BigHand Speech features and reviews of 2020

BigHand speech recognition software helps organizations to communicate and transcribe faster, streamline critical processing, and drive productivity.


BigHand speech recognition software is a digital dictation and voice recognition solution for small, medium, and large organizations. This software is useful for professionals and freelancers. It is tailored to suit a wide range of industries including legal, retail, healthcare, manufacturing, supply chain, digital marketing, travel and hospitality, nonprofits, and the government. 

With this software, professionals can harness voice to drive communication across teams, speed up work, increase efficiency, and accuracy. The tool automatically converts sound and recordings to text in real-time. Managers can discuss proceedings, dictate processes, get translations on the move, and prepare business documents quickly 

BigHand speech recognition software is easy to use. Managers can seamlessly integrate the software with existing systems for quick implementation and use. The software is available on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.

BigHand speech recognition software is intuitive and has a proofreading technology with 99 percent accuracy. The software detects, reads, and adapts to the user's voice, tone, and diction quickly. The software offers multiple customizable preferences. Therefore users can select and use the functions that are important to them. 

BigHand speech recognition software helps organizations eliminate administrative hassles and wasted hours spent on transcribing documents. With a central and streamlined digital workflow, managers can seamlessly dictate, transcribe voice notes on the move, and quickly add the files into the digital workstream, or share them with support staff or relevant parties for review and action. 

With this software, organizations can increase productivity. Managers can empower team members to dictate using their smartphones. This solution frees up the overburdened support staff from the time-consuming manual transcription activities.

BigHand speech recognition software helps organizations streamline processes. Users can access digital audit trails of all transcriptions, and dictations. Team members can view the history and status of jobs across the company at any given time. With this software, companies can save costs, money, boost profits, and generate a positive return on investment by focusing on more important work. 

Product Details

BigHand speech recognition software helps organizations to transcribe speech and recordings in real-time automatically.  This voice recognition technology automatically converts speech and voice notes into text. It allows companies, professionals, and legal teams to create multiple documents, and letters by using their voice. 

The software is smart, intuitive, and easy to use. With simple hands-on training lasting about ten minutes, managers can get team members in sync. While manual transcription of about 300 words takes about ten minutes, BigHand speech recognition software transcribes recordings in a few seconds.  

BigHand speech recognition software offers automatic transcription and real-time translation, so managers and professionals can drive productivity even on the move. The software provides an advanced proofreading technology that delivers about 99 percent accuracy.  

BigHand speech recognition software creates a speech profile for every user's voice. The software detects, reads, and adapts to the user's voice, tone, and diction quickly. The tool processes transcription using a secure server and returns text to the author, support staff, or team members. 

Transcriptions are fully secure and installed centrally on one or multiple dedicated BigHand Speech Recognition servers so that managers can deploy them to other users or third-parties. This solution makes it easy for users to build user profiles on behalf of their superiors or fellow team members.  

This tool is supported in Citrix environments and built to seamlessly integrate with the user's existing asset and document management system. With this software, busy professionals can get their work done using digital dictation. The tool increases productivity and profitability and reduces time companies spend on manually transcribing notes. 

Organizations use BigHand speech recognition software to craft letters, emails, and general correspondence. With this software, managers can create attendance notes and files, generate reports and statements, allocate tasks, produce meeting minutes and actions, create lists and reminders, and save hours and hundreds of dollars in transcription costs.

BigHand speech recognition software allows managers and professionals to stay productive on the go. Modern work patterns require solutions that are flexible and mobile-friendly. However, without workflows, connectivity, and oversight of the company's support team, working on the move can be demanding. 

With BigHand speech recognition software, companies do not have to limit work to the confines of their office spaces. BigHand offers an extensive suite of mobile dictation apps for businesses and professionals. BigHand Go empowers professionals and managers with fully-featured digital solutions that work on all mobile platforms, including iPads, iPhones, and Windows devices.

BigHand Go features an advanced mobile task delegation technology and allows managers to stay productive, whether in or out of the office. With this tool, support staff can manage workloads with a steady stream of tasks, record, profile, and submit dictations through their mobile devices. 

The tool allows managers to set task priorities and task due dates. Users can attach supporting documents, photos, and other file types, get email notifications, and live status updates. 

With the BigHand Go Client Mode, managers can reduce the risk of human error. The software offers a clear list of clients and associated cases, before linking new dictations and redirecting them where they need to go. 

BigHand speech recognition software has an approval feature that allows managers to give or revoke work approvals from their tablet or mobile so that work teams can drive work faster. 

This software offers the flexibility that users need to drive collaboration. Users can make amendments to documents that have been sent in for approval. They can seamlessly open the email attachments in the software, create additional dictations with additional instructions, and send them back with the original file for review and processing

BigHand speech recognition software allows users to synchronize workloads and manage devices from remote locations. This software supports complete workload synchronization. Physical and remote teams can access work anywhere and anytime, regardless of their device type. 

BigHand speech recognition software helps managers to streamline and synchronize user accounts across multiple devices so that they can have access to the same information, including files and folders from the BigHand desktop client and BigHand Go app. 

BigHand supports integration with Mobile Device Management (MDM) providers, including Good Technology and MobileIron. 

Companies that use this MDM software can configure, secure, and deploy the BigHand Go software from remote locations. Integrations with MDM technology help companies minimize complexities and the cost of managing multiple users on such platforms. 

Furthermore, companies have complete control over their mobile devices. They can revoke application access as well as secure sensitive data. 


BigHand speech recognition software makes it easy for managers and professionals to draft mail and produce multiple documents with their voices quickly. The software uses a robust algorithm to transcribe speech to text in real-time. With this solution, businesses can save costs, drive productivity, and increase their positive return on investment (ROI).