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Freshsales Features and Reviews

Freshsales CRM empowers salespeople and managers to capture and manage sales leads, hold relevant conversations, and close deals faster.


Freshsales CRM software is a customer relationship management software for salespeople and companies of all sizes. With this software, managers can personalize their CRM process to fit their business needs. Users can create and edit core modules, including Contacts, Leads, Accounts, and Deals. 

The tool allows salespeople to engage their leads across channels, including email, call, and SMS from a single platform. Managers can increase sales productivity with access to relevant data in one place, real-time notifications, and seamless data import from other CRM tools and spreadsheets. 

With this software, users can seamlessly collaborate with teammates on projects. Managers can group users into teams to facilitate assignment of sales reps to leads, quicker sharing of tasks, campaigns, reports, and appointments. 

Freshsales CRM software allows managers to manage sales sequences and use the Sales CRM to create, send, and monitor personalized outbound campaigns. With real-time insights from this software, managers can get more information about their leads, including interest, behavior, spending patterns, engage customers better, and hold meaningful conversations. 

Freshsales helps users automate their sales processes, seamlessly visualize all the deals across multiple pipelines, manage pipelines effectively, and complete actions from the deals module. Companies can generate critical reports such as sales reports, sales cycle, and velocity reports, trendline reports, evaluate CRM efforts and identify opportunities for improvement.

Product Details

Freshsales CRM software allows managers to customize the platform to suit their business needs. With this software, managers can personalize their CRM based on their business structure by renaming key modules like Contacts, Accounts, Deals, and Leads.

Managers can create custom fields, including date pickers, text, checklist, and formula fields, to collect and store data. Also, companies can create custom roles to control permissions and access levels for sales teams. 

This tool lets users customize their sales processes by creating unlimited sales activities and defining each activity's outcomes. Users can easily confirm their presence and operations by using the check-in option. 

Freshsales CRM software supports multiple currencies and languages. Sales teams can select from more than 150 currencies to close deals and also customize their software to serve them into their preferred language.

Organizations use Freshsales CRM software to drive productivity in real-time. The software automatically added visitors as new leads when they fill a web form. The tool automatically enriches visitor's profiles with their social media information, photos, and lead score. 

Users can create tags to identify, filter, sort, and segment records, receive notifications when new records are assigned to them, and get reminders about upcoming appointments. The tool allows users to schedule appointments, and share them with team members, collaborate on tasks, make quick notes, manage and share files.

With Freshsales CRM software, users can seamlessly import data from other CRM tools and spreadsheets, track sales progress and activities, and view previous imports. The tool lets users create and personalize email templates with placeholders, use tags to organize and filter templates, and more. 

Freshsales CRM software helps organizations drive lead engagement and communicate with customers actively. Managers can use Freshcaller to make calls, transfer and record calls, and automatically log calls to related records. The tool lets users integrate Freshsales and their email, organize email in folders, track and schedule emails, and generate activity reports.   

Sales reps can use a live chat tool powered by Freshchat to engage leads without leaving Freshsales. Within the CRM, users can chat with visitors and convert them into leads. 

Freshsales CRM software supports integration with multiple SMS providers. Users can send personalized SMS messages to leads, customers, and record owners, receive responses, and manage them within Freshsales.

Freshsales CRM software allows teams to collaborate and speed up sales and CRM activities. With this software, users can seamlessly collaborate with teammates on projects. Managers can group users into teams to facilitate assignment of sales reps to leads, quicker sharing of tasks, campaigns, reports, campaigns, appointments. 

The software has a team inbox feature. Emails sent to the inbox are visible to every team member of the team, and any rep can track and join the conversation to drive activities. 

With Freshconnect, managers can easily add anyone in the company to conversations. The tool grants them access to critical information and boosts effective collaboration. 

Freshsales CRM software allows organizations to gain real-time insights about leads and streamline their CRM activities. The software offers critical insights into data such as lead score. 

With the lead score, sales teams can identify leads and score them based on their behavior and characteristic. The lead score helps sales managers identify which leads require nurturing and which leads are close to a sale. 

With this software, managers can track events such as web pages that prospects are visiting and how they interact with products. Users can leverage these insights to understand customer purchase journeys and hold smart conversations. 

The software offers a timeline view of lead's activity so that marketers can pick the best moments to engage leads and close deals faster. With Freshsales CRM software, users can segment leads based on their behaviors, and personalize conversations based on their actions. The software allows users to track link clicks or email opens and strike discussions at the right time. 

Freshsales CRM software allows managers to automate critical CRM and sales processes. Users can create workflow automation to execute actions such as task creation, record updates, sending SMS and emails, and trigger webhooks.

The software automatically logs all incoming and outgoing calls so managers can avoid faulty call logs and automatically assigns leads to team members in each territory. 

Marketers and sales leaders use Freshsales CRM software to manage sales pipelines effectively. With this softwareusers can create visual sales pipelines, sort, and filter deals to get a birds-eye view of deals at each stage of the pipeline. 

Managers can assign a deal age to pipelines to identify stagnant and rotten deals that can be revived. Businesses selling different products across various markets, with different sales processes, can create multiple pipelines in their sales CRM and track every deal.

With this software, users can set deal stage probabilities for every deal, and get sales forecast by stage through weighted pipelines, filter and sort deals to perform actions such as SMS, email, updates, or delete.

Freshsales CRM software lets managers define sales objectives as goals, monitor progress, and reach targets. Managers can assign goals to teams and individuals based on product, territory, and pipelines. 

Freshsales CRM software allows managers to generate reports, evaluate sales and CRM activities, and make critical business decisions. The software enables users to generate essential reports such as sales reports, sales cycle, and velocity reports, trendline reports, revenue analytics, and sales activity reports. 

With this software, managers can track sales progress with graphical charts and tables, uncover how long it takes for salespeople to convert leads to paying customers. Companies can evaluate transactions based on sales reps' activities and pull up reports based on calls made, emails sent, scheduled appointments, and tasks completed.


Freshsales CRM software helps sales leaders to streamline CRM and sales processes and manage sales pipelines better. With this software, businesses can improve lead engagement, uncover insights about customer behavior, and drive sales.