Big Data projects involve an entirely new set of rules, technologies, techniques and tools compared to traditional IT initiatives of the last decade. As such, Think Big’s experienced consulting teams are guided by our proven methodology which has been developed and refined over the course of 4 years and more than 50 successful Big Data projects.

A proven, agile methodology

Our proven methodology to designing, planning and engineering Big Data projects ensures success. We deploy an integrated team of data scientists and engineers who work together to understand our client’s business goals, identify requirements and build, analyze, and test the right solutions in quick, 2 week sprints within an 8-10 week development cycle. With each sprint, new data is incorporated and new predictive analytic applications are developed to reduce risk and gather early business feedback.

Leverage from reusable components

Think Big has invested heavily to develop application components based on Apache Hadoop and other open source software. These components allow our project teams to accelerate the path to unlocking the value in your data. Our library includes pre-built components and proven templates for integration and data access. It also embeds tested patterns and best practices that have been refined over our company’s history.


Five Stages of Adoption

Big Data projects present a business imperative that requires active participation by business and technical leaders and their respective teams. We believe there are five stages of Big Data adoption that can lead to true organizational transformation.

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