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Freshdesk Features and Reviews

Freshdesk help desk software is an AI-driven solution used by different organizations for customer service, support, and engagement.


Freshdesk help desk software focuses on providing customer support solutions to companies from different industries. Businesses of all sizes use this software to streamline customer inquiries from various channels. This omnichannel solution helps employees collaborate with themselves to solve problems faster.

Over 150,000 companies from industries like SMBs, e-commerce, healthcare, and education rely on this software. Organizations can use Freshdesk to automate repetitive tasks to save time and increase productivity. Managers can validate their employees' performance, customer experience, and ticket trends using reports and analytics. Plus, these insights will enable businesses to make decisions suitable for their customers.

This software allows companies to customize their ticket forms, support portals, and agent responses to personalize the experience of each customer. The multilingual functionality of Freshdesk enables agents to support customers from all over the world. Support agents can use the Freshdesk mobile app to respond to customers, resolve issues, pick up service tasks, and update information on the go.

Team members can use multiple channels like phone, email, social media, and chat to respond to customer inquiries from one inbox. Companies can build a knowledge base to allow customers to help themselves when the need arises. Freshdesk help desk software integrates seamlessly with over 300 payment and CRM applications available in the Freshdesk marketplace.

Team members can share ownership of tickets to help solve the issue without losing their progress with customers. With the dashboard, managers can assign tasks to team members and monitor them in real-time. Besides, Freshdesk offers an AI-powered chatbot that delivers precise answers to customer's questions.

Product Details

Freshdesk help desk software allows companies to assign, categorize, and prioritize tickets from any channel. This software enables agents to save replies to common questions and reuse them. Managers can assign tickets to different agents and groups to avoid confusion and overlap. Agents can prioritize tickets using keywords and filter tickets based on specific characteristics. Plus, Freshdesk notifies agents when there is an update to any inquiry they are treating.

Agents can merge tickets about the same issue and treat it as one. This software allows managers to view the system and ticket activity of every agent.  Freshdesk enables multiple teams to work parallelly on tickets split into sub-tickets.

Freshdesk help desk software allows organizations to set customer expectations by letting them know when to expect the resolution of an issue. Managers can configure multiple SLAs for different product and agent groups to ensure these SLA policies govern all tickets under them. This software allows agents to clock in according to their local time zones. Besides, managers can set up business hours for different customer groups based on their local time.

Freshdesk help desk software enables companies to customize their support portal to fit the image of their brand. Businesses can tailor their customer's experiences using advanced HTML, CSS, and Liquid customizations. This software allows companies to use customizable feedback forms to gather comprehensive information about customer's issues. Plus, managers can define the experiences of their employees using custom roles.

Businesses can limit what specific teams have access to while giving selective permissions to others. Agents can use customizable statuses tailored to their workflows to track tickets. This multilingual helpdesk enables organizations to scale their support across different languages and continents. Additionally, businesses can extend the functionality of this software to build their applications.

Freshdesk help desk software helps team members to work together to provide solutions for customers. Agents can loop in other team members for a discussion inside a ticket seamlessly. This software allows agents to chat with customers without moving back and forth between channels. Agents by resolve tickets quickly by collaborating with other teams and external stakeholders. Additionally, service tasks help field technicians have the full context of the problem agents are responding to before offering their solutions.

Freshdesk help desk software makes managing customer communications across multiple channels easy. This software solves all the distinct challenges that come with providing support for different channels. Admins can set up workflows across these various channels for effortless customer support. Plus, this software can scale up with businesses as they grow.

Agents can view the customer journey across all channels, which gives them more context to be more productive and help customers faster.  Businesses can offer customers self-service with their messaging, web-widget, chat, knowledgebase, and bots options. Agents can switch between channels easily without disrupting their workflow. Besides, this software allows companies to automatically assign email tickets, chat messages and phone calls to the right agents.

Freshdesk help desk software provides companies with analytics that help to analyze and transform customer support data. Organizations can leverage analytics to curate desirable experiences for customers. This software allows businesses to build unique reports using their custom reporting tools. No coding knowledge or business intelligence tools are needed for users to develop their reporting analytics.

Managers can monitor and measure their teams' performance concerning customer happiness. Businesses can customize the team dashboards to show their overall metrics and allow employees to make data-driven decisions. This software helps managers monitor the quality of field service offered to customers. Plus, users can automate and schedule their report creation to stay in the loop at all times.

Freshdesk help desk software helps businesses automate every step of their team's workflow. This software automates the organization, prioritization, and assignment of tickets to the right agents based on workload or skill. Freshdesk help desk software allows users to keep track of all changes made easily. Agents can get reminders for ticket follow-ups and updates. Additionally, managers can set up rules to automate complex workflows.


Freshdesk help desk software is a customer support solution used by businesses of all sizes and industries. It helps agents simplify customer conversations from multiple channels to one place. Self-service solutions like knowledgebase and AI-powered chatbot allow customers to help themselves. Employees can collaborate and solve tickets effectively with other teams using Freshdesk. Managers can track the performance of their employees and customer trends using analytic tools.