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CallRail Features and Reviews

CallRail lead generation software allows data-driven marketers to track and measure call conversions from offline models, search, and digital marketing campaigns.


CallRail lead generation software provides smart insights to organizations by recording calls to qualify leads, track solutions, improve customer services, and more.  Professionals can use the platform to review and annotate phone calls, bring complete visibility to their business, and generate result-oriented operations. It helps them to discover the potentials in surfacing and connecting data from calls, chats, forms, and more.

With CallRail, companies can help their customers get clarity to their digital marketing efforts and generate better outcomes for their business ventures. The application allows users to work within preexisting workflows by helping them improve their services with intuitive and helpful tools. CallRail lead generation software enables professionals to use call tracking tools to manage multiple clients and locations from a single account.

CallRail lead generation software offers solutions to several industries including eCommerce, home security, automotive industries, legal and healthcare sectors, and more. The platform allows businesses to improve their return of investment by setting up new tracking numbers with the flow builder to generate custom call routing. It assists users in understanding which of their search words, campaigns, or sites are driving most of their conversations and conversions.

The platform also provides companies with accurate visitor timelines that show the complete journey of their users through their websites. CallRail lead generation software integrates with Google Analytics and AdWords to track conversations effectively.

Product Reviews

CallRail lead generation software allows businesses to pinpoint their most effective marketing efforts and improve sales. With the platform, professionals can discover which of their marketing campaigns end up generating more phone calls, and the ones that do not do well. Call tracking enables companies to get the full picture of their customer’s journey on their websites. CallRail provides a unique phone number for each of the user’s marketing campaigns to tell them apart. Managers can use the software to understand how their projects provide revenues for their business.

CallRail lead generation software helps organizations to capture all their conversions through form tracking. Professionals can trace submissions made to their website back to their marketing efforts. With a single line of code, developers can measure which keywords, ads, channels, or campaigns are generating phone calls or form submissions. CallRail lead generation software helps agencies show their clients how their ads produce leads through either of the two options.

CallRail lead generation software enables companies to identify the particular channels that produce more calls. The platform helps sales teams to measure how much phone leads they receive from offline marketing efforts including, direct mail, TV, radio, and newspapers. Users can learn more about their consumers with the software, resulting in more closed deals and increased revenues. The information gotten from their call logs, email accounts, and ad campaigns help the various organizations to get context about their callers.

CallRail lead generation software provides professionals with the AI-powered analysis needed to extract vital insights from their clients’ calls. The application helps users to cut back on the hours spent reviewing every single call recording. The transcriptions allow them to discover what happens on their calls and correlate them to various marketing channels with high-value leads. With the Conversation Intelligence engine automatically monitoring phone leads, businesses can accelerate transcribing and reviewing inbound calls. It also helps the users to spot meaningful trends and opportunities quicker.

CallRail lead generation software integrates with several third-party applications and plugins that help companies to optimize workflow. Accelerated Mobile Pages allow professionals to create faster experiences for their web visitors by building quicker-loading websites for smartphones. It provides businesses with increased flexibility concerning where and how their content is presented. CallRail lead generation software also works with Stripe to automate their client billing services. This tool sets up automated monthly invoicing for customers. The platform integrates with other apps such as Acquisio, Google Ads, Converge, DashThis, Domo, Slack, and more to gather deeper insights.

CallRail lead generation software allows businesses to utilize multiple tools to track where their inquiries are coming from and how to manage them. Professionals can monitor prospects as they develop into different variations of qualified and accepted leads throughout their sales funnel. The platform uses marketing automation tech and lead management software to track several touchpoints across online and offline channels. With CallRail, sales reps and marketers can carry out different tasks and projects more effectively since it automates most of the processes for them.

CallRail lead generation software enables users to integrate with HubSpot to utilize the tracking analytics feature. Business managers can monitor online activity seamlessly from the start of their customer’s journey to the end. They can use the data derived from the call and message tracking to create custom segments and specific actions based on the client’s activities. When CallRail integrates with HubSpot, companies can measure both their online and offline funnel to understand which part of the marketing effort is doing well. It also allows them to discover the areas that need more improvement for immediate fixing.

CallRail lead generation software helps organizations to back up all their business decisions with data. With the application, professionals can capture and share in-depth analytics before formulating the right marketing strategy. It also allows them to push their data further to calculate the cost per lead for specific sources or campaigns. CallRail lead generation software enables managers to create custom reports that detail the transcriptions of text conversations and voicemails.

CallRail lead generation software allows businesses to discover their peak call times and ensure they are well-staffed for the occasion. Users can measure call volume by days, hour, and time as phone calls are one of the quickest ways of connecting with customers. By capturing missed opportunities, professionals can make sure their businesses are adequately staffed at peak hours to avoid losing more customers.


CallRail lead generation software allows advertisers and various organizations to track and manage their campaigns and refine their market in the process. The platform uses machine learning to automatically score calls as either good or bad leads to help convey the values to customers.