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Eversign Features and Reviews

Eversign electronic signature software enables organizations securely sign, deliver, and approve documents online.


Eversign software allows users to automate both client-facing and internal approvals and signatures. This helps them improve the efficiency of their workflows. More so, the software integrates with cloud storage solutions like Evernote, OneDrive, Box, and Dropbox. Users can also sign documents from Chrome browsers, Google Docx, Google Drive, Zoho, Salesforce, and Gmail.

The software allows users to upload already-existing signatures, type them, or draw signatures. Also, the system generates electronic signatures for users. Even more, Eversign stores users' documents after they have been completed. Users can permanently remove these documents from the tool, export them to a preferred location, or schedule them to expire.

Additionally, Eversign provides users with a document editor that allows them to upload PDF documents and prepare them for signing. Also, users can have contractors, partners, employees, or customers sign documents directly on their mobile devices, tablets, or computers.

Eversign electronic signature software also allows users to keep track of present and past transactions by giving them access to an audit trail. This trail would contain timestamps, IP addresses, emails, and names of persons involved in a signing process.

With this software, users can build template documents for frequently used forms or contracts. Even more, users can fill these templates with elements like checkboxes, dropdown menus, and custom texts.

Furthermore, the software allows users to store and fill out contact details for recurring signees. This way, users can add signees to a signing process with a few clicks.

Product Details

Eversign electronic signature software offers users legally binding signatures. Parties involved in signing processes are promoted to either upload, draw, or generate signatures. This confirms their intention to make appropriate eSignatures legal representations of their respective signatures.

The software also stores multiple parameters like timestamp data, IP addresses, email addresses, and full names. Consequently, users can authenticate individual signers.

Eversign electronic signature software offers users encrypted cloud storage. The tool stores completed and unfinished documents in an encrypted and secure cloud infrastructure. Even more, users can retrieve these documents at any time.

Eversign electronic signature software allows organizations to auto-expire document data after completion. This ensures that documents are entirely removed from the system. More so, each party involved in a signing process can download and review PDF documents after completion.

Additionally, users can schedule in-process document contents to auto-expire after some time. Hence, users can manage the lifecycle of documents, save space, and keep workflows organized.

Eversign electronic signature software supports 256-bit HTTPS encryption. The software processes data using a supervised server infrastructure. Data are also encrypted using 256-bit HTTPS encryption.

Eversign electronic signature software offers users sequential and parallel signing.  Users can include multiple new and saved contacts as recipients or signers when setting up documents to be signed.

This feature allows users to choose if they want signers to sign documents at the same time or in a predefined sequence. Documents to be signed sequentially are only forwarded to the next person if the previous person has signed.

Eversign electronic signature software supports three methods of creating initials and signatures. Users can either upload PNG images of already-existing signatures, draw signatures using their finger or mouse, or type their names and pick from a list of fonts. Also, signatures created with any of the three available methods stand as users' legal representations.

Eversign electronic signature software allows users to import documents from multiple sources. Documents can be easily imported from Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, Gmail, Salesforce, and other cloud storage platforms.

Eversign electronic signature software provides users with a document editor. Fields for signers' basic data like name, email address, and company name can be included in documents. Also, users can create custom input fields using their preferred placeholders. More so, the tool allows users to place fields for initials and signatures, set the fields as read-only or required, as well as input paragraphs into documents.

Users can place fields using a drag-and-drop feature. Also, users can resize fields using alignment points and style them. Plus, these fields can be reassigned, pasted, and copied.

Additionally, this feature gives users access to advanced fields for creating dropdown menus, radio buttons, and checkboxes. Users can also create fields for signers to upload optional or required attachments.

Eversign electronic signature software offers users detailed audit trails. Eversign allows users to store audit trails of present and past transactions related to signing processes of each document ensuring compliance.

The software also has a server infrastructure where these audit trails are stored. Hence, users can securely access audits from anywhere.

Eversign electronic signature software allows teams to collaborate on a document. Different teams and team members can collaborate on documents as well as stay updated on internal business and client-facing activities.

Eversign electronic signature software helps users create document templates. Eversign's document editor allows users to create templates of frequently sent documents. Users can also create templates if the different documents are being sent to the same individuals.

Also, the templates come with options like roles, signing orders, email addresses, and recipient names.

Users can also upload template documents and use them as a starting point for similar contracts.

Eversign electronic signature software allows users to set up multiple businesses. Users can send and create documents as representatives of multiple names or companies. Each document carries entirely different logos and might have team members.

Also, users have multiple customizations and branding options like icons, logos, and colors. These options can be used in creating personalized experiences for clients and teams. More so, users can turn team members to sub-users of any of the companies that have been set up. Roles and permissions can also be assigned, and users can permit team members to collaborate in document management.

Eversign electronic signature software helps users manage unlimited contacts. These contacts can be co-workers, vendors, employees, or customers. More so, while setting up new documents, users can add saved contacts using an autocomplete menu.


Organizations can use the Eversign electronic signature software to sign and approve documents online and from anywhere. The software comes with a document editor that allows business owners to edit and customize documents to their preference. Even more, this software offers users comprehensive audits, which will enable them to ensure compliance. Workflows and document signing process are made more productive and organized.