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Clearbit Features and Reviews

Clearbit lead generation software provides organizations with full context and real-time enrichment that turns every lead into conversions and customers.


Clearbit lead generation software provides data-enrichment products that update the sales records of companies with verified contact data automatically. With the platform, professionals can gain better insights into their prospects, and find more time to connect properly with them. Clearbit offers better data and targeting, making it easy for users to reach out to their customers with the right message.

The software allows businesses to set up segmented lists and smart lead scoring. Users can also get alerts in real-time when contacts visit their sites and target prospective customers when the ad is still fresh in their minds. With Clearbit lead generation software, professionals can understand their customers instantly, streamlining business operations in the process.

Clearbit lead generation software helps companies to leverage over 100 unique Business-to-Business data points to equip sales for success and personalize emails. The platform allows industries to keep their entire database fresh by refreshing all business records every 30 days. With the platform, professionals can get all the context they need to identify prospects, obtain customer insights, and increase their conversion rates.

Clearbit lead generation software helps organizations to supplement their existing pipelines and connect with over 200 million contacts with verified details. The platform allows businesses to integrate with several other tools, including HubSpot, Salesforce, Outlook, G Suite, Zapier, Marketo, Segment, and more.

Product Details

Clearbit lead generation software helps businesses to improve the quality of their conversions through funnels efficiently. The platform allows professionals to convert more users from their ideal customer profile into successful, long-term clients. With the software, companies can focus more resources on nurturing high lifetime value accounts instead of going through large volumes of low-quality leads. Clearbit enables businesses to enrich their databases, unmasking anonymous web traffic to access data points about leads and website visitors.

Clearbit lead generation software integrates with Clari to provide businesses with full visibility into the key relationships in all their dealings. The platform helps the sales team to accelerate many in-flight deals, track marketing attribution, and the Return of Investment of each campaign. Clearbit allows users to utilize the power of Clari to capture all their missing contacts, enabling them to have the full picture of each customer. Business managers can also use the software to discover how well their sales reps are engaging with prospective clients.

Clearbit lead generation software allows companies to identify prospects and obtain valuable insights on customer behavior. The platform enables users to search the web and analyze millions of data points in real-time. With the Clearbit, professionals can get actionable intelligence from different sources such as government records, webpages, SSL certificates, legal filings, social pages, and more. Clearbit lead generation software uses APIs to scan the internet for public data, discovering leads, and ideal accounts with complete contact information.

Clearbit lead generation software helps users to cut back on research time by using the Enrichment feature to fill in details automatically. The application enables companies to turn a user’s work email address or corporate domain name into a complete profile with the appropriate contact information. With Clearbit, businesses can fast-track their research processes, discovering the best ways to act on them when equipped with consistent content. This tool allows professionals to build solutions that transform all their sales and marketing efforts.

Clearbit lead generation software helps businesses to filter bad leads and fast-track the best ones with better scoring. The platform enables professionals to create and run models to identify promising leads before routing. Users can discover the ones that would never convert or become problematic on time and avoid them during the selection process. With Clearbit lead generation software, sales teams can recognize the leads that would convert immediately, and route them to the right sales rep.

Clearbit lead generation software offers real-time website personalization that allows businesses to match IP addresses with company profiles. The platform enables users to create targeted messages for prospective customers even before they beginning filling forms and signing up for products. Organizations can personalize their sites with the software to increase conversions and revenues.

Clearbit lead generation software allows companies to integrate with Google Analytics to optimize Business-to-Business retargeting. The platform helps marketing and sales teams to avoid losing a trail by creating customized ads for the target audience. With Clearbit, professionals learn more about the visitors that check out their websites, allowing them to become more intentional with their advertising budget. Clearbit lead generation software uses Google Ads to create personalized retargeting campaigns for specific customers to increase their conversion rates and sales.

Clearbit lead generation software helps businesses to reveal their visitor’s locations based on website visits. With the platform, professionals can customize their user’s experience, and tailor ads to suit their unique locations or preferences. Companies can use the software to show available products or listing in target cities to potential customers based on their site. Clearbit also enables marketing teams to promote upcoming local events to prospective leads to improve their chances of converting.

Clearbit lead generation software supports a risk API that allows users to detect disposable email addresses and prevent spam signups. Professionals can embed suspicious addresses and contacts in a form before sending them to the software for a risk assessment score. The software helps companies to discover if a client is using a proxy or other addresses to identify the risk they pose to the organization.

Clearbit lead generation software helps businesses to reduce the amount of bounced emails they receive from leads. The platform allows companies to utilize data sourced from over 250 public and private domains. The software verifies every single detail for accuracy and validity through multiple quality assurance processes. With Clearbit lead generation software, organizations can generate an email delivery rate of over 94 percent.


Clearbit lead generation software is a sales intelligence platform that allows businesses to identify prospects, increase signups, and obtain customer insights. The software helps professionals to gather data on different users and companies efficiently.