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Drupal Features and Reviews

Drupal content management system software provides users with a back-end framework for their website development and management.


Drupal is an open-source content management system that focuses on powering websites and applications for individuals, organizations, governments, and businesses across various verticals. Businesses of all sizes use this software to achieve their business goals as it relates to the digital ecosystem.

Drupal CMS powers over two percent of all websites worldwide, ranging from blogs to government, business, and political sites. This software provides flexibility that allows users to create integrated digital frameworks with ease. Plus, users can extend the functionality of this CMS solution using add-ons.

This software's performance increases as users' businesses scale up. Users can develop their website or application in multiple languages other than English. Drupal allows users to publish and manage different types of media across various sites. Besides, users can customize their experiences and those of their customers.

Drupal provides users with tools that help them develop versatile and structured content for dynamic websites. Users can integrate this free software with external applications and services to enhance their abilities. This software allows users to develop web frameworks and share it with others. Additionally, Drupal's global community provides support, documentation, and networking opportunities for users.

Digital agencies use Drupal to achieve the business goals of their clients, which encompasses customer engagement, conversions, and brand growth. Content creators, marketers, and business owners rely on this software to help grow their businesses. The API architecture of Drupal allows developers to build extensive, elegant, and scalable digital experiences.

Fintech businesses can use this software to develop analytics and data web infrastructure. Users in the sports and entertainment industry can leverage this software to create a solution that powers real-time engagement from fans. High tech companies can use Drupal to develop innovative digital experiences. Besides, other industries that rely on this software include e-commerce, retail, tourism, healthcare, NGOs, media, and government.

Product Details

Drupal content management system software ensures that users' sites load fast even during extreme traffic. Websites and applications of users created using this framework can perform well under the pressure of advanced caching, load-balancing, and supercharged databases. This software allows users to deliver content consistently across platforms.

Drupal runs multiple checks on users' websites and applications for potential performance issues. This software ensures that sites built on it can perform at scale and maintain performance as users' business scale. Additionally, this software routes technology that scales dynamically across servers and ensures uptime without outages.

Drupal content management system software offers users advanced security. Over 1 million developers contribute to the maintenance and security of this software. This software's strong coding standards and the rigorous community code review process helps prevent numerous security problems. Plus, users can test Drupal's security against the strictest protocols.

This software ensures that users have complete access control. Users can share information using security reports. Drupal prevents malicious data entry and stops Denial of Service (DoS) attacks before they get exploited. Besides, this software's security ensures that the database is encrypted.

Drupal content management system software helps users to simplify, automate, and consolidate marketing tasks. This software's integration aids businesses to advance their marketing across multiple channels. Users can automate tasks like social media, email, audience analysis, and content management to save time. Plus, this software enables organizations of all sizes to send multiple channel communications at scale.

Drupal CMS allows users to assign rules for marketing automation in prospects like drip campaigns and list assignments. Users can integrate AI applications like a chatbot to help in information delivery and personalize the experience for customers. Besides, Drupal enables users to streamline their workflow and refine their marketing processes.

Drupal content management system software allows users to create, manage, and publish content for different channels. This software streamlines content creation to drive multi-channel web content experiences. Users can integrate this software into multiple digital marketing tools and solutions, and site visitors can access their content from any device. Additionally, Drupal connects with email marketing, CRM, optimization, analytics, and marketing automation solutions.

Drupal allows users to tailor and customize content for their targeted audience. Users can use this software to monitor their content and campaigns. Besides, numerous users can create content on frameworks created using this software.

Drupal content management system software supports full-scale digital content lifecycle management. This software allows brands to create content and publish it everywhere. Users streamline the content creation process and eliminate content silos across the board. Also, this software's multisite functionality offers users a preconfigured environment for content creation.

The open architecture and API allows developers to create feature-rich websites and applications. This software will enable users to achieve optimal responsiveness and scaling regardless of size. Content authors and editors can have customizing views on sites built with Drupal. Besides, content can be managed from one location and deployed to many places.

Drupal content management system software allows users to build a personalized platform and strategy. Users can use this software to analyze the browser history, device type, geolocation, and behavior taxonomies for site visitors - to build distinct, customized experiences for each visitor. Plus, this software enhances targeted marketing, which helps businesses with customer conversion.

Users can use A/B and multivariate testing for tracking and reporting. This software integrates with different solutions like Yoast, Twitter, Tableau, Shopify, SugarCRM, MailChimp, Salesforce, LinkedIn, Google, HubSpot, Facebook, and Google Analytics. Besides, Drupal allows users to build digital strategies that will increase ROI.

Drupal content management system software supports over 100 languages. This software offers users automated language translation that allows them to reach audiences across the world using localized content. Users can translate every part of their site from the menus to the taxonomy. Plus, Drupal CMS enables users to boost their search engine optimization and widen their audience.


Drupal is a CMS software used by agencies, developers, and businesses from different industries to create back-end frameworks for their websites and applications. This software allows users to customize their sites to fit their brand. The core strength of this CMS solution is its emphasis on collaboration and innovation.