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Brandfolder Features and Reviews

Brandfolder digital asset management software helps companies create and share digital assets, streamline asset management, and maximize brand potential.


Brandfolder is a digital asset optimization and management platform that enables marketers, professionals, managers, and companies to create, organize, and share digital assets. With this software, users can easily upload digital assets such as documents, audio, and video using a simple drag and drop tool. 

Brandfolder digital asset management software allows managers to customize their platform using their brand logo, custom headers, page colors, fonts, etc. Managers can edit and convert digital assets, add comments to facilitate collaboration during the review process and grant view-only access to external visitors

The tool makes it easy for users to share digital assets like executive bios, product imagery, logos with media outlets, clients, and site visitors. Companies can embed digital assets on their websites or portfolios or share them on social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. 

Brandfolder digital asset management software offers in-depth analytics to help companies track digital asset performance, measure brand impact, and improve return on investment (ROI). Users can drill down to get analytics on an asset level, view most active assets and top users for individual assets. 

Companies use this software to streamline digital asset management operations and retain creative control by integrating with third-party software such as Salesforce, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign, Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, Jira, and InMotion. With the JSON RESTful open API, companies can integrate Brandfolder into their existing applications and technologies. 

Product Details

Brandfolder digital asset management software enables digital marketers and companies to organize and store unlimited digital assets from a secure location. This software supports multiple file types, formats, shapes, and sizes, including document, audio, and video. Users can seamlessly upload digital assets by dragging and dropping single or multiple files at once

With the Guest Upload feature, managers can create a portal for external stakeholders and partners to conveniently upload files to their Brandfolder library without special access.

With Brandfolder's FTP ingest workflow, users can speedily ingest large asset quantities and file sizes from FTP servers directly into Brandfolder. Managers can use smart rules to automate assets' placement after ingestion–like Brandfolders, Sections, and Collections. Brandfolder utilizes the best tools and practices available to maintain digital assets and implement multiple security levels to protect and backup user files.

Brandfolder digital asset management software allows companies to customize their brand management platform to suit their needs. Companies can Whitelabel and change the platform's look by adding their logo, custom headers, and custom header image, preferred fonts, page colors, and other brand elements.

With Vanity URLs, companies can control the branded experience of their Brandfolders and Collections. Companies can manage users and their permissions, access user insights, and track usage for each user.

Brandfolder digital asset management software enables managers to organize and curate digital assets to drive productivity. With effective curation, companies can enable quick search and discovery, inspire usage, and streamline workflows across teams. 

The software enables managers to curate the right assets for the right audiences by organizing assets by Collections. Managers can create unique user permissions to control what their audiences see and for how long. 

With this software, managers can customize, refine, and organize content groupings using custom Sections and Labels. Users can pin and save frequently-used search terms for future use.

Brandfolder digital asset management software lets users group multiple files inside a single asset and organizes content based on the use case, product, and campaign. Users can quickly sort assets based on name, date, position, and popularity. The tool allows marketers to filter assets using Custom Field, Tag, Orientation, Metadata, and Favorites to discover assets for their use case quickly.

With this software, users can control which assets are public and private using asset availability, approvals, and privacy. The tool lets users keep track of their favorite and frequently used assets. 

Brandfolder digital asset management software enables users to edit, convert, and manage their brand assets. Managers can manipulate files to their exact specifications and crop assets based on custom or preset sizes, including Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn settings. With this software, users can convert file formats during export, modify an asset's pixel dimension or resize assets during download and edit video files. 

Brandfolder digital asset management software helps users to manage digital assets effectively. Users can add and edit and remove across multiple assets with Bulk Tagging and control which assets return when users filter by tags or search. 

Users can organize and relocate groups of assets to their logical section using the Bulk Move feature and combine multiple files into one asset as attachments using the Bulk merge feature. The tool makes it easy for managers to create custom fields specific to their organizations like product name, SKU, and type.

The software allows users to view attachment's Version History, track edits, restore previous file versions, and ensure that files are never permanently deleted. The software uses AI to detect files with similar attributes and alert users. Users can create rules that will automatically convert embedded metadata into custom fields or Brandfolder tags for easier management. 

With this software, managers can bulk export assets to CSV and Excel sheets and make changes to asset information such as custom fields, tags, and names and import back to Brandfolder for quick batch updating.

With the Send-to-Print feature, users can email brand assets and materials to printing companies, directly from their Brandfolder account. Companies can generate a preview page of assets optimized for printing and prioritized custom fields using share links.

Brandfolder digital asset management software drives collaboration across internal and external teams. With this software, managers can empower relevant stakeholders to create and customize assets while retaining creative control. 

The tool enables managers to assign administrators who can approve assets before they become visible within the platform. Users can integrate with workflow platforms like InMotion Now and Jira to execute efficient processes across teams.

Businesses can use the Templating feature to create branded materials and upload creative assets with images and editable text fields where other users can input content directly from Brandfolder. Users can set and receive notifications for asset updates, recently added files, and access requests. 

Users can add comments to assets to facilitate collaboration during the review process. The tool lets managers pin annotations directly on assets and notify stakeholders parties to review and take action. Managers can grant end-users view-only access to assets and enable them to initiate download request flows where approvers, like Admins, can deny or approve the request.

Brandfolder digital asset management software makes it easy for users to embed or share digital assets. The software provides embeddable asset links to enable companies to insert assets from Brandfolder directly into their website. Managers can update the file type, size, or attachment using a content delivery network (CDN). 

With this tool, managers can conveniently share assets to their favorite social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and LinkedIn directly from Brandfolder. Users can create Share Links to share individual or multiple assets with authorized users, create link expiry dates, etc.


Brandfolder digital asset management software helps organizations store, manage, and share digital assets from a secure location. With this software, managers can curate and organize digital assets to drive productivity.