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Citrix ADC

NameCitrix ADC

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Citrix ADC Features and Reviews

Citrix ADC load balancing software helps organizations accelerate and optimize application performance and delivery online and over private networks.


Citrix ADC load balancing software works as an application delivery controller and improves application availability using L4-7 load balancing. It also provides security from attacks for sensitive apps, fast-tracks application performance, and offloads computationally complex tasks, lowering user's server expenses.

Citrix ADC also incorporates content switching and L4-7 load balancing with network optimization, SSL acceleration, dynamic and static content caching, data compression, and application acceleration. Also, this software routes a connection to back-end servers after being installed in a data centre. From there, users have access to all the features of this tool, and their configured policies are applied to outgoing and incoming traffic. Even more, users do not need extra server-side software or client. The software can be configured with Citrix ADC web-based CLI, RESTful API, and GUI configuration functionalities.

Furthermore, Citrix ADC also functions as a virtual and network appliance that allows organizations to deploy apps with maximum flexibility. Users have access to hardware-based MPX appliances that come with multi-core processor designs. More so, as an application delivery solution, this software helps organizations deliver improved user experience for their cloud-based, traditional, and web applications irrespective of where they are being hosted

The software also has networking SDX models that allow users to run up to 40 separately-managed Citrix ADC instances on one platform. Also, with the help of TriScale clustering, the software allows the aggregation of up to 32 appliances of the same edition, model, and platform.

Product Details

Citrix ADC load balancing software enables users to keep their apps running during disruptions. The tool allows organizations to always maintain their business-critical services even during a crisis. Also, users are provided with an application delivery infrastructure that quickly adjusts to increased demands while keeping apps running.

Additionally, the software gives users visibility and consistency across multi-cloud environments with its single pane of glass and single code base. This allows organizations to respond immediately to service issues during a disruption.

The software also distributes traffic to other active servers to keep users' applications running. This way, applications continue to function as expected despite a crisis.

Citrix ADC load balancing software provides Application Delivery Management. Users have complete analytics and visibility across their ADCs, environments, and applications without having to keep track of multiple solutions. Plus, they can easily detect any issue before it affects their app performance or availability.

Citrix ADC load balancing software supports automatic application deployments. Using application delivery management capabilities, the tool allows users to make configuration changes across their ADC with a few clicks.

Citrix ADC load balancing software helps users protect their microservice-based and monolithic APIs and applications. The tool has layered and comprehensive security that includes API protection, bot management, and web application firewall. All these come with a single license.

Citrix ADC load balancing software helps users empower their remote work capacity. Organizations can ensure that their ad hoc branch and remote workers stay productive by giving them reliable and secure access to their cloud, SaaS, and virtual apps.

Citrix ADC load balancing software supports SD-WAN for better connectivity. Remote IT staffs can quickly deliver connectivity. Plus, organizations with a remote workforce can use plug-and-play and pre-configured appliances to connect to the network easily.

Also, the Citrix SD-WAN uses connection intelligence to combine LTE connections with home broadband to boost resiliency and bandwidth. Even more, the tool has a Citrix SD-WAN Orchestrator that gives users granular security control and scales to fit their requirements. And, users can blacklist and whitelist specific apps for safe internet breakouts as well as outline per-application security policies.

This feature also allows users to set group and zone-based segmentation policies for themselves and traffic. With a layered security approach, users can collaborate with cloud security partners for purpose-built, centrally-defined network security. Also, users with a public cloud for desktop capacities and virtual applications can connect to on-premise data centres with active directories.

Additionally, the SD-WAN Orchestrator provides users with cloud-based management for visibility and remote configuration into their networks. They can easily keep track of the health of WAN links, applications, and permissions.

Citrix ADC load balancing software allows users to detect and resolve issues fast. Users get complete visibility across their whole application delivery infrastructures using a simple pane of glass. Also, the tool provides relevant analytics powered by ML and AI. Hence, users can easily detect service malfunctions and their causes in real-time and take proper actions to resolve them. And, with a single code base, Citrix ADC allows users to have operational consistency across multi-environment and shift critical workloads to new environments as a resolution to service issues.

Citrix ADC load balancing software supports microservice transitions. Organizations can easily manage and deploy microservices on their chosen architecture and migrate to cloud-native at their own pace. Also, users can enforce consistent security policies across microservices and monolithic-based applications for more central control.

Citrix ADC load balancing software supports multi-cloud transitions. Users can seamlessly link branch sites to other cloud vendors like AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform. When organizations deploy apps in PaaS or IaaS and connect to Citrix SD-WAN appliances in their office, they can easily establish connections to Virtual Network or Virtual Private Cloud.

Citrix ADC load balancing software allows users to go cloud-native. The tool provides a range of architecture for users to go cloud-native easily. It also integrates with open-source tools and Kubernetes platforms, giving users better observability, lower latency, and enhanced performance.


Citrix ADC load balancing software functions as a load balancing and application delivery software that helps brands deliver better user experience, whether it's on their cloud-native, traditional, or web applications. The software also has a wide range of configuration options that help users facilitate configuration across multiple environments. More so, Citrix ADC also stores relevant files and information that users can access from anywhere. Plus, it helps users to quickly monitor their network load balance and keep apps running even during disruptions.