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Databox Features and Reviews

Databox data visualization software helps marketing and sales teams to track their marketing efforts and improve their overall performance.


Databox data visualization software helps users improve their performance by setting, tracking, and helping its users meet their various goals, anytime and anywhere. It brings every single data from different sources and stores them in one place so that the users can monitor their performances and get valuable recommendations in real-time. This feedback allows users to make informed decisions that could affect the overall success of their businesses.

CEOs, employers, and team leaders can use the tool to track how well their company, employees, and team members are doing. They can use the Alerts, Scorecards, and Goals options to stay updated on crucial matters in the organization.

Databox supports every device from phones, desktops, TV, to smartwatches. User reviewers allude to Databox’s ease-of-use. The software is hosted in the cloud, so it is optimized for anywhere the user’s business takes them. Databox allows its users to analyze every single detail of their website visitors by providing visual tracking reports of all their interactions on both web and mobile apps. Databox offers management solutions to companies, thereby drawing them closer to their customers.

This visualization software is especially useful for companies that wish to understand patterns that are otherwise difficult to manage on a spreadsheet. Databox provides visual experiences that draw connections from the user’s data. It makes the trends already in the data more visible and understandable for the users.

Product details

Databox Data Visualization Software uses real-time visualizations of the user’s performance and makes it available wherever they go. Users can view their dashboards wherever they are and at any time of the day regardless of the device they use. Databox’s panel is optimized to fit the screen of any gadget. The user’s data is brought to their attention all the time.

Databox Data Visualization Software allows companies to view all their performance data in one place. The process makes them spend less time checking data reports from multiple sites and logging in to different apps simultaneously. Users have noted that the software reduces their need for creating reports, and affords them more time to act on insights provided. The data can also be customized and shared with customers or coworkers.

Databox Data Visualization Software makes it possible for its users to build their dashboards. The feature allows anyone to get the metrics they need to create a dashboard that suits their business needs without coding. With the help of the setup wizard, individuals can connect a data source and select the essential key performance indicators they want to track. Once it is created, the custom dashboard visualizes all the indicated fields within minutes.

These customized dashboards are accessible on all the devices the user and their organization use. They work on desktop browsers for making live calls with team members and customers.

Databox Data Visualization Software provides 18 different kinds of visualizations. This way, CEOs and managers can picture data in ways that suit their organizations and makes sense to them. There’s the option of choosing from a line or bar chart, number blocks, tables, heatmap calendars, leaderboards, funnels or pipelines, and several more. Databox’s users can select from the flexible data display and utilize the form that works for them.

Databox Data Visualization Software offers users the ability to drag-and-drop popular visualizations from and data source into their dashboard. The software’s library contains metrics that have been preconfigured with various displays. The individual can access them by dragging and dropping the ones they prefer directly into their dashboard. The data increases automatically and populates the environment after the user places it.

Databox Data Visualization Software allows users to set measurable goals for both themselves and their businesses. Individuals use Databox to establish SMART goals and track their company’s progress, which ultimately improves their overall performance. CEOs and managers can display their goals on one screen so that every member of their team knows how the corporation is performing. After establishing said goals, the user can track every development in a matter of seconds, while visualizing their progress.

The feature allows everyone to remain focused on the metrics that matter the most to the organization without getting sidetracked by other aspects. Users can compare the results from daily, weekly, or monthly performance while trying to reach their target. The metrics provide them with the necessary input needed to achieve their goals. Team leaders can also use the platform to allocate goals to a particular team member while noting their progress accordingly.

Databox Data Visualization Software allows individuals to get alerts and recommendations when they need it the most. Organizations and businesses don’t need to wait until the end of a month or quarter to find out how well they are doing. Databox sends alerts to users immediately their company’s performance is lacking, or something is wrong. They also get notifications for particular areas that are improving or when they are on track. Users rely on the insights the software provides to help them make informed decisions.

Each client can create the number of alerts they get, when, or how they get them. They can set up notifications for thousands of metrics, and from any data source. The alerts can be delivered through different means like emails, mobile notifications, Slack, or insight streams inside Databox.

Databox Data Visualization Software allows businesses to calculate the key performance indicators that matter the most to them. Individuals can pull data from any source and calculate new metrics, return on investment, or conversion rates without using spreadsheets or coding.

It allows users to identify new trends in the market and draw connections while discovering if their business’ performance is improving or not. After the calculations are concluded, the user gets a preview of the calculated metric and its visualization in the editor. This feature allows the individual to see how the parameter appears while ensuring its accuracy before adding the results to their dashboard.


Databox allows CEOs, business executives, marketers, managers, and sales reps, take control of their careers by tracking and improving their performances. It helps them save time while utilizing all their data and providing insights from them. The core strength of this visualization software lies in its emphasis on tracking marketing efforts.