple languages, including English, French, German, Portuguese Spanish, and Japanese.

Companies and project teams use Asana project management software to manage workload, measure capacity, and allocate resources. With this feature, managers can get a complete overview of the capability of every team member, drill into tasks to get full details.

This software allows users to estimate the efforts required to complete tasks by assigning values like points or hours to different tasks. Project managers use this tool to analyze workload, reassign, or reschedule tasks to prevent burnout and boost productivity.

Asana project management software allows organizations to create project visualizations, track project progress, and generate reports. With this tool, users can organize project tasks as lists to capture the project process and manage every step. Also, users can organize and visualize projects as Kanban boards, or sticky notes, monitor work, and drive transparency.

This solution allows design teams to map out and visualize project plans on a timeline so that they can view the connection between tasks and deadlines, make the necessary adjustments, and fix dependencies to keep projects on track. Users can visualize projects on a calendar to easily spot loopholes, schedule overlaps, and create modifications.

Asana project management software allows managers to create portfolios containing a group of projects. Portfolios help project leaders and managers to plan, monitor, and gain real-time insights into multiple projects and make planning decisions.

Users can share portfolios with team members and other relevant stakeholders to see the project status and provide feedback that will move the project forward.

Asana project management software helps project teams to automate routine tasks. With this feature, project managers can create rules to handle tasks and request rapidly and keep projects on schedule.

Users can create rules to automatically move new tasks to the right project, assign tasks to the right team member, grant visibility to the right stakeholders, set and adjust project due dates, and more.

Asana project management software allows managers to collaborate and manage projects on the move. With the Android and iOS mobile app, engineering teams can create projects and tasks, communicate and provide feedback about them, and get updates on project status.

Managers use the Asana mobile app to onboard team members, review tasks, issue approvals, create portfolios, and increase efficiency.

Asana project management software allows users to connect with tools they love and seamlessly track projects. This software supports integration with third-party applications, including Adobe Creative Cloud, Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, OneDrive, Slack, Trello, Salesforce, JIRA Cloud, Litmus, Harvest, MailChimp, and more.


Asana project management software helps businesses, project leaders, and teams to manage works, projects, programs seamlessly. This software allows users to build strategic plans, collaborate with groups, and streamline essential processes. Businesses use Asana project management software to solve problems, increase operational efficiency, and achieve business success.