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BeyondTrust Features and Reviews

BeyondTrust remote support and desktop software help managers and organizations securely access and support systems, and devices globally, drive productivity and business continuity.



BeyondTrust offers remote support and desktop software for small, medium, and large scale enterprises. The tool allows organizations to support more people, multiple devices, and platforms across various locations.

BeyondTrust enables organizations to provide swift remote assistance to any mobile device, desktop, or server, using screen sharing and remote control. With this tool, IT support staff can provide instant and reliable remote support to customers and other end-users.

Managers use this software to improve business processes and provide superior customer service. BeyondTrust allows professionals to provide scalable and enterprise-grade support, whether they are working with Windows, Linux, iOS, or even legacy devices. With improved service levels and quality remote support for end-users, organizations can keep their business running.

This software lets businesses secure their business resource and remote access tools, protect their network from threats, and meet compliance regulations. BeyondTrust lets users manage unattended access to multiple devices systems and grow their businesses securely with automation. With this tool, managers can increase efficiency and scale their business.

BeyondTrust allows companies to showcase their brand image, and inspire trust by customizing their support experience, including chats. Supervisors can manage team roles, users, and sessions, set permissions to control access and enforce the least privileged security status.

Managers use this tool to audit performance and ensure compliance. Users can log session activities, and access complete audit trails, get real-time reports and capture a comprehensive video log of all session activity.

BeyondTrust supports integration with CRM, IT service management (ITSM), security information and event management (SIEM), and password tools. With BeyondTrust's open API, developers can build custom integrations.

Product Details

BeyondTrust allows organizations to provide remote access and support to end-users. With this software, managers can access, control, and fully interact with remote devices anytime and anywhere. The tool allows users to see the customer's screen, interact with software, and applications, on the remote desktop.

BeyondTrust supports features like screen sharing and remote control, file sharing, annotation, unattended access, and remote mobile device camera sharing. IT professionals can support end-users and their devices via BeyondTrust thick client, mobile app, or browser-based console as if they are present at their locations. Support teams can troubleshoot and resolve issues and fix systems on or off corporate networks.

BeyondTrust simplifies remote and desktop support. With this solution, end-users can initiate support requests from the company's support portal, BeyondTrust Buttons or Windows applications, and IT managers can control remote desktops to begin support. Their patented Jump Technology is innovatively designed to handle the maintenance of company-wide servers and IT infrastructure.

This solution allows IT admins to resolve issues more quickly, drive productivity, and increase end-user satisfaction. The software integrates with ITSM, ticketing, and help desk solutions and automatically ties details about every remote session to the incident record.

BeyondTrust helps businesses drive productivity, business continuity, and scalability. Customer support teams and help desks are under constant pressure to deliver excellent support with limited resources, and this software helps businesses keep up with these demands.

Organizations can increase team productivity regardless of the size of their helpdesks. With features such as remote support chat, canned scripts, skills-based routing, and escalation, and collaboration, technicians and remote support staff can work more efficiently.

The remote support features support integrations with external directories, such as Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP), so IT professionals can manage groups, users, and permissions with existing administrative processes. Organizations can manage unattended access for tens to thousands of systems and devices as they scale their IT infrastructure, create mass installer packages for both unattended endpoints and the Representative Console.

BeyondTrust allows organizations to customize and brand their support processes. End-users may be cautious about authorizing remote connections to their computers or devices. This tool enables companies to customize and brand their support experience and instill confidence in their end-users.

The software assigns a unique URL and customer client to remote support customers. With features like branded portals, custom watermark, support invitations, logo upload, and end-of-session surveys, organizations can control the end-users perception of their brand. Managers can upload photos from Active Directory to customize support experience.

BeyondTrust allows managers to control access, manage teams, and set permissions. This tool enables managers to implement usable security, organize and optimize their help desk for success.

Managers can use session policies, granular roles, and permissions settings to enforce the least privilege and ensure that technicians have adequate access required for their role. With collaboration and escalation, skilled staff can instantly engage with critical support requests or refer support requests up the work chain to a higher service tier without interrupting the session. The identity management capabilities allow organizations to use existing Active Directory (AD) or Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) to create and manage Remote Support users.

BeyondTrust allows companies to perform audits, meet regulatory standards and compliance procedures. This software lets users monitor activities in real-time, automatically record all session activities, and generate extensive detailed audit logs for audit purposes without disrupting service desk processes.

Managers can use audit logs and recordings for presentation and training, seamlessly generate attestation reports that show unique users, identify which systems were connected, and specify actions performed over the remote connection. For companies that are subject to GDPR, Remote Support can secure and capture end-user consent before a session begins.

BeyondTrust helps organizations increase efficiency by integrating with third-party tools. Help desk and support center solutions are designed to track and resolve issues, and end-user requests more efficiently. BeyondTrust remote support integrations seamlessly fit into the organization's environment and increase their return on investments in help desk solutions.

Organizations can synchronize with Active Directory, ITSM, SIEM tools, third-party authentication solutions, or password managers to harness features that will get the most out of their IT software and resources. With BeyondTrust's open Remote Support API, companies can build powerful custom integration to drive business processes.

BeyondTrust helps organizations secure their IT resources and remote sessions. The software's security comes with standard Native two-factor authentication. Implementing multi-factor authentication provides confidence in daily connections by administrators and technicians.

BeyondTrust Verify is a Time-based One-time Password algorithm (TOTP) with native 2FA capability. Users can enable this feature for any Remote Support user, verify the identity of users before Remote Support sessions are launched.


BeyondTrust enables organizations to connect to end-user systems, mobile devices, desktop, or servers remotely. With this tool, IT support staff can collaborate, provide instant and reliable remote support to customers and other end-users on or off their network. BeyondTrust helps businesses offer superior customer service, drive productivity, and business growth.