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Atera Features and Reviews

Atera Network Monitoring Software offers users complete control and visibility of their customers’ networks to provide instant IT support regardless of location.


Atera Network Monitoring Software is an all-in-one SaaS for Managed Service Providers that offer users more control. 

Users can handle their entire IT business with the software, including activities like ticketing, IT monitoring, and management, customer satisfaction surveying. The software improves user’s experience with remote support, RMM, help desk, reporting, and billing from one platform.

Atera Network Monitoring Software provides users with patch management, practical root-cause analysis, and more. So, proactive users can spot issues before their customers. Users have remote access and multi-screen support to stay connected to their customers’ networks wherever they go. The software gives complete visibility to all aspects of a business’s performance. So, it has a predictable, transparent, and technician-based pricing that accommodates unlimited workstations and servers.

It sends real-time alerts of RAM usage, CPU load, AV, CPU load, hard drive, customized event viewer, and more. The software scans networks to show users new upsell opportunities in a short time. Users get real-time notifications of potential dangers before they happen to be proactive in finding the solution in advance. Users can also control the frequency of the alerts they receive. The software offers pre-configured maintenance and administrative tasks for users to apply to workstations and servers. This can be used for specific devices, multiple devices, or a whole company.

Product Details

Atera Network Monitoring Software provides advanced remote maintenance. It allows automation, monitoring, and management of IT networks for hundreds of SMBs from a single console. This includes patch management,  remote control, security, monitoring, backup, asset inventory, and more. Users can access any of their workstations, Macs, Windows servers from any Mac, Android device, Windows, iOS, Chrome browser, or Chromebook. 

Atera is cloud-based and integrates with compatible third-party software to provide any device with instant remote support. Users can quickly access servers, computers, desktops, files, and applications. Plus, they can support software directly from ticket, alert, and device view. File transfer in attended or unattended support sessions is secure and straightforward.

Atera Network Monitoring Software helps MSP and IT service professionals streamline their businesses and ease customer management. Users can improve operational efficiency, profitability, and provide better service. 

With a 360 degree view, they can organize and monitor all their customers’ information from one system. The processes here include billing, accounting, and help desk.

With this software, users no longer need to store their customers’ personal information on notepads or spreadsheets. Plus, it makes collaboration easy as team members can access updated information whenever they need them and at any location. It offers the flexibility of creating any kind of contract.

Atera Network Monitoring Software helps users remain transparent in their dealings with customers. It stops billing disputes with pre-configured time, ticket, and invoice details unique to each customer. Users do not have to bother with the processes of creating monthly bills because the software automatically adds time to all contract types.

The software currently integrates with QuickBooks Desktop, QuickBooks Online, and Xero. It also allows users to export data in CSV files to use the data in any accounting software. Customers can access knowledge base posts, open their tickets, and track their tickets. Users have the freedom to customize the entire customer portal.

Atera Network Monitoring Software allows users to do their businesses on the go. The software’s mobile app helps users manage tickets and devices, resolve alerts, get more billable hours, contact customers, and more. So, before a problem escalates, an IT professional can solve it.

Atera Network Monitoring Software offers maximum security with DNS and endpoint protection. It provides threat intelligence and endpoint security services to protect individuals and businesses around the world. The software shields users’ information and transactions from specific threats and malicious attacks. These threats include DNS poisoning, phishing, screen grabbing, keystroke logging, cookie scraping, browser and session hijacking, and clipboard grabbing.

Atera offers full control of inbound and outbound connections without additional stress on the endpoint resources. It blocks users’ access to malicious domains and known phishing sites. When an endpoint is offline, it stops attacks with separate file execution policies that apply to USB, local disk, DVD, and CD drives. The software leverages collective threat intelligence and big data analytics to identify threats as that shows up.

Atera Network Monitoring Software provides real-time non-stop backup. Users do not have to reboot their system or disrupt their workflow when site visitors copy directories, files, or volumes. 

Atera Network Monitoring Software automates the patching of third-party apps. Users can immediately run patches on single or multiple machines or create specific profiles and schedule automation. The software detects supported programs on a computer and sends security patches and upgrades. Users do not have to select apps or bother with remembering everything.

Atera Network Monitoring Software keeps track of the expiration of warranties. It carries out continuous warranty lookups and quickly detects expired devices. The software also provides reports to help users manage their customers better. These reports warn the customers’ to renew or replace their problematic or high-risk devices. Atera boasts to covering the most devices worldwide with the most speed and most excellent accuracy. It is cloud-based, so users do not have to install

Atera Network Monitoring Software allows users to compare their critical financial to industry-standard daily. It becomes easy for businesses to their rates to those of their peers or competitors. The software scans networks and detects upsell opportunities from aging servers, new devices, HDD upgrades, and more within a short time. It also allows users to onboard more clients, quickly evaluate the associated workload, and scale their businesses.

Atera Network monitoring Software detects new opportunities for businesses and gives users immediate value. It also monitors all clients’ networks to ensure that all devices are secure and well managed.

Atera Network Monitoring Software offers advanced analytics and reporting. Users can track their customers’ health, network, performance, and assets from the reports the software gathers. The reports help users to set data-driven goals and the right metrics to track. 


With the Atera Network Monitoring Software, IT professionals can streamline their daily tasks and manage their customers more effectively. Its mobile app Makes it easy for users to do their businesses on the go. It offers maximum security for individuals and companies.

The software allows users to continually check their progress with industry-standard and get the best visibility with advanced reporting and analytics.