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ClickUp Features and Reviews

ClickUp Project Management software is a productivity tool that organizes all your work in one place and encourage collaboration.


ClickUp Project Management software’s customizable workspace and intuitive design make it suitable for collaboration and project management. Users can boost their productivity regardless of their respective teams. So, engineers and marketers can easily collaborate with the same software.

ClickUp removes the friction of using multiple applications and boosts productivity in the workplace. It supports work processes from design, production to the sales of the finished product. The software allows users to create, save, and share custom views with anyone. These include Box view, Assigned comments, and more. The software goes beyond task management to offer docs, calendar, reminder, inbox, and more.

Product Details

ClickUp Project Management software allows users to build beautiful forms. Users can drag-and-drop supported field types to create their ideal forms. They can also decide to remove  ClickUp’s branding and choose the primary colors for its theme and forms. The software allows users to decide where to list submitted forms and decide how responses appear to the audience. Some fields on the form can be made compulsory by making them “required.”

Users can hide some areas of the form that they already have information about and fill them automatically. Then add responses or labels to the task description. The software collects responses to surveys in a ClickUp list.

It allows the users to assign forms to members of their team. They can collaborate, move responses through a workflow, and make updates. Anyone can be granted access to the form through a sharable link.

ClickUp Project Management software provides reminders for everything. Users can set reminders before the time their task is scheduled to start.  This gives enough time to prepare for the project ahead. They can set reminders to go off between five minutes to three days before the deadline. The software allows users to be flexible with their notification preferences.

ClickUp Project Management software provides a rich text editor that simplifies tasks. Plus, users can interpret popular programming languages, including Python, Ruby, Javascript, Java, PHP, CSS, and HTML. It provides an expanded toolbar that allows various forms of customization. This editor gives users access to checklists, shortcuts, videos, and more. 

ClickUp Project Management software provides quick checklists and notepads to capture ideas. The text editor stays at the bottom of each browser s that users can jot down their thoughts without leaving the page. This is incredibly helpful for brainstorming, research, and writing. Plus, they can keep track of their plans with multiple note threads and convert them to tasks as time goes on.manage 

ClickUp Project Management software offers effective time management. Users can prioritize, manage dependencies, and schedule anything in a project timeline. The software makes it easy for them to manage deadlines and track the progress of any project. It gives a bird's eye view of all the projects, lists, spaces, and tasks. With the ability to color-code the workspace, users can quickly detect what is happening.

ClickUp’s drag-and-drop feature ensures real-time collaboration among team members. Plus, users can identify potential bottlenecks in the workflow by tracking intelligent dependency paths. Users can set deadlines for tasks and subtasks and get notifications regarding the specified time. They can use templates that allow them to remap dates. Using notifications removes the need to remember dates so that team members can focus on the task or project.

ClickUp Project Management software provides an all-in-one dashboard. This dashboard serves as a customizable control center for users. They can use assigned tasks and scrum points for the distribution of the team's workload. This allows them to monitor progress, visualize, and interpret performance. They can quickly identify utilized and under-utilized assets. 

Users can create dashboards to match any business type. The software provides over 50 widget variations and unlimited ways to visualize performance.

ClickUp Project Management software makes invoicing and budgeting easy. Users can visualize time taken for their teams to complete tasks to analyze their accuracy. They can add time to ongoing tasks and see changes immediately. It supports remote work as team members can be held accountable by the screenshots of their work.

ClickUp Project Management software offers checklists that can be used to show the status of work. They can add stages like “in progress” when a task is ongoing, “done” when finished. Most tasks follow three stages, namely open, in progress, and done. However, ClickUp allows users to use custom status. The software offers a multitask function that enables users to edit many tasks at the same time.

The software will schedule tasks when the user adds time estimates.

ClickUp Project Management software offers users the freedom to choose how to repeat tasks. One type causes the task to replicate when any status is reached. In other words, when users reach their desired status (mostly “done”), they can choose to restart the task or create a new one.  

ClickUp Project Management software provides transparent reporting. The reports show everyone that is working on a workspace. Users can quickly identify team members that need motivation and those that understand the task at hand. They can estimate how many tasks their team will complete daily, weekly, monthly, or even yearly by viewing their average performance.

Users can get a progress report on the go. They can identify ways to improve collaboration to eliminate roadblocks. The software allows the exportation of CSV files for better data storage.

ClickUp Project Management software makes email sending interesting. It allows users to create new tasks when they send emails to the list. They can add details like due dates, descriptions, and attachments. The software will enable one to send quick comments and attached files to the task through email with a full HTML rendering.                                                                                                                                                                            

When users get notifications, they can respond to them and schedule tasks directly from their inbox.

ClickUp Project Management software ensures that your team members do not forget important actions. The software allows users to create action items in any comment and assign them to the person in charge. This mini subtask tells the assignee what to complete before considering the task done. The team member will receive a notification. 

A task can be assigned to one or more persons.

ClickUp Project Management software makes complex calculations easy. Calculations about time, date, scoring for new a lead, cost of a new product, numbers, and more are easy with ClickUp.


ClickUp allows users to customize their project management processes completely. They do not have to bother with deadlines because of the timely notifications from the software. Plus, the workspace is transparent for users to see who is working, and any bottleneck that might delay work.