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DocuSign Features and Reviews

DocuSign electronic signature software empowers users to grow and eliminate document errors with multiple authentications, integrations, reusable templates, and a mobile app.


DocuSign is an electronic signature solution that focuses on providing digital solutions for salespersons, human resource managers, lawyers, product managers, marketers, customer support, executives, and business owners. Businesses of all sizes, regardless of industry or geography, use this software to digitize every agreement process while growing their business.

Over 300,000 businesses and more than 100 million users in different countries use DocuSign to send, sign and manage their agreements from anywhere and at any time. Users can prepare, act on, and manage these agreements seamlessly. Plus, with this software, users can get back over 80% of the approvals sent in less than a day, and over 40% in less than 15 minutes.

DocuSign integrates with over 350 popular systems like Google Suite, Box, and Salesforce, which makes it easy for users to send and sign approvals securely from any device. This software eradicates manual tasks and improves customer and employee convenience. By lowering hard costs, DocuSign electronic signature software saves an average of $36 per agreement.

Users can access this software's mobile app on any device to work on the go. This software empowers users with real-time status visibility, which gives them insights on where their document is in the workflow. Automatic reminders and notifications help users stay in the loop at every step. Additionally, users can add custom fields like date and signature to their agreement with ease.

DocuSign allows users to sign documents in over 40 languages. Users can save custom fields, frequently used agreements, and recipient courses to save time and regulate business processes. This software meets global security standards and uses the most reliable available data encryption technologies. Besides, users can embed and connect this software into mobile apps, websites, and custom workflows easily.

Product Details

DocuSign electronic signature software mobile application allows users to sign agreements and return documents on the go electronically.  Professionals can use this mobile application on any device from almost anywhere in the world. Plus, users do not need to be tied to the office to get work done.

With this software, users can prepare, sign, and send documents for signature and get real-time status visibility into their agreements from their tablets or smartphones. Enterprises can use this software to empower their workforce and accelerate their business. This electronic signature solution offers native signature apps to every key mobile platform.

Users can integrate this software into their application to improve the experience of their customers. With this application, customers can open accounts, complete contracts, set up deliveries, and finish forms directly in the user's app. Besides, users can scan physical documents to convert them into readable PDFs.

DocuSign electronic signature software offers extensive language support to users.  Users can electronically sign documents seamlessly from different places in the world. This software allows users to sign documents in over 40 localized languages. Additionally, It offers users 13 sending expressions.

DocuSign electronic signature software offers users over 350 integrations, which help to streamline their business processes. Users do not need to leave their CRM and business productivity platforms to use this software. DocuSign integrates with Google products, Salesforce, Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, Intelledox, Apple, Seal, and Workday. Besides, this software works with any type of document.

DocuSign electronic signature software complies with industry-recognized security standards that protect all data and documents. This software uses reliable security software and hardware to secure the integrity of signatures and computer networks that process client data. The global two-factor authentication function provides an additional level of protection, which ensures that only authorized personnel can gain access. Plus, DocuSign maintains recovery plans that ensure its continuous availability.

Users can rapidly deploy this cloud-based, integrated electronic signature solution seamlessly. This software offers users tamper detection and industry-standard encryption. Additionally, businesses can use this digital signature solution to prepare, execute, and manage their transactions.

DocuSign electronic signature software helps users streamline the deployment of digital certificate and signature. This software is a certificate authority that can issue certificates to users directly. DocuSign requires no hardware, thus lowering cost and maximizing usability. Besides, users can automatically get digital documents that match the authentication strength of the transaction when signing.

DocuSign electronic signature software ensures users are paid quickly, without any delay. Users can easily get money from their customers using this software. DocuSign provides user's customers with the ability to sign and pay at any time using any device. Plus, users can offer a superior experience to their clients.

With this software, users can prevent manual errors and inadequacies. Users can accept payments via debit cards, credit cards, PayPal, Apple Pay, Android Pay, and directly from bank accounts. Users can collect fees and signatures on agreements like donations, insurance premiums, security deposits, and membership agreements. Besides, DocuSign allows organizations to collect payment information and other essential data needed for a complete transaction.

DocuSign electronic signature software allows users to define workflows and prepare agreements using any type of existing documents. This software automates and regulates critical business processes, which help users save time. Users can pre-populate fields, gather, validate, and push data during a signing to their systems. Additionally, this software data control system eliminates data entry errors.

DocuSign electronic signature software offers users an audit trail on every agreement. Users can get instant status visibility on each document and approval sent for signing. This software ensures that users remain in the know at every step of the process. The DocuSign cloud is available for users to save their agreements and access any digital record. Plus, users can transfer executed documents to their system for company compliance.


DocuSign offers a cloud-based digital solution that is effective for both individuals and industries. It eliminates manual tasks and the rate of errors. This electronic signature software provides users with insights, integrations, a payment platform, automation, language support, and security. DocuSign allows users to focus on more important things, like growing their business.