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Episerver Features and Reviews

Episerver content management systems allow editors to drag-and-drop content for creating customer-centric and responsive experiences.


Episerver is a content management system that enables developers to deliver content using a single interface. With Episerver's interface, users can manage, optimize, and create the digital experience that fits their customer base. Also, the software gives users access to advanced cloud capabilities in terms of e-commerce and digital marketing for their content. At the same time, Episerver helps users streamline their workforce by eliminating the need to build and maintain data centers.

Also, this content management software enables businesses to share and deliver content to customers, regardless of where they are. Even more, for multinational companies that operate in different countries with multiple languages, this software provides them with numerous backend integrations and features as well as a simple interface. Businesses also have access to a framework for creating content tailored to the needs of individual sites. Plus, the software offers space designed for integrating with numerous other systems and platforms.

Moreover, Episerver allows marketers and editors to create content and also experience it. Hence, they can see the content the way customers would and also in what context it was viewed, giving them critical insights into the effectiveness of their content. Even more, users can create transformational strategies to deliver customer-centric experiences.

Product Details

Product recommendations: Businesses have access to an advanced personalization AI used in analyzing customers' behavior on their website in real-time. This helps in increasing cross-sells and up-sells. More so, the software enables users to send personalized messages and emails that are triggered by real-time activities. The software uses AI to personalize content and recommendations as well as enriching user's CRM data.

Content recommendations: Users can include content recommendations to their website to deliver personalization content to individual visitors. This automatically predicts each visitor's intent and interests and delivers engaging and relevant content. At the same time, this feature can be extended to email service providers to deliver personalized emails to individual recipients. This, in turn, helps users improve click-through rates and other email performance KPIs.

Content intelligence: Episerver allows users to get a real-time overview of their content at a granular level. Hence, users can get insights into why their content engages visitors and also how they can improve their content strategy for a better ROI.

Personalized product search and navigation: The software curates aggregated search data across user's websites and combines it with individual visitor's behavior in real-time. This way, businesses can optimize search results and suggestions on their platforms.

Users can also automatically develop landing pages using key search terms once content and products have been manually or automatically tagged, giving visitors a frictionless discover experience. More so, this feature gives users access to a range of capabilities like AI-driven recommendations and results as well as faceted navigation.

Headless API: This allows users to use the software as headless, decoupled, and coupled architecture. Plus, with this feature, users can edit and control the content for all their platforms in a single place.

Customer data management: With Episerver, users can import external customer data, store, and use this data in creating personalization rules and segments. Businesses can also curate third-party data to have an overview of each visitor's digital journey, which helps them create targeted segments that can be activated across multiple channels.

Visitor intelligence: The software tracks anonymous and known visitors and their activities, allowing users to aggregate this data, segment it, and activate across other channels. This also gives users access to a data-centric look into visitor's journey. At the same time, users can segment customers and visitors depending on various criteria like transactional activity, on-site behavior, and visitor attributes.

Authoring interface: Users can easily maintain brand consistency and manage content layout throughout their entire website. Also, simple blocks of text and full-page layouts can be easily edited with this feature. Even more, marketers can preview content in multiple environments and also use drag-and-drop methods to create content easily. Plus, editors can manage translations, workflow, and channels, allowing them to give a better online shopping experience to visitors.

Media management: Episerver helps users to manage their media and other content easily. The software automatically deploys, personalizes, and tags users ' media like videos and photos.

Moreover, users can also quickly update and change their media using in-browser tools which help them resize, rotate, and crop their assets. Even more, editors can use automation in identifying and delivering relevant content assets to visitors, depending on their historical and real-time behavior on their platform. Plus, users can manage their content library by defining permissions and roles for editing and viewing their assets.

A/B testing: With this feature, authors can identify the most effective way of presenting content to customers and visitors. Marketers also have access to data that guides them to the content with good conversion rates.

Episerver allows marketers, merchandisers, and commerce managers to test and monitor the effectiveness of offers, promotions, and content in a visitor's digital journey. Plus, the software supports quick optimization, which allows the delivery of effective messaging to visitors. Also, users can optimize and test simple components like a payment provider or a CTA as well as single pages or entire journeys, helping them improve customer experience. Even more, the software provides users with initial assistance in A/B testing by automatically setting up tests and implementing the results.

Catalog management: Users can easily manage and organize their catalogs and personalize them based on region, audience, or pricing.


With Episerver, editors and marketers have access to tools for delivering digital experiences tailored specifically to their target audience. The software has editing capabilities that allow users to drag-and-drop content and publish new and responsive web pages. More so, Episerver comes with built-in A/B test functionalities that help users to pick the best-performing content for their customers automatically. At the same time, the software provides an enterprise search solution that allows visitors to find relevant information from a user's website easily. Plus, with Episerver's analytics capabilities, users can have an overview of their visitor's behaviors, which allows for further personalization of content for customers.