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Bluzelle Features and Reviews

Bluzelle (BLZ) provides a decentralized data storage platform for blockchain applications and facilitates peer-to-peer payments and the store of value with its dual tokens.


Bluzelle is a distributed platform for on-demand data storage and management. The blockchain enables individuals, enterprise users, and the creator economy to rent storage spaces from thousands of network participants offering redundant data spaces for reward. In addition, It allows users to scale their database quickly at a fraction of its cost.

The data storage system protects users’ applications by hosting them on a fully decentralized network. It stores data across several nodes worldwide to eliminate any single point of failure. Furthermore, the global distribution allows instant and natural expansion without downtimes, making the blockchain highly scalable.

Bluzelle has a 10,000 transaction per second (TPS) speed, making it easily scalable and super fast. The GameFi platform is immutable and free from centralized governance. It leverages the energy-efficient proof-of-stake consensus protocol to reach an agreement, validates transactions, secures, and tamper-proofs the network.

The blockchain uses a dual token system to power the network. The native token and externally tradable Ethereum-compatible coin enable holders to participate in the crypto ecosystem.  Bluzelle also supports multiple wallet types, including hardware, software, and web wallets.

Additionally, people can earn the blockchain’s tokens by buying with fiat via compatible wallets, swapping their cryptocurrency holding for Bluzelle tokens on an exchange, or participating in-network consensus by staking their coins.

Product Details

Bluzelle is a blockchain platform for game finance (GameFi). GameFi is an emerging crypto-gaming trend that allows gamers to earn digital assets by playing games. It lets them store their assets on a distributed network, operating independently of any centralized authority, substantially protecting them from risks. Additionally, gamers can trade their winnings or borrow against them. They can also stake their tokens to participate in network governance or purchase unique NFTs.

As a blockchain for gamers, Bluzelle can produce high-quality games and protect players' NFTs. The crypt0 platform stores game NFTs across numerous nodes simultaneously to safe-keep players’ assets against losses.

Bluzelle’s dual token system powers the network’s decentralized finance (DeFi) and governance processes. The decentralized platform currently operates two cryptocurrencies, the externally tradable ERC-20 BLZ token and BLZ, its mainnet and native coin, which underpins the blockchain’s financial system. The external token connects the Bluzelle network with Ethereum. Users can purchase the cryptocurrency from an external exchange or convert their BLZ native token to the coin. However, ERC-20 BLZ token holders must convert the internet money to BLZ for use on the Bluzelle network.

The native token holders can use their coins to pay for Bluzelle network transactions or stake to validate blockchain transactions to earn rewards. They can also use their BLZ to participate in network governance and decision-making.

Bluzelle provides users with multiple wallet options, enabling them to participate in the blockchain’s ecosystem. For instance, the wallets let people hold and transact Bluzelle tokens. They can also stake their tokens and participate in the on-chain governance process. Furthermore, the platform supports several crypto wallets to suit users’ requirements and preferences. For example, network participants can use the Frontier mobile wallets to hold their BLZ token and partake in the network’s decentralized financial system. But they can keep the ERC-20 BLZ coin in any Ethereum-compatible wallet.

Bluzelle also supports hardware, software, and web wallet types. Hardware wallets are suitable for storing large BLZ amounts. They provide the most secure option for holding and transacting BLZ. Conversely, software and web wallets eliminate the need to fiddle with expensive pieces of hardware. Additionally, they enable users to interact with their Bluzelle accounts via installed mobile or desktop applications and web interfaces.

Bluzelle utilizes a proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus mechanism to protect the network and validate transactions. The protocol allows users to participate in network consensus by staking their tokens to earn rewards. Validators can earn up to 25% annual percentage yield (APY) on their stakes. Proof-of-stake is a more efficient alternative to proof-of-work (PoW), which requires high computing power and energy.

Users can stake on the Bluzelle network with the BLZ mainnet token. However, ERC-20 BLZ holders can convert their cryptocurrency to the native token to stake on the network. The Bluzelle PoS consensus algorithm randomly assigns participants the right to validate the next block (data structure in the blockchain’s database that permanently holds transaction records). It prioritizes those with significant stakes. 

Bluzelle features a robust documentation hub that helps developers deploy and run distributed applications on the platform. The knowledge base lets builders access several resources and guides to leverage the full potential of the blockchain’s scalable and decentralized storage capabilities. Some resources cover API for the network’s JavaScript and Python libraries, Solidity contracts, and raw WebSocket communications. Developers can also learn the operating system (OS) setup for Curium and how to set up a development environment.

Additionally, Bluzelle boasts a Discord developer and validators community. As an open-source project, the platform’s GitHub community works closely together to make the blockchain better by sharing ideas or freely modifying it.

Bluzelle provides decentralized database storage facilities that offer users complete control of their data. The platform lets individuals rent out a part of their computer’s storage space to earn some tokens, providing dApp developers scalable on-demand options at a reduced cost. Bluzelle distributes the storage among the participating computers so that users cannot be at the beck and call of a single authority.

Furthermore, the blockchain platform also offers decentralized web hosting on the Bluzelle testnet. The service provides users with eternal and life-long URL addresses that are not easy to shut down, unlike those from traditional web hosting providers. It also lets website owners maintain an around-the-clock online presence and use computational power without downtime.

Bluzelle caps the total BLZ coin supply as an anti-inflation mechanism. The blockchain will allow only 500 million BLZ total coin supply, limiting the number of tokens available to the public. Bluzelle will cease the minting of new coins once the network reaches the capped supply volume. This monetary policy prevents inflation, protecting the cryptocurrency’s value and making it a good store of value.  


Bluzelle is a GameFi blockchain for the creator economy. The platform allows people, enterprise users, and dApps developers to store their data, files, and NFTs on globally-distributed storage nodes. The blockchain is reliable, scalable, and tamper-proof. In addition, its dual token system powers the network, allowing holders to participate in the ecosystem.