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Convertful Features and Reviews

Convertful lead generation software helps businesses capture, track, and convert leads into paying customers.


Convertful lead generation software is a lead capturing tool that allows businesses to interact with and convert website visitors into subscribers or buyers. 

This software has lead conversion tools for e-commerce managers, digital marketers, bloggers, software developers, consulting agencies, media agencies, professional service firms, nonprofits, and more. 

Convertful allows users to build and launch solutions that will increase signups, capture leads, and increase conversion in less than 20 minutes without writing code or hiring a developer. 

Convertful lead generation software has a rich library of more than 100 design templates based on successful campaigns. Users can either leverage on existing templates or create their designs from scratch using a simple drag and drop editor. They can build and deploy segmentation surveys, cart abandonment popups, coupon boxes, quiz funnels, welcome discounts, video popups, and giveaway contests. 

This software helps e-commerce companies reduce the number of shoppers who have abandoned their carts. Users can automatically use cart abandonment popups to offer attractive discounts just before a visitor leaves a shopping cart or checkout page. 

Professional Service managers use this software to boost website traffic, increase the number of email subscribers, and improve sales conversion rates.

Convertful lead generation software allows companies to display offers to the right people and at the right time. Users can set targeting rules and accurately target visitors based on parameters such as behavior, visitor's interaction with the widget, shopper's history, source of visit, geography, platform type, and more. 

With real-time analytics, reports, and lead notifications from this software, businesses can gain valuable insights that will help boost conversions. 

Convertful lead generation software supports integration with a lot of popular third-party platforms, including WordPress, Google Tag Manager, Shopify, HubSpot, Mailchimp, Keap, ConvertKit, Klaviyo, Platformly, ActiveCampaign, Zapier and more. 

Product Details

Convertful lead generation software helps businesses to generate leads and drive conversions. This feature allows users to create different campaigns that will boost conversions using cool widgets and solutions such as popups, floating bars and buttons, fullscreen welcome mats, scroll boxes, and embedded inline widgets. 

E-commerce companies can boost sales conversion and reduce cart abandonment by up to 21 percent using cart abandonment popups. They can offer juicy discounts that will encourage customers to complete purchases. 

Businesses can use coupons and scratch card gamification to build their email subscription list, increase the percentage of returning customers, and accelerate sales. 

Social subscription popups allow digital marketers to increase subscribers and generate more leads. When website visitors subscribe to your form using their Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, LinkedIn, and Amazon account, this software will automatically populate your email list with accurate details.

Professional service companies and media companies use the content locking campaigns to convert up to 17.6 percent of their website visitors to subscribers and potential leads.

Convertful lead generation software has existing templates to help digital marketers create and launch campaigns. This feature helps digital marketers and managers get started quickly on their campaigns. Users can leverage the rich template library to create campaigns that will deliver significant results.

Convertful lead generation software has more than 100 pre-designed templates from successful campaigns.

Convertful lead generation software allows managers to build custom campaigns and offers using a simple drag and drop tool. This feature enables users to customizable their offers and campaigns to suit their needs. 

Without writing a single line of code, managers can customize layouts and add multiple elements, including text, images, follow and share buttons, form fields, social opt-ins, countdown timer, progress bar, spin-to-win gamification and more. 

Furthermore, users can customize the feel of the form by adding colors, images, backgrounds, as well as form animation effects to drive conversions.  

This software allows users to customize the position of the form on their website, style forms using custom CSS, and add JavaScript, or pixel for retargeting purposes.

Convertful lead generation software supports enables users to create mobile-friendly campaigns and specifically target mobile phone users. Users can view how their campaign will appear on mobile and finetune the appearance to suit their taste. 

Beyond simple signup forms, this software allows users to create campaigns with multiple sequences and unlimited screens. Users can increase conversion rates by creating a yes/no question or screen sequences that ask numerous questions and display results based on the response of the website visitor. 

Businesses use multi-step widgets to offer upsells and maximize sales. They can create surveys to capture more information about their website visitors and send personalized email and website offers based on their responses. 

Convertful lead generation software helps digital marketers target customers effectively. This feature allows users to accurately target and show the right offers to the right audience at the right time.

This software allows marketers to create targeting rules and display campaign widgets when the customer clicks an element on the page, scrolls the website page to a specific position, spends on a particular amount of time on the page, or stops interacting with the page. 

Other targeting rules include visit source and URL, customer behavior, customer history such as the number of viewed pages, and data of the last visit, interaction with widgets, the technology used to access the site, geography, and more.

Users can create multiple targeting rules that work together or independently.

Convertful lead generation software helps businesses to gain actionable insights from campaigns. With real-time analytics, lead notifications, and reports from this tool, digital marketers can view important metrics, such as sales conversion rate, visitors profile, website visit source, time on site, the device used, country, and more.  

Furthermore, this software offers A/B split testing. It allows users to test different versions of their campaigns to determine the one that will drive more conversions. 

Businesses use intelligence from this software to evaluate campaign performance and quickly identify tremendous opportunities that will generate more leads and drive conversion. 

Convertful lead generation software supports integration with e-commerce, CRM, and email marketing tools. With this feature, companies and managers can integrate with tools they already use. 

Convertful lead generation software works on content management systems and e-commerce platforms, including Shopify, WordPress, Weebly, Magento, and BigCommerce. 

This tool provides market automation and targeting through integration with major CRM and email marketing software including Platform.ly, Infusionsoft, MailChimp, HubSpot, ActiveCampaign, Drift, AWeber, Klaviyo and GetResponse, Drip, Gist and more. 

Convertful lead generation software supports more than 1500 Zapier integrations and native integrations with other tools, including Campaign Monitor, Remarkety, Jetwebinar, Companyhub, Sendy, etc. 

Convertful lead generation software offers white labeling and custom branding solutions for marketing agencies. This feature allows agencies to share their website widgets with sub-accounts such as clients. They can create branded widgets, dashboards, and custom subdomains. 

Convertful lead generation software also enables users to customize email notifications with their emails and brand elements. 


Convertful lead generation software helps businesses generate and track leads. It allows users to customize campaigns from scratch or leverage existing templates to create campaigns.  

With this software, digital marketers can effectively target their offers to the right audience, generate more leads, and boost conversion.