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Citrix Workspace

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Citrix Workspace Features and Reviews

Citrix Workspace virtual desktop infrastructure software offers employees in different organizations remote access to all the apps, content, and desktops they need using any network or device.


Citrix Workspace virtual desktop infrastructure software helps businesses enhance the productivity of their employees. This software streamlines the way companies manage and secure their devices, networks, apps, and users. Businesses of all sizes use Citrix workspace to give their employees access to company assets from anywhere.

This virtual desktop infrastructure software allows organizations to fully customize their Linux and Windows virtual desktops to provide high-quality experiences to employees regardless of their geographic location and internet connection. Citrix Workspace enables businesses to meet the varying needs of their different employees seamlessly. Besides, this software provides management and monitoring solutions that help users secure their data against threats.

Citrix Workspace virtual desktop infrastructure software allows managers to limit the access of specific employees based on level, device, or location. No company data is stored on any endpoint using this software. Additionally, Citrix Workspace allows users to have workloads on clouds like Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, IBM Cloud, Amazon AWS, and Oracle Cloud, and on-premises like Microsoft HyperV, VMware vSphere, Citrix Hypervisor, and Nutanix AHV.

The Citrix Workspace mobile app, which is available on Android, iOS, and Windows devices, helps users remotely access their apps and data on the go. There is no need for a VPN solution as this software offers access and delivers apps at the application layer. This software integrates seamlessly with Citrix Analytics, OnDrive for Business, and Microsoft Office 365.

Product Details

Citrix Workspace virtual desktop infrastructure software gives businesses the flexibility to choose any infrastructure of their choice. Companies can select any cloud or hybrid infrastructure that fits the needs of their business. This software lets businesses manage their workload from a single interface. Besides, employees can install the Citrix Workspace app on any platform for convenient access to varying enterprise, SaaS, virtual, and web apps.

Citrix Workspace virtual desktop infrastructure software provides advanced security controls that allow users to manage, monitor, and regulate risk across their different cloud services. Companies can provide single sign-on to all cloud apps and control the actions users can take when signed in. This software enables businesses to set policies to restrict risky activities like downloads to company data. Plus, companies can block dangerous sites to keep their employees safe from web attacks.

Citrix Workspace virtual desktop infrastructure software allows businesses to have visibility across their cloud services. Users can spot performance issues and potential latency using this software. Citrix Workspace enables companies to set policies that prioritize bandwidth for specific employees and applications. Also, this software allows users to work without interruptions regardless of latency issues.

Citrix Workspace virtual desktop infrastructure software enables users to manage different mobile devices, laptops, IoT, and desktops. This software scales as the workforce of businesses grow. Citrix Workspace gives users a consistent experience across Android, iOS, and Windows devices on the go. Companies can control users' access to files and apps across different devices. This software gives users early warnings for potential problems. Plus, businesses can change user access automatically based on location and network.

Citrix Workspace virtual desktop infrastructure software offers solutions to users that allow them to access their data and apps from new locations and devices without a VPN. This software provides a globally available and completely managed cloud service that automatically scales to fit any virtual work requirements. Users can seamlessly use the single sign-on functionality to access different operating systems and platforms—also, this software powers employee productivity without exposing the company to risks.

Citrix Workspace virtual desktop infrastructure software provides analytics solutions that show a complete picture of the entire work environment at all times. This software uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to ensure that IT stay on top of internal and external threats. Managers can stay ahead of the regulations, meet all industry standards, and decide which employees can get access to different company assets. Thus software enables companies to meet the varying compliance requirements like GDPR, HIPAA, GIPAA, and PCI. Additionally, businesses can switch specific services off like copying and pasting, downloading, and use of USB ports.

Citrix Workspace virtual desktop infrastructure software allows teams to stay connected and seamlessly collaborate. This software uses AES 256 encryption to secure sensitive data, and it keeps apps working even during network or server interruptions. Users do not need to log in multiple times as the single sign-on functionality allows them to sign on across SaaS, virtual, and web apps seamlessly.

Citrix Workspace virtual desktop infrastructure software allows businesses to develop digital workflows that fit the needs of thier users. Companies can build and deploy micro apps to give their users what they need and simplify functionality from complex enterprise apps. There are more than 100 micro app workflows available for companies to integrate and deploy. The customizable templates allow businesses to extract insights and actions their employees need to be productive. Besides, complex coding is not required when creating custom workflows.

Citrix Workspace virtual desktop infrastructure software provides single sign-on for every application and content. This software offers identity repositories, SSO protocols, and multi-factor authentications to users. Companies can use advanced web filtering to block sites that risk their network using third-party categorization databases. This software provides a cloud-based browser for users to work without any restrictions. Also, this cloud-based browser is isolated from the companies network.

Citrix Workspace virtual desktop infrastructure software enables users to consolidate and transition apps, cloud, and mobile delivery requirements to Microsoft Office 365. Businesses can manage permissions for all their users from a central location. This software will flag and fix any arising issues automatically, and it ensures data remains safe on endpoints or in transit. Besides, Citrix Workspaces automatically secures Office365 connections for improved network performance.


Citrix Workspace virtual desktop infrastructure software focuses on providing users with remote access to company assets like apps, files, and content. This software enables employees to work from anywhere using any of their devices. Citrix Workspace emphasizes majorly on data security.