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Bosch IoT Suite

NameBosch IoT Suite

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Bosch IoT Suite Features and Reviews

Bosch IoT Suite IoT software helps businesses in the building and management of IoT projects, solutions, and services.


Bosch IoT Suite IoT software is an open-source software used by different industries like energy, agriculture, retail, manufacturing, building, and mobility to create a broad range of IoT services and solutions. This flexible IoT platform offers users an array of cloud-enabled services that address IoT project requirements. Companies can use this software to start a proof of concept, quickly enter the market with a minimum viable product, and offer scalable and secure digital offerings with ease.

This software connects over 10 million IoT devices, machines, and sensors, and businesses can tailor its solutions to fit their industry. Users can seamlessly link their different IoT devices to the cloud directly or via gateways indirectly. Bosch IoT Suite IoT software supports control messages and telemetry command and ingestion. Besides, this software abstracts the communication protocols of devices.

Bosch IoT Suite IoT software provides users with device monitoring, management, and secure connectivity. Organizations can build abstract representations of real-world devices and assets in the cloud of this software. Additionally, users can keep both the digital and real worlds in sync by storing and updating asset relationships, properties, and data and offering change 0notifications.

This software's device management functionalities enables interactions among connected devices. Users can perform gateway lifecycle management, remote provisioning, diagnostic, remote monitoring, and remote configuration and control. Plus, the Bosch IoT Suite IoT software allows users to manage updates on IoT devices and gateways.

Bosch IoT Suite IoT software enables companies to manage software components and modules, and artifacts for large-scale and complex scenarios. Users can seamlessly store, collect, and process IoT data on this software. Besides, businesses can use smart algorithms to address recurring data analytics functions and monitor devices.

Product Details

Bosch IoT Suite IoT software offers businesses scalable and secure connectivity for their IoT devices. This software allows users to connect their devices through different protocols to IoT applications. Companies can use their IoT applications to retrieve telemetry data from device-to-cloud communication with or without assured control messages and delivery and send command.

Developers can use this software to connect devices to their applications. This software supports a comprehensive range of IoT protocols like HTTP, LPWAN, and MQTT protocols. Plus, the Bosch IoT Suite IoT software ensures that device connectivity is secure from the transport layer to authentication per device.

Bosch IoT Suite IoT software is a completely managed cloud service that offers users all its functionalities straight out of the box. This software provides users with a uniform device API to connect their application to devices regardless of the type of IoT protocol used. Developers can implement business logic into their IoT applications with ease. Besides, the custom protocol adapters of this software support proprietary protocols.

Bosch IoT Suite IoT software enables users to manage different classes of devices and gateways remotely. The software helps businesses with device management all through the device lifecycle. Users can use this wholly managed cloud service on-premise and in various cloud environments. Additionally, device administrators and engineers can perform centralized maintenance of IoT devices deployed in the field remotely.

This software supports different device management protocols and multiple gateway classes. Third-party applications and technical users can perform remote device configuration, device monitoring, software updates, diagnostics, and device recovery. Also, the Bosch IoT Suite IoT software offers users API, scripting, and API tools.

Bosch IoT Suite IoT software allows users to connect to multiple, diverse gateway devices. Users can deploy this software on over 40 different types of IoT devices. This software, based on OSGi and Java modular framework, enables rapid installation and updates. Plus, this software runs on standard operating systems like Windows, Linux, VxWorks, and macOS.

Users can connect any device, thing, or asset from any vendor to this software seamlessly. Bosch IoT Suite IoT software allows users to model tools, services, and data uniformly. Thus, resulting in the enabling of unified access to connected devices and data normalization.

Bosch IoT Suite IoT software offers users an end-to-end web-enabled solution. This software's development tools and open APIs allow users to create and operate local applications on the gateway without an internet connection. Plus, the Bosch IoT Suite IoT software provides these devices with intelligence and autonomy.

Bosch IoT Suite IoT software allows applications to manage IoT device assets simply and securely. IoT applications generated on this software can update and store relationships, properties, and data of assets. With this software, digital twins of tools, sensors, cars, and different web-enabled things can interact with one another. Besides, third-party applications can use HTTP JSON APIs or a connection-based integration using AMQP, MQTT, and WebSocket to interact with the digital twins.

Bosch IoT Suite IoT software allows users to control and manage software updates for IoT devices. This software can handle software rollout processes involving multiple devices. Users can connect their devices to this software directly or indirectly using a device management server. Additionally, the Bosch IoT Suite IoT software supports comprehensive and large-scale rollouts.

This software allows direct device integration, where no additions device management is required. Users can use the external rollout management and user interface by an IoT application using APIs for immediate deployment.

Bosch IoT Suite IoT software offers users a cloud-based infrastructure to manage their IoT device data.  This software collects, stores, and processes IoT data of users for further analysis. Businesses use the insights gotten to optimize IoT devices and build new solutions. Users can clean, normalize, decode, and enrich their data with ease.

Bosch IoT Suite IoT software uses smart algorithms to monitor users' devices and detect anomalies in their data. This software streamlines the analysis of field data. Users do not need to have any prior data analytics skills or experience to use this software. Besides, data scientists can import their Python-based data preprocessing scripts and machine learning algorithms.


Bosch IoT Suite IoT software focuses on providing IoT project requirements to businesses in manufacturing, agriculture, retail, energy, homes. and mobility industries. This software helps in device connectivity, device management, data management, and data analytics. Users can manage different classes of devices remotely using the Bosch IoT Suite IoT software.