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Drip Features and Reviews

Drip marketing automation software enables businesses to automate their e-commerce marketing and build personalized customer experiences.


Drip functions as a cloud-based, visual email marketing process automation and campaign building software that offers users numerous trigger actions and points. These triggers can be used for customizing user's email campaign workflows and setting them on auto-pilot. More so, the software supports numerous forms of email campaigns that allow businesses to send targeted communications and emails to their subscribers.

Also, this marketing automation software has an API, and pre-built third-party integrations that allow enables users to connect with their preferred applications. This way, businesses have access to better insights and extended functionalities. Even more, integrations supported by Drip allows users to connect their social accounts and e-commerce stores for curating data and tracking customer activities.

With Drip, users can manually tag subscribers or choose to apply tags using automation workflows. Plus, users can apply tags based on behavior or any other criteria by replacing initial triggers that were being used. At the same time, users can tag and track subscribers depending on the pages they interacted with or visited. This enables users to create click-based onboarding emails and cart abandonment campaigns.

Drip also provides users with a visual automation builder that can branch off depending on pre-set conditions. Even more, the software has an analytics tab that enables users to create A/B tests, allowing them to test multiple subject lines, delivery timing, and so on.

Product Details

Customer detail segmentation: With custom fields, events, and tags, businesses can see how customers interact with their stores. Also, users can understand what individual shoppers are buying, clicking, opening, and looking for, helping them use every detail in crafting personalized campaigns.

Tags: With this feature, businesses can have a better understanding of their customers that visit their website. Users can quickly see how people interact with their brand and also segment these people, allowing them to tailor their messaging better.

Custom fields: Marketers can add as many personalized details as they want in their emails, enabling them to stand out and also deliver a customized customer experience.

Customer behavior and events tracking: Users can identify when and how customers interact with their website. This feature also enables users to understand how many times customers are viewing products and when they purchase something from their store. Hence, users can personalize customer experiences, depending on their engagement and behaviors.

Multiple integrations: Drip enables users to unite data points from their favorite tools and use them for their marketing strategies. This way, businesses can understand their customer's behavior from the start of the sales process to when they checkout.

Also, this feature allows users to engage with their customers wherever they are in the sales funnel. Plus, with third-party integrations, users have access to outside the inbox marketing avenues. They can connect with customers from their mailboxes to social media, and wherever they spend their time when they are not checking their emails.

Behavior-based automation: Drip offers users workflows that can automatically engage with customers and visitors at key points in their customer experience, whether they are buying products, opening an email, or browsing through the website. Hence, users can create abandoned cart reminders and welcome campaigns.

Custom content: Businesses can send out personalized content to show their customers that they remember and recognize them. Also, with custom content, users can use curated customer data to create dynamic content like price-drop notifications, product recommendations, unique discount codes, special offers, and so on.

Visual email builder: Drip enables users to create branded emails to help maximize the impact of emails on their customers. Also, with personalized and liquid content blocks, users can make emails unique to each customer. Plus, they can show their customers goods in their cart and product recommendations, without having to write any line of code.

Social media support: With Drip's social media support, users can keep track of customer activities outside of their website. Also, the software allows businesses to use insights to display ads to customers across multiple social media channels to complement email campaigns, postcards that they sent out, or any of their other marketing strategies.

Automatic revenue attribution: Users can connect their e-commerce store to Drip and identify the marketing strategies that are bringing in more leads and those that need to be tweaked. More so, Drip has a one-time setup that allows users to easily collect essential revenue attribution data into a single hub for better decision making.

Data dashboards: Drip enables users to save time piecing disparate data points together. The software's dashboards allow users to view relevant engagement metrics like unsubscribes, opens, and clicks. More so, users can view their revenue per subscriber and overall revenue for each workflow they make or email they send.

Workflow split testing: This helps businesses understand the kind of experiences that impact their customers more. Users can build split tests in automated workflows to see if shoppers respond better to seeing ads or getting emails. This way, businesses can identify which experience brings in more site visits, clicks, and revenue.

Campaign templates: Users can decide to create campaigns from scratch or choose from Drip's collection of campaign templates. These templates can be customized to deliver personalized customer experience and fit the user's brand.

Performance tracking: With Drip, businesses can see how well their marketing strategies and email campaigns are doing. Also, the software allows users to pause and edit campaigns if needed.

Pre-made visual workflows: Drip gives users access to visual workflows, which are pre-made automation designed for e-commerce businesses. Even more, the software has a roster of e-commerce marketing workflows that users can install and utilize.


Drip enables businesses to grow their email lists using Facebook Lead Ads, automated lead magnet delivery, and customizable opt-in pop-ups. The software also offers users automated workflows and visual emails for creating personalized customer experiences. Even more, Drip offers users automation tools that allow them to drill down the sales funnel to engage with customers wherever they are in their buying journey.