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ConnectWise Control

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ConnectWise Control Features and Reviews

ConnectWise Control remote desktop software enables IT personnel to provide remote access to computers and on-demand support for individuals and enterprises.


ConnectWise Control focuses on providing remote support solutions for users to remotely access and control devices from anywhere at any time with an internet connection. This software allows technicians to provide remote support, provide updates, and run machines remotely. Both small and large enterprises use ConnectWise Control to help their clients regardless of where they are.

This software works with standard solutions, and it allows users to integrate with the over 120 extensions and integrations seamlessly. User can customize their remote support experience to fit their brand. Plus, ConnectWise Control remote desktop software is excellent for salespersons, Internal IT, help desk officers, and business owners.

Users can use this software to get remote unattended access and management of systems and machines. ConnectWise Control features two-factor authentication and AES-256 encryption, which secures data and remote access of users and that of their clients. Besides, the software's security functionality scales as business needs evolve.

With ConnectWise Control remote desktop software, business owners can create reports with insights that show the activities and business metrics of the technician. This software offers individuals and businesses a scalable experience designed to fit their unique needs. Additionally, ConnectWise allows users to transfer documents and information from one device to another quickly.

Product Details

ConnectWise Control remote desktop software provides users with unattended access to offer their clients remote support and service. Technicians can establish a connection with the unattended computers, servers, and mobile devices of their clients or team members with ease. Users can transfer files quickly with their team and customers by utilizing the drag& drop functionality of this software. Plus, this software allows administrators to define roles and permissions for end-users to ensure security and allow access to varying features.

Users can perform maintenance of client machines without interrupting their work. Businesses can store shared documentation, files, and essential executables in a toolbox that every team member can access. Users can use this software to send consent requests to clients when they want to access their devices.

ConnectWise Control remote desktop software allows users to collaborate with team members and troubleshoot systems of clients from anywhere. This software is compatible with major platforms like Linux, Mac, Windows, Google Chrome OS, Android, and iOS. Technicians can create secure end-to-end connections with the devices of end-users. Guests can easily connect to hosted web sessions using a code. Besides, guests will require consent to access any courses to ensure security at all times.

ConnectWise Control remote desktop software allows businesses to customize it with their logo, color scheme, and icons to develop their customers' confidence in their professionalism. ConnectWise Control allows users to change the language to fit their local brand and customers. Companies can extend the capabilities of their business by integrating with third-party solutions and extensions. Also, companies can request customized extensions or create them by themselves.

Companies can embed ConnnectWise Control into their websites seamlessly. Users can use their subdomain to forward their customers to the software. ConnectWise Control enables administrators to develop their themes without writing any code. Besides, developers can incorporate modifications to the software to fit specific processes.

ConnectWise Control remote desktop software allows multiple users to engage and communicate in meetings or webinars. Online meeting participants can chat with one another, record video, and take screenshots. This remote meeting functionality supports an unlimited amount of participants. This software's security allows managers to manage their sessions, categorize them, and restrict access to only specific roles. Additionally, ConnectWise Control is compatible with Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and Edge.

ConnectWise Control remote desktop software allows users to live stream sessions. Technicians and end-users can engage with each other and resolve issues in real-time using this live stream functionality. End-users do not need to install the mobile app to connect with technicians since the software is browser-enabled. Users can record their live stream sessions for future reference. Plus, senior technicians can effectively train their junior team members from anywhere at any time.

ConnectWise Control remote desktop software enables users to use alerts to stay on top of all the machines they are managing. Technicians can customize real-time notifications and alerts to maintain and monitor endpoints effectively. This software allows users to solve issues without disrupting the workflow of end-users silently. Besides, ConnectWise Control enables users to organize the systems they are managing to determine which ones need immediate attention quickly.

ConnectWise Control remote desktop software offers users a layered security set-up. This software allows users to log all session information like guest information, hostname, and timestamps. ConnectWise Control ensures that users record their meetings and store them on the server for auditing and compliance. Plus, business managers can use security permissions to limit access of technicians to specific sessions and functionality.

ConnectWise Control allows customers to have complete control over the connection to their devices. Technicians can use this software to ask unattended session clients to permit to connect. Customers can watch technicians remotely work and communicate with them at any time. Additionally, this software resides in the users' environment to give them full security control.

ConnectWise Control remote desktop software allows users to extend its functionality by integrating with third-party solutions. Users can easily back up their data by combining with Acronis. With Freshdesk, Zendesk, and SolarWinds Passportal, users can simplify their customer support ticketing solutions. This software allows users to create and public their extensions using extension templates. Plus, ConnectWise Control alerts technicians when a machine is offline so that they can get it back online quickly.


ConnectWise Control remote desktop software offers individuals and businesses remote access and support solutions. This software allows technicians to manage the machines of their clients and team members effectively, and it supports multiple operating systems and devices. Users can use their local printers to print documents from connected remote devices. Technicians can collaborate and communicate with their team members and clients during sessions and in real-time.