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Bynder Features and Reviews

Bynder digital asset management software manages digital files, product assets, brands, and campaigns in the cloud to simplify everyday processes for businesses.


Marketing and communications departments, creative agencies, consultants and brand managers use Bynder's digital management software to manage and streamline their digital files and contents. Teams collaboratively edit documents and approve changes to campaign materials with Bynder, while distributing them to the various channels the company shares.

Bynder saves marketing departments time and effort by simplifying the way they work with their media and contents. Everyday processes like sharing large files and searching for documents are automated with the asset management tool. The software allows users to create, approve, organize, and distribute digital assets across all of their channels.

Marketing departments use Bynder to understand the distribution of their marketing materials and expand their content reach. With a single tool, they manage whole content lifecycles from the creation of assets to controlling and managing their marketing resources.

The software increases the adoption of the user's system by customizing the look and feel of their brand. Since the platform is cloud-based, team members can access any information from any web browser anywhere in the world.

Small, medium-sized, and Fortune 500 companies use Bynder digital asset management software to manage their organization's brand consistency. The tool's branding information helps them create unique brochures, business cards, or flyers for different marketing campaigns and categorize them accordingly.

Product Details

Bynder digital asset management software simplifies the way companies work with media. It centralizes, arranges, and shares images, videos, brochures, documents, and other files uploaded by the user. The process cuts back on time spent managing media files while collaborating with team members. Brand managers and marketing departments use the tool to store their digital content in the cloud and distribute them whenever the need arises.

Bynder provides a central location for storing campaign and product assets and makes them available across the globe for everyone. It also reduces the risk of incorrect assets from being used by team members at the wrong time.

Bynder digital asset management software features a clear overview of users' assets to make uploading and organizing of files efficient. Searches of media files are narrowed down with the complete outline of assets in the tool's portal. Marketing and sales teams can find the right campaign to use in an instant by combining different search criteria. Bynder locates files by searching through tags, PDF documents, asset metadata, and several media collections, regardless of where it is hidden. And once the media is found, users can preview them to avoid downloading the wrong file.

Bynder digital asset management software doesn't require ZIP files or email transfers to share and distribute media. The software groups images, videos, and documents into collections, regardless of their category or size, for simple sharing. These collections make it easy for companies to access, edit, or share specific content at a particular time. Bynder saves its users' time by embedding the media directly when they need to publish their campaigns. The tool automatically provides a code for copying and pasting into their CMS.

Bynder digital asset management software prevents data loss with its secure sharing methods. Assets are protected with built-in security controls like the two-factor authentication. Companies use the platform to share content with the right team members at specified times. They set up user groups to make the files available to only the ones with the correct access codes.

With the permission profiles, only authorized users can access certain features. These access rights could also be revoked or set to have expiry dates after they have been sent out. Watermarks can also be added to media files to avoid copyright issues.

Bynder's extra security measures prevent the leak of information to unauthorized parties, unlike with emails and hard copies.

Bynder digital asset management software helps businesses manage creative workflow. Marketers and creatives can streamline their content creation from the first draft to the final document. The tool speeds up the process for everyone by making communication and collaboration with both internal and external departments efficient and straightforward. Team leaders can group their projects into different campaigns and categories so that the members involved in the tasks know their responsibilities.

Bynder's dashboard provides a clear overview of pending projects and tasks, allowing users to understand what needs to be done at a specified time. The software's automated email notifications also keep everyone informed about the status of their projects.

Bynder digital asset management software uses editable templates to reduce the time spent on creating branded content. Colleagues can design and adjust some aspects of the platform's templates to create a customized feel to their work. The tool allows them to make changes directly to an image or file while maintaining the print quality of the content. The instant feedback eliminates loading time and enables users to view every correction or change in real-time.

Bynder digital asset management software uses data to measure the performance and usage of digital assets. Marketers, consultants, and brand managers gain insight into their brands through their dashboards overview of traffic and usage. They can manage their assets by monitoring specific metrics like the total amount of users, workflow, and transfers made.

The dashboard filters allow users to narrow down their searches to include only the parameters needed for a specific period. Once the process is complete, team leaders can generate reports and share their portal's insights with managers or colleagues.

Bynder digital asset management software empowers marketers to transform images and files from Photoshop and Sketch. Marketing teams create on-brand content faster by adopting reusable digital templates. Once they develop ads for one market, they can easily localize the material for another platform by updating the texts and call-to-actions. Bynder allows users to create variations of their best-performing assets and assess them quickly with A/B testing.


Bynder digital asset management software allows professionals to manage their digital assets while streamlining their brand and content creation. The cloud-based tool offers a centralized means of organizing and sharing digital media files.