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FreshBooks Features and Reviews

FreshBooks accounting software helps professionals, freelancers, financial managers, businesses, and nonprofits to create invoices, record financial transactions, and generate financial reports.


FreshBooks accounting software is a complete financial management and productivity tool for freelancers, entrepreneurs, companies, finance managers, and accountants.

Businesses of all sizes use FreshBooks to track financial transactions. More so, the software is suited to a wide range of sectors, including nonprofit, financial services, healthcare, education, hospitality, energy, consulting, professional services, and the government.

The software allows financial managers to create professional-looking invoices at the click of a button. With the invoice generator, businesses can customize invoices to suit their needs. They can add logos, choose their preferred colors, specify payment terms and conditions, and invoice due dates. Users can select from a rich library of existing invoice templates or build their template from scratch.

FreshBooks accounting software makes it easy for businesses to monitor expenses. With the expense tracker, accountants can record an expense, arrange them into categories, assign recurring payments, and label expenses to rebill a client.

With FreshBooks accounting software, users can automatically import expenses directly from bank accounts, snap and save pictures of purchase receipts for future references.

FreshBooks accounting software drives collaboration across internal teams. More so, it allows businesses to seamlessly collaborate with clients, third-party contractors, and business partners on projects. Within the software, users can manage projects and outline deliverables, assign project completion dates, share files and documents, track the attendance and time spent on each task, control user access, and permissions.

Businesses use FreshBooks accounting software to receive payments. FreshBooks provides multiple payment options and allows freelancers to accept payments via credit card or Apple Pay. With this software, customers can pay directly through invoices, and the software will automatically deposit the payment into the company’s bank account.

Accountants use this software to generate accurate financial reports, including profits and loss, cost of goods sold, accounts payables and receivables, expense reports, balance sheets, and more.

Management teams use real-time insight from this software to evaluate the financial health of their business and to make valuable business decisions that will drive growth.

Product details

FreshBooks accounting software allows professionals to create estimates and invoices and send them to customers. This feature enables freelancers and businesses to create compelling proposals and quotes that will win over clients. Users can create proposals that will outline project scope, deliverables, timelines.

Furthermore, this software allows sales managers to create and send estimates to potential clients in their preferred currency. The quotes will outline product description, quantity, price, discounts, tax deductions, shipping information, and the terms and conditions of delivery.

Within the software, users can track estimate status to see if the customer has viewed or accepted the estimate. They can engage clients and respond to feedback about the quote. And after receiving client approval, users convert an estimate into an invoice.

FreshBooks accounting software helps businesses to bill customers and get paid quickly. With the invoice generator, users can create and customize their invoices, add brand logos and colors. They can set invoice due dates, specify invoice payment terms, offer discounts, and automatically calculate taxes.

Furthermore, businesses can request an advance payment or full payment before service delivery. They can charge late fees, send email reminders, and get instant updates when a customer has viewed the invoice or made payments.

Companies and nonprofits use FreshBooks accounting software to track expenses. With this feature, businesses can keep expenses in line with budgetary provisions and monitor profitability. This software allows users to create and categorize expenses into taxable and non-taxable expenses and designate recurring expenses. More so, users can mark expenses as billable to a client.

FreshBooks accounting software allows organizations to automatically import expenses from their bank account and credit cards into their expense account. FreshBooks supports more than 14,000 financial institutions. Accountants can snap and store pictures of purchase receipts for audit and future references.

FreshBooks accounting software businesses allow businesses to recieve payments from customers. With the click of a button, customers can set up and directly receive online payments from invoices. This software supports multiple payment platforms, including Freshbooks payments and Stripe. Also, both payment platforms accept all major credit cards and Apple Pay.

Freshbooks accounting software allows accountants to connect multiple bank accounts and automatically deposit customer payments to the right account. With this software, users can save customer’s credit card information for future billing and setup up recurring and automatic billing for subscription-based customers.

FreshBooks accounting software helps project teams to maximize, collaborate, and execute projects efficiently. This feature supports collaboration with internal teams and clients. More so, it allows project teams to track and manage projects. Project managers can invite staff, customers, and service providers to projects, assign project tasks and deliverables, and indicate project due dates. Within the software environment, project teams can chat, share files and images, and view project status. Freshbooks accounting software allows managers to control file access and permissions among collaborators.

With this software, project managers can track time spent on projects. They can add time entry notes, provide a detailed breakdown of activity and work hours, and automatically bill clients based on tracked hours.

Organizations use FreshBooks accounting software to generates key financial reports. Financial reports provide critical insights into the company’s financial activities, financial position, and business performance. With Freshbooks accounting software, businesses can generate income and expense reports. They can also produce advanced reports, including sales tax summary, account aging, profit and loss, trial balance, general ledger, trial balance, charts of accounts, and invoice details.

Freshbooks accounting software has a colorful dashboard that provides valuable insight into business performance at a glance. Accountants can save financial reports in PDF format and share them with their management team. Also, users can print hard copies for tax filing, internal or external use. Businesses use financial reports to make accurate short and long term business decisions.

FreshBooks accounting software allows users to manage financial transactions on the go. With the FreshBooks mobile accounting app, users can create and send invoices, manage expenses, chat with clients, and respond to questions and feedback. The mobile app is available on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. Freshbooks accounting software automatically synchronizes data between desktop and mobile devices.

FreshBooks accounting software supports integration with third-party software. With this feature, companies can boost productivity by connecting to business growth tools, including Shopify, Zoom, Squarespace, Stripe, Bench, Dropbox, HubSpot, G Suite, MailChimp, AWeber, Asana, Basecamp, and Trello.


FreshBooks accounting software allows organizations to record, track, and manage financial transactions. This software offers real-time reports on the financial activities and performance of businesses. Managers utilize potent insights from this software to make sound business decisions that will drive growth and profitability.