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Domo Features and Reviews

Domo business intelligence software is a cloud-based solution that provides real-time access to data and business management opportunities for companies and organizations.


Domo business intelligence software allows various members of an organization to perform and access analytics and reports through a single platform. The software delivers highly mobile-friendly business intelligence solutions to businesses and stores everything in the cloud. Hence, it allows users to connect to their data from anywhere in the world.

Domo was designed in a way that all business users, irrespective of their technical abilities, can use the solution to make better business decisions. The software offers an array of data set and connector support, also providing different social, collaborative features.

Decision-makers from several companies have praised Domo for its appealing user interface and dashboard. The incorporation of multi-part widgets, trend indicators, and sparklines makes the dashboard widgets very useful.

The software delivers clear visualizations of data and business intelligence to different industries and organizations. These businesses use these actionable insights to make smart decisions to enhance the success of their establishments. Domo offers the possibility of combining several data sets with standard SQL databases.

Domo's customized solutions work best for organizations with large creative teams in marketing, finance, sales, data connectors, IT, and much more. The platform makes it easy for better collaborative efforts of creatives and results in fewer meetings.

Product details

Domo business intelligence software supports easy access. Domo offers users flexible data collection options and makes it easy for them to connect their data to multiple tools. The connectors allow users to import an array of data over a thousand pre-built data connectors. They can easily manage the status of each of these connectors and uploads at any time.

The Workbench feature imports on-premise data through platforms like Excel, ODBC, and XML, among others, into Domo. The 1-click apps feature supports the load of data with pre-built connectors using one click of a button. This software is fully mobile-optimized and it’s a cloud-native solution.

Domo business intelligence software integrates on-premise and external data sources. A piece of Domo's software installs on the network of the particular user and fetches regular information and moves them up to the cloud. The stored data in the cloud, in turn, feeds the widgets on Domo's dashboards. The app uses its connectors to pull both unstructured and structured data from its cloud-based sources into a single view.

Domo business intelligence software provides an open ecosystem for users to contribute their apps to Domo’s app store. The platform opens up its services to contributions from all its users. The programmatic APIs and several developer tools enable anyone to create and deliver apps to its app store.

Domo business intelligence software provides users with data visualization capabilities. Domo users have noted how data visualizations help their businesses in ways that data presented in rows and columns never could. This BI software gives its users the freedom to visualize their data in any shape or form they choose. Data could come as graphs, charts, or any other visual representation. Users noticing that visualization helped improve their results, now rely on this feature to make informed business decisions. Not only are Domo’s charts comprehensive, but its users also get to combine their data in any way they desire.

Domo's Stories feature allows users to establish visualizations into story forms by combining images, texts, or cards within their dashboards. There's also an option for them to customize the control panel layout by adding background colors and arranging specific cards.

Domo business intelligence software is designed to be social. Most of the valuable insights and solutions Domo offers come from its users. The software gathers information from people's conversations, behaviors, interests, and context. The platform then brings them all together with the clients' business data to offer valuable resolutions to each member of the team.

The Domo Buzz feature allows employees to communicate in real-time, triggering instant notifications during each data update. Users can share feeds and profiles from different social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. The built-in chat feature allows them to connect with several people at once.

The report scheduler option gives businesses the chance to schedule reports to both groups and individuals at specified times and dates.

Domo business intelligence software helps users manage the workflow from the platform. This option allows companies to create and assign projects to different individuals on a team. They can also build lists of action items and solve them accordingly. Domo eliminates the need for sending emails between teammates since assignments can be given straight from Domo based on previous conversations.

Domo business intelligence software is both web-based and mobile-based. The Business Cloud allows users to access data from the platform anytime and on any device. Individuals can actively manage, consume information, and stay ahead of their business wherever they go, and with any smart device.

Domo business intelligence software uses specific apps to help users make better decisions. Sales department heads can use Domo apps to evaluate the metrics of their sales reps' performances. Hence they can use Domo to gather appropriate data, analyze the data, and sends the data to the users as necessary.

Domo’s business intelligence software helps users store data from multiple connected sources in one place. The platform's query engine makes it easy for them to find the answers they seek quite fast. And it doesn't support aggregate data modeling. Domo's BI integrates with each company's existing data warehouse to streamlined the data collection and management process.

Domo business intelligence software supports the creation of predictive models. The data preparation tools provided on the platform allows users to prepare data with its drag-and-drop interface easily. The process is updated with Domo's data science diagnostic, data cleansing tools, and data profiling. Users get automatic insights with the software's insight modules.

Domo's text bots provide instant answers to questions posed in the user's natural language. The alert center signals the user to changes in data or metrics so that they can take adequate action. They also get warnings when the software's key performance indicator is below or above a specified data threshold.


Domo Business Intelligence Software is a marketing solution designed to fit the specific needs of entrepreneurs and business owners. The platform effectively manages the workflow of its users while providing viable solutions to most of their business challenges.