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BrightEdge Features and Reviews

BrightEdge SEO software enables marketers to use organic search in driving conversions and traffic.


BrightEdge provides businesses with functionalities and features that allow them to monitor the performance of their digital content. Also, the software enables users to use a comprehensive analysis of their SEO activities in improving the performance of their content. Even more, marketers can use this software in optimizing, predicting, and planning their content to maximize their ROI. At the same time, the software offers advanced reporting that lets businesses measure their content performance and develop better campaigns, allowing them to improve their reach and generate better revenue.

BrightEdge also offers five different content marketing tools, with each assisting users to deliver, make, and plan appropriate content that generates their desired results. With the software's data cube, users can discover the appropriate channels to deliver content, as well as the right content that fits their target audience and increases their brand's reach. Even more, users can identify the competitors in the same market as them. The software also has a content optimizer that allows content marketers to optimize their content after they have been created and make them search engine-friendly. More so, BrightEdge integrates with Adobe Experience Manager, giving users recommendations and analysis on how to optimize their content.

With the software's landing page optimizer, users can develop optimized and professional landing pages that fit their brand and business. Plus, digital marketing teams have access to an ignite campaign functionality that provides marketing best practices and lets them use their competitor's successful marketing efforts to optimize their existing content. Also, the software provides story builders that allow users to respond to queries, create dashboards and charts easily, and generate insights from analyzing real-time data.

Product Details

BrightEdge SEO software provides businesses with a content-IQ for auditing websites. Users can get identify trends in website errors and also discover ways to fix these errors, which helps increase their website traffic. Again, this feature allows users to customize their audits to display only specific warnings and errors.

BrightEdge SEO software offers users a data cube for content marketing. Content marketers can identify keywords for driving organic traffic to their websites. Even more, with the data cube, users can see the keywords that their sites rank for already, as well as use natural language processing to generate a list of related topics related to their remains. At the same time, this list of topics can be used to discover other content marketing opportunities.

The software also allows users to identify best-performing keywords and capitalize on them with relevant content. More so, the data cube delivers information to users via Datamind, which is an AI-powered solution build to identify market shifts and search trends in real-time.

BrightEdge SEO software supports intent signal functionalities. This helps users rank content to appear at the top in search results and also provides information on how to make their content stay at the top. Users also have access to a suggestion of topics for content to rank higher in search results. Plus, this feature provides insights on strategies for both PPC and organic searches, as well as alerts users when any of their pages drop in ranking, allowing them to take appropriate actions.

BrightEdge SEO software offers users keyword reporting. Users have an overview of their best keywords and how much traffic they generate. Plus, they can drill down for specific insights on individual keywords. Also, this feature offers international supports, which helps users identify the best language to use for web pages with high ranking for specific keywords.

With BrightEdge, users have access to trend graphs that highlight the performance of search terms over time. Even more, users can customize these graphs to display trends over months, weeks, or days. The software also allows users to identify topics that they don't rank for.

BrightEdge SEO software provides users with page reporting. The software helps users identify the kind of content that's generating traffic and converting visitors to customers. With page reporting, users can see information on revenue, conversion, and traffic from individual pages and content categories. Also, when users identify content that brings in more traffic and revenue, they can duplicate the content strategy.

Users also have access to reports that help them discover if page groups are meeting their revenue targets or not. This way, users can optimize pages accordingly. Also, users can customize the reports to display only relevant data.

BrightEdge SEO software supports opportunity forecasting for sensitivity analysis. Website owners get an overview and estimate of revenue, conversion, and traffic change for specific projects, which can be shown to potential investors. More so, users can configure this feature so that their forecasts have a conservative, medium, or aggressive outlook, giving them accurate projection models.

BrightEdge SEO software offers users content recommendations for improving their site's visibility in search results. The software provides users with information on how to improve their ranking and also helps them identify the best keywords to add to meta description tags. Also, with the content recommendation, users get suggestions on on-site optimization like titles and H1 tags, as well as off-site recommendations like backlink strategies. At the same time, users can assign individual recommendations to the appropriate subject matter expert in their teams. The tool then creates an event tag for tracking the performance of their content once the recommendations have been implemented.

BrightEdge SEO software provides users with site reports for determining the best-performing marketing channel that generate the most traffic to their website. Users can view the number of indexed pages on their websites, as well as access information on their's competitions website's indexed pages. Also, the site reports show users click-through rates, visibility trends, and search analytics. Even more, this feature helps users identify the sources of traffic like referrals, social media, direct hits, and PPC, as well as the channels with the best conversion rates.

BrightEdge SEO software offers digital marketers a story builder for producing reports in graphical formats. The story builder offers visualization capabilities that help users make data-driven decisions concerning their websites. Also, users can utilize executive dashboards for showcasing the impact of website optimization on brand revenue and equity. Also, the story builder offers templates for quickly creating dashboards that show relevant data.


BrightEdge offers businesses features and functions that let them monitor the performance of their content compared to that of their competition. The software also enables users to analyze the SEO activities of their competition and identify how they can improve their content. Even more, users can optimize, predict, and plan their content to improve their ROI. At the same time, the software provides users with advanced analysis and reporting, which can be used in creating campaigns that expand their content's reach.