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Canto Features and Reviews

Canto digital asset management software helps organizations, managers, and product teams store, organize, retrieve, and distribute brand assets.


Canto digital asset management software improves digital asset storage, sharing, and collaboration across companies, product, sales, marketing, and operations teams. Over 2500 brands use Canto digital asset management software to drive their business forward.

This software has solutions that cater to several industries and institutions, including nonprofits, education, fashion, automobile, consulting, software and hardware technology, transportation, digital marketing, oil and gas, and the government.

Canto digital asset management software makes it easy for managers to store and manage their media library. This tool provides unique file sorting and context labeling options. Users can label their folders and albums and automatically sort their digital assets based on keywords, tags, and file types. 

This software has advanced search functions that allow team members to locate essential files at the click of a button. Managers use this tool to scan large digital asset databases and filter search results based on file size, dates, and type. With the facial recognition feature, users can find specific images in a few seconds. 

Team leads use Canto digital asset management software to share digital assets with remote teams and third-parties. This tool offers multiple sharing options. Users can share assets via email or signed URLs, file storage tools such as Google Drive, Box, and Dropbox, or social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and more.

With this software, businesses can customize their digital assets and interface to showcase their brand identity. Managers can set digital style guides, customize their login screen by adding logos, welcome messages, and background images. Furthermore, users can apply watermarks to images, set download parameters, and customize their user interface from scratch or adopt preset themes. 

Canto digital asset management software has three user roles, including Administrators, Contributors, and Consumers. Each user role has different permissions and capabilities. Furthermore, this tool drives collaboration across internal and external teams. Managers can create private workspaces, setup task workflows, control activities on digital assets using approvals, tags, and comment.

Product Details 

Canto digital asset management software allows businesses to organize and manage digital assets effectively. This software automatically places any uploaded asset into smart albums, which are easy to locate. The smart albums include images, audio, videos, presentations, documents, and other formats. Organizations can create their asset organization structure. They can sort their digital assets into folders and albums, label their media libraries using smart tags, tags, and keywords. Labeling digital assets allow organizations to give more context to their media files and easily retrieve them. 

Canto digital asset management software has a search feature that allows digital marketers to retrieve files quickly. With their global search tool, users can locate files that are very difficult to find. The search results reveal detailed file information, including file names, dimensions, and metadata.  This advanced search feature allows users to dig deeper and retrieve files based on exact file information, including searching by categories, file descriptions, metadata, old comments, and more. Managers use advanced filters to scan large libraries and sort files based on the file status, content type, metadata, the user that uploaded the file, date of upload, and more.

Canto digital asset management software allows companies and development teams to share digital assets. With this feature, users can share digital assets with offshore and onshore team members and third-party collaborators. 

This software has a portal with smaller and unique libraries where businesses can share content with users that have limited permissions or privileges. They can customize the look of the portal using their brand essentials, adjust features, and make them private or public. 

Managers can use emails or simple links to share digital assets with remote team members. They can share time-sensitive content using expiring links. Canto digital asset management tool allows users to share files to social media platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter, etc. Users can share data to file storage services, including Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, and more. 

Canto digital asset management software supports collaboration across internal and external product teams. This software allows users to collaborate, communicate, and develop new ideas. 

With Canto digital asset management software, administrators and contributors can create workspaces to work together on digital assets. Contents in private workspaces are hidden from other team members until it is forwarded to the main library. 

Furthermore, users can create workflows and assign tasks with due dates to manage operations, drive efficiency, and transparency. Users can issue content approvals or mark the contents as pending or restricted. Team members can access, share, or edit approved content while pending or restricted can be seen by relevant parties. 

Team members can comment on digital assets. This software allows users to send targeted comments to specific groups. Every comment or message triggers an email or in-app notification. 

Canto digital asset management software offers valuable insight into user activity and brand asset effectiveness. This software has a dashboard and allows companies to generate visual charts on file storage used, file shares, downloads, logins, and more. Canto digital asset management software allows teams to run extensive reports on users’ engagements with images, videos, and other digital assets. They can access reports on top downloads, storage based on the file type and count, top shared files, top tags, top keywords, and more.

With this software, businesses can track activities and changes that have been made to their brand assets. They can access reports to audit login history, upload and download history, email, and sharing history. Administrators can select charts and reports that should be displayed on the dashboard. More so, they can export reports in a CSV file format. 

Canto digital asset management software allows companies to control access to their digital assets by assigning roles to users. This tool has three major roles, including Administrator, Contributors, and Consumers. Each role has its capabilities and permissions.

Administrators can run comprehensive reports, set permissions for other users, and customize their software interface. Contributors can create folders, and albums, upload content, add asset descriptions, and organize the library. Consumers have limited access to the tool. However, they have permission to download, preview, and share content and digital assets.  

Canto digital asset management software supports integration with a broad category of third-party software and tools. This feature allows companies to optimize digital assets by harnessing third-party productivity tools. Some of the third-party tools include Wordpress, Drupal, Chrome, Dropbox, Egnyte, Box, Google Drive, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, MailChimp, Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, Microsoft Office, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter and more. Canto has a REST-API that lets software developers connect Canto media library to their software. 


Canto digital asset management software helps managers and businesses teams organize, retrieve, and share their brand assets. With this tool, managers can collaborate with remote teams and third parties effectively. They can track brand asset engagement and activities. 

This software helps organizations to optimize and harness digital assets, boost productivity, drive business performance, and achieve success.