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Chartio Features and Reviews

Chartio data visualization software empowers every member of an organization with an analytics and metrics solution that wrangles, explores, translates, and visualizes disparate data.


Chartio data visualization software provides the insights and analytics that businesses rely upon to understand and grow their business. Companies of all sizes use this cloud-based software to explore and transform data into engaging visualizations. However, it focuses on small and mid-sized organizations. Plus, any member of an organization can use this software without any programming experience.

Chartio focuses on providing solutions for salespersons, product managers, customer support, data analysts, executives, and business owners. This software offers users the flexibility to query, explore, and process data from different sources. Users can spot data issues and trends across their businesses using multiple data sources integrations available.

This software allows team members to chat on dashboards, download visualizations, export charts to messaging channels, and recover earlier dashboard records. These visualizations can be embedded in web pages and downloaded as SVGs, CSVs, PDFs, or images. Besides, this software offers a visual version of SQL that makes it easy for anyone to understand.

No coding is required to query data using this software. Data professionals can easily switch to text-based SQL mode if they want to deal with raw SQL. Chartio allows users to identify trends and outliers quickly by enabling them to build customized visualizations from their data. Additionally, dashboards are available for users to display and share their different data visualizations.

There are different charts like the bar chart, area chart, bar line, box plot, bubble map, bullet, funnel, and heat map available for users to customize to fit their needs. Users can add this software to different channels across their Slack workspace. Plus, Chartio allows users to alert both members and nonmembers of their team when their query value meets the specified threshold.

Product Details

Chartio data visualization software allows users to use their data to create interactive dashboards. Users can create an engaging portal for all their essential data metrics. The software enables users to customize and edit the layouts to find one that fits their brand. Besides, there are numerous chart types available.

Users can update their charts easily by adjusting their dashboard settings. A variety of pre-set theme options are available for team leaders to develop and save custom themes for their teammates. Plus, users can embed a real-time, interactive version of their dashboard on their site.

Chartio data visualization software enables users to review earlier versions of their dashboard. Users can track the growth of their metrics by accessing old versions of their portals. This software allows users to invite other teammates to join their panels, and they can control their editing access control.

Users can seamlessly discuss data insights using comments without leaving their dashboards. Chartio allows users to download and share their visualizations and metrics in formats like PNG, SVG, and PDF. Additionally, users can schedule email alerts to have their dashboard updates sent to their inbox directly.

Chartio data visualization software ensures that users are secure at all times. This software is compliant in security, privacy, confidentiality, availability, and processing integrity. The read-only connection function on Chartio makes sure that members or clients of organizations can not modify company data. Besides, users have access to secure connectivity for cloud, hybrid, and on-premise environments.

This software encrypts all the data of users both at rest and in flight. Users do not need to expose their data server to the internet to make use of Chartio. A variety of tools like secure login with Google Apps and SAML compatibility with OneLogin ensures that users can quickly secure their data. Plus, this software does not retain user data beyond what is needed to display query results fast.

Chartio data visualization software integrates with multiple data sources and connections. Users can seamlessly connect, blend, and transform data into insights. Amazon Redshift, Google Sheets, Google BigQuery, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Snowflake are some of the leading integrations of this software. Additionally, Chartio allows users to connect to thousands of data sources by teaming up with top services like Android, AdRoll, Active Campaign, GitLab, and Google Analytics 360 Suite.

Chartio data visualization software can save copies of users' dashboards at an interval for future use. Users can easily access these PDF copies of their metrics to review chart data progression. This functionality can be enabled and set to go off at intervals. Plus, users can set the time of the day they want to generate these copies.

Users can view and download these old dashboard images as a CSV or PDF file. Comments can be added to users' dashboards to foster collaboration and solicit feedback and requests from other members. Besides, only dashboard admins can delete any comment or edit any metric.

Chartio data visualization software allows users to send email alerts to people regardless of whether or not they use the software. Users can schedule alerts for non-numeric values like dates and text. Once a query is run, and the value meets the specified threshold of the user, they will receive a scheduled email notification. Plus, users can create an alert from existing single value visualizations.

Chartio data visualization software allows users to set up teams for each department within their organization. This software enables users to easily assign specific dashboards and data sources permissions to team members of different departments. Additionally, users can grant permission on a per-department or per-user basis.

Chartio data visualization software allows users to share their dashboards and visualization across Slack channels. Users can add this software to the different Slack channels they have. Charts and other insights can be shared seamlessly on Slack. Plus, any team member can share their visualizations in these channels regardless of any Slack permissions.


Chartio is a cloud-based data visualization solution used by professionals from different industries to visualize their data, generate reports, review user behavior, monitor customer success, and strengthen business growth. Users can seamlessly find, blend, and transform data from multiple sources. The visual SQL functionality ensures that both data and non-data professionals effectively use this software. The core strength of this data visualization solution is its emphasis on collaboration.