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Clarifai Features and Reviews

Clarifai deep learning software is an end-to-end platform for organizations to build and train detection and classification models with text, video, and image data.


Clarifai deep learning software is an AI-powered solution built for public sectors. The software can be used to deliver improved outcomes for local, state, civilian, intelligence, and defense operations using AI and computer vision.

Also, it allows users to filter and analyze documents, texts, images, and videos. The software has a portal that allows users to classify and make searches using reverse image search, metadata, keywords, and concepts. Even more, users can carry out augment ISR planning to automate and process the production of information in real-time.

Clarifai deep learning software also offers the automation of annotations. With the models provided by the software, users can improve the efficiency of labeling with optimal performance. They can also reduce the time taken for processing data and take advantage of features like keyboard shortcuts, bulk selection, and lots more.

The software also offers emergency response where users can build models to quickly detect and classify damaged areas like environment and infrastructure. This helps users to improve how fast they deploy resources and aids to affected areas.

With Clarifai's pattern analysis, users can identify sentiments, behaviors, and people of interest. They can also analyze any surveillance data to simplify pattern detection.

Even more, users can prevent and discover equipment with faults, which reduces the cost of maintenance and extends the lifespan of aircraft and vehicles. This can also increase the safety of their equipment, as well as their ROI. Additionally, users can integrate the software with commercial clouds like GCP, C2S, Azure, and AWS.

Clarifai deep learning software also allows users to take control of data stored in their facilities, as well as those in air-gapped environments. Users can also process the software locally on hardware devices and get real-time information with low lag-time.

Product Details

Clarifai deep learning software offers apparel detection modeling. This feature allows users to identify over 150 fashion-related concepts. They can also automate tagging to quickly recognize accessories and clothing, which reduces the workflow time of websites. This feature is also helpful for users that want to develop fashion-related apps like a fashion curation site or an e-commerce platform.

Clarifai deep learning software supports optical character recognition. Users can transform images of printed, handwritten, and typed texts into machine-encoded texts. These images could be from subtitle texts superimposed on images, a photo of a document, or a scanned document. This feature can be used to collect data from records on printed papers.

Clarifai deep learning software offers users air-gapped, on-premise usage. The software can be accessed offline and users can run advanced AI models and still have their data stored on site. Users also have access to air-gapped deployment which provides cybersecurity by detaching their computer network from local area networks and the internet.

With this feature, users can also integrate computer vision into their workflow and still access all the features of the software, as well as its Portal user interface.

Clarifai deep learning software allows user collaboration. As a flexible and open AI platform, the software enables users to function as a team. Organizations can fast-track the progress of tasks by sharing the AI with collaborators outside the company or with the team within the organization.

The software's portal gives users complete control of the permissions on their apps. This way, they can manage the information and capabilities each user has access to.

Clarifai deep learning software features a search bar dropdown. Users have improved search experience with access to helper text and can perform advanced searches with the software. This feature pre-populates searches for geolocation and metadata and users can easily edit it within the search bar. They can easily adjust their search and iterate.

Clarifai deep learning software offers users an interactive and comprehensive UI. Users have a unified experience where they can explore the features of the software and manage their account settings and app details. They can also access prediction threshold features and keyboard shortcuts that help them label images efficiently.

Clarifai deep learning software supports machine learning-based content moderation. The software's machine learning models help users to filter and recognize unwanted visual content on their apps. Also, users can use computer vision to quickly moderate content at scale.

Clarifai deep learning software supports PHP Clients and Android SDK. Users can take advantage of the software's functionalities in their PHP applications. Also, with Android SDK, users can enable machine learning directly on their device without the need for extensive computing power and internet connectivity.

Clarifai deep learning software allows users to carry out customized visual searches. They can train visual searches at a more granular level and customize a search to only images in their app. This feature improves the quality of searches.

Clarifai deep learning software offers users a knowledge base from public models to build custom-trained models. This feature improves the accuracy of users' custom models by building on the software's model that fits their requirements.

Clarifai deep learning software supports custom metadata. Developers can add any custom information, like SKU or price, to their data inputs. Plus, just like their images, the custom information is also searchable.

Clarifai deep learning software supports Demographics and travel models. Users can analyze images based on facial characteristics and get information on multicultural appearances, gender, and age for the faces detected. They can identify travel-related concepts in videos and images, and use the information to build and improve apps related to hospitality, leisure, and travel.


Clarifai deep learning software allows users to easily train and build classification models using a user-friendly portal. The end-to-end platform enables organizations to leverage data from texts, videos, and images. Also, users have access to a labeling tool that allows them to augment the creation of custom concepts and quick searches.  The software also offers an API that is deployment agnostic and can be used for integration. And, with image recognition and computer vision AI, Clarifai deep learning software enables commercial and Federal organizations to accurately identify what their data contains to quickly resolve real-world issues.