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Board Features and Reviews

Board Business Intelligence software helps organizations get complete control of performance and transparency of the performance across their business.


Board Business Intelligence software offers companies a unified combination of performance management, business intelligence, and analytics solutions. This software allows organizations to build, maintain, and deploy business planning, simulation, and intelligence applications with multiple users and terabytes of data with ease. Plus, businesses can develop any application without needing coding.

Over 3000 companies globally use this software to drive digital transformation. Board Business Intelligence software enables users to effectively build their applications and deploy them anywhere on all devices. With this software backed by Microsoft Azure, Board Business Intelligence software offers a seamless connection to both cloud and on-premise data systems in real-time. Besides, this software provides Business Intelligence as a service to companies by allowing them to implement performance management and SaaS reporting solutions.

Board Business Intelligence software combines analytical performance with data entry and modeling capabilities needed to support planning and simulation processes for enterprises. This software offers businesses an advanced in-memory server cluster architecture that enables the sharing of Board server workloads to an unlimited number of nodes. Board provides a single metadata gateway that allows data to be used like it native to the software through its logical and physical multidimensional databases. Additionally, organizations can use the full set of pre-built data connectors to reduce the time and effort needed to access official data sources.

Individual departments in companies can customize this software to fit their needs. Businesses can integrate department-based applications with enterprise-wide processes and data to ensure everyone is on the same page. This software helps users to automate the building of predictive and sophisticated data mining models. Different industries depend on this software to drive their business and meet their KPIs, including retail, FMCG, finance, insurance, manufacturing, hospitality, healthcare, construction, oil and gas, pharmaceuticals, energy and utilities, and automotive.

Product Details

Board Business Intelligence software supports multi-platform deployment. Businesses can implement this software on-premise, on-hosting, or on-cloud with ease. Board allows users to choose the model that fits their business at roll-out point, with the flexibility to move to another model if and when the need arises. Plus, Board Business Intelligence software offers native multi-language support to Business simulation, planning, and intelligence applications.

Board Business Intelligence software offers users multiple layered security that meets the requirements of different organizations. Companies can use this software to combine action permissions with data access authorization and application privileges for granular security that they can customize for each user. The advanced in-memory server cluster architecture of Board Business Intelligence software ensures complete scalability with reading and writing support. Besides, this software enables users to build applications without coding and use them on any device.

Board Business Intelligence software unifies all data sources into a single logical view. This software uses its logical and physical multidimensional database to offer a single metadata gateway to users. Board Business Intelligence software allows users to build simple reports and sophisticated performance management applications with ease. Additionally, users can develop on-the-fly calculated metrics and use them on any dashboard, analysis, or report seamlessly.

Board Business Intelligence software allows users to deploy historical analysis, data contextualization, and comparison on the fly. This software enables users to choose the best path for data exploration by automatically processing the possible ways to them. When drilling down, users can manage aggregate data and access information within source systems. Also, Board Business Intelligence software allows users to get different views and perspectives of analysis on the same data set by instantly drilling from one report to another.

Board Business Intelligence software enables users to perform data modeling in real-time. This software allows users to modify data models during forecasting or planning without affecting operations. Multiple users can use this software to simultaneously enter data using a native logical function that spreads data changes to all detail levels.

Board Business Intelligence software offers users multiple real-time calculations, role-based security, cell freezing, and data spreading modeling. This software can write back the outcomes of any data entry cycle directly into the ERP database automatically. Plus, Board integrates seamlessly with different planning and transactional systems.

Board Business Intelligence software allows users to perform advanced business simulations seamlessly. Users can extend the capability of this software to make changes across hierarchies and dimensions to the calculated fields. Besides, this software supports different file types, including Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, RTF, PDF, and image files.

Board Business Intelligence software provides an integrated workflow management solution to organizations. Some of the solutions include cell locking and triggered events, conditional alerting and mailing,  validation, and data auditing processes. This software enables users to efficiently model major business processes by configuring a set of pre-built rules with ease. Users can carry out the necessary operations like driver-based allocations, consolidations, conversions, eliminations, and initializations needed to implement enterprise-wide planning, simulation, and forecasting applications.

Board Business Intelligence software allows the development of unlimited plan scenarios and versions. This software streamlines the tracking of forecasts and plans evolution over time. Businesses can use Excel-like formulas to replicate Excel spreadsheets on Board Business Intelligence software. Users can add or change dimensions to re-aggregate all data across the new size instantly and on the fly. Additionally, the flexibility of this software allows data security, validation, and consistency.

Board Business Intelligence software allows users to build visual analyses and analytical applications from raw data quickly. This software combines search-based data discovery, self-service data preparation, and the drag-and-drop capability to allow users to access information without any compromise. The interactive search functionality of this software enables users to explore and find information effectively. Also, users can customize centralized reports or develop their analyses with ease.


Board Business Intelligence software focuses on providing a unified solution to businesses in different industries. Departments like Human Resources, Operations, Sales, Supply Chain Management, and Marketing use this software to make better business decisions. Users do not need any coding expertise to create applications on this software.