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Copper Features and Reviews

Copper CRM software helps businesses to manage sales leads by seamlessly integrating with G-Suite tools and automating data entry.


Copper captures and curates users' emails, contents, and other essential account information, allowing users to access all their details in a single place. More so, the tool has a similar interface as G-Suite tools which makes it easy for users to get up and running in no time.

The software also assists users with lead management by automatically populating data. This way, businesses can focus more on turning leads to sales. Even more, Copper manages users' contacts, giving users easy access to all their client's details in a single place. Users also have access to a customizable pipeline that allows them to keep track of the status of deals. More so, multiple pipelines can be managed simultaneously.

With Copper's email templates, users also have better task management. The tool has ready-to-use emails that can be used in promoting services, welcome new customers, and also answer frequent questions. Plus, with Copper's integration with G-Suite tools, users' emails are automatically synced and can be accessed from the software. Even more, users can set notifications and alerts for email activities.

Copper also has a Google Chrome extension that allows user to gather account histories, add contacts, manage deals, and even update opportunities from their inbox. The software also alerts users of major modifications made to prospects and leads, keeping user abreast of deal progress. More so, Copper integrates with Google Drive, which allows users with permission to access customer files. This also enables users to collaborate efficiently.

Product Details

Copper CRM software supports lead management. The tool helps users track various phases of lead management processes. This way, they can easily nurture, qualify, prioritize, capture, and convert leads to sales. Also, users can manage different relationship types and track the effectiveness of campaigns.

Information about leads can also be accessed from users' Gmail. The software automatically curates essential lead information from user's inbox, allowing them to see appointments, recent activities, email threads, social media profiles, contact details, and so on. Also, this feature enables users to build, filter, and segment lead lists according to marketing engagement, industry, and stage. Business owners can also identify their best sources of leads, whether its referrals, their website, or from trade shows. Even more, users can build targeted lists and segments that they can send personalized bulk emails to, allowing them to nurture leads down the funnels further.

Copper also has sales analytics and dashboards that help users identify their most effective marketing campaigns. Users can track and monitor leads, revenue, pipeline, conversions, and rep activities. Plus, they can see how their marketing activities have impacted their sales pipelines. The software also gives users insights on the best investment options.

Copper CRM software offers users improved contact management. The software integrates with G-Suite, which automatically syncs user's customers, prospects, and leads between their tools. Contact information is also automatically updated in Gmail whenever users make any changes, which rids them of the need to copy and paste details individually. Even more, the software functions as a Google contacts manager by connecting with users' Google Docs, Google Calendar, Gmail, and so on.

Copper CRM software supports lead generation. Users can easily curate leads from email threads, website, marketing campaigns, or an imported list. The software also tracks rep activities, email history, and contact details in real-time, allowing businesses to focus more on filtering and moving leads further down the funnel. Even more, users can nurture these leads with email campaigns by building custom lists and multiple lead views. Plus, the software also has a bulk mail feature and pre-made templates that businesses can use to send customized messages to leads, personalizing their interactions.

Also, users can measure the ROI of marketing campaigns using real-time sales reports. The tool has reports and dashboards that can be used to identify major sources of sales, get a better knowledge of conversion rates, and also track lead volume.

Copper CRM software assists businesses in tracking emails. Copper's Google Chrome enables users to track meetings, meetings, files, calls, and emails from their Gmail. More so, email threads are auto-logged in the software; hence, users don't have to manually update the CRM.

Users can also set alerts for email activities. The tool has an email open tracking feature that lets users get alerts when emails are clicked or opened. This way, sales reps can follow up on leads consistently and on time.

The software also uses a single activity feed to track calendar events, demos, meetings, calls, and emails. Business owners have a granular view of engaging content, and they can also monitor reps activities.

Copper CRM software allows users to automate business workflows and data entry. Users have access to customizable drag-and-drop pipelines which helps simplify sales processes. More so, users can create multiple stages, automate email followups for each stage, and specify tasks. This way, sales reps can avoid errors, and managers get complete visibility of reps activities.

Also, the software's integration with G-Suite tools allows users to log sales activities automatically. This gives users a detailed history of meetings, upcoming tasks, files, deals, contacts, emails, and calls. Plus, sales reps can filter important contacts and access essential details of deals.

Copper CRM software supports task management. Time-based tasks are automatically created and assigned when modifications are made to records or when users are inactive for a long time. The tool reminds users to create RFPs when a new lead is discovered, make phone calls when there's a change in the stage of an opportunity, or send welcome emails when a lead has been converted to sales.

Users can also log activities once they have been completed. These completed activities are shown in an activity log depending on the tasks, ensuring that users record activities properly. Even more, users can use relative reminders to set alerts for upcoming tasks. This way, proper actions can be taken when needed, and users stay up-to-date with their to-do list.


Copper is built for businesses looking for a CRM that integrates with tools like Slack, MailChimp, and Gmail, and also automates recurring tasks. The software allows businesses to improve customer relationship and manage sales leads without worrying about complex tools or data entry. More so, Copper integrates seamlessly with G-Suite tools, logging all users' emails and communications in a single platform. Plus, the tool also allows users to have an overview of their relationships and sales essentials, from tasks to past interactions and even email threads.