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GMass Features and Reviews

GMass email marketing software helps marketers and companies streamline email workflows, drive engagement, and increase conversions. 


GMass is an email marketing software that enables marketers and companies to run mail merge campaigns from their Gmail account. The software offers advanced personalization features to help organizations boost email conversions. GMass email marketing software is used by marketers, individuals, social organizations, churches, and schools to send targeted emails from a Google account to large audiences. 

With this software, marketers can connect to Google Sheets, personalize multiple columns, or use first and last name personalization without spreadsheets. The software allows marketers to break Gmail's sending limits, and send massive email campaigns using an intuitive distribution technology. GMass email marketing software distributes massive campaigns over multiple days or sends them through an external SMTP service such as SendGrid.

The tool allows users to schedule and send email campaigns at specific times or set it to repeat hourly or daily. Digital marketers can set and send automatic follow-up reminder emails in a sequence, manage email replies and conversations to boost response rates.

The software provides complete email analytics and allows users to generate reports that show how many people clicked and opened emails and emails that bounced. With this email service, users can access reports using Gmail on their desktop or the Gmail app on their mobile phone.

Product Details 

GMass email marketing software enables companies to create and send mass emails. With this software, marketers can break Gmail's email sending limits and send large email campaigns using advanced email distribution technology.

 GMass email marketing software automatically distributes bulk email campaigns over multiple days or sends them through an external SMTP service like SendGrid. With GMass email marketing software, marketers can now send mass email campaigns with about 10,000 emails using Gmail accounts. The software distributes the emails automatically based on the user's Gmail account sending limits.

Users with a regular Gmail account can send up to 500 emails every 24 hours. Marketers that have a G-Suite account can send up to 2,000 emails every 24 hours. For example, if a user has a Google Sheet with about 8,000 contact addresses and sends bulk emails via a G-Suite account, the first 2,000 emails will go out immediately when they click on the GMass email button. The second 2,000 emails will go out after another 24 hours from then, another 2,000 emails will go out 48 hours from then, and the final 2,000 emails will go out after 72 hours.

GMass email marketing software allows managers to create manual follow-up and behavior-based campaigns. Users can automatically send emails to recipients based on parameters of previous campaigns such as everyone who clicked and opened the last campaign, or everyone who didn't click the previous campaign. 

The software allows users to preview their emails as Gmail Drafts first and then send them with a single click. Marketers can easily manage emails received in response to bulk emails. The software automatically categorizes replies and email bounces to help users prevent inbox clutter.

The software allows marketers to add optional unsubscribe links at the bottom of their emails. By searching, users can easily find email addresses inside their Gmail accounts. Companies can send campaigns as new messages to each recipient or as replies to the last conversation they had with each recipient.

GMass email marketing software allows companies to schedule and send emails at the right time. This software enables users to create mass emails when it's convenient for them. Users can schedule a mail merge for any time in the future or set the emails to repeat hourly, daily, or weekly. 

Users can access the scheduling settings by opening GMass Setting when they are composing bulk emails. The software allows users to select from a list of pre-configured future times. Marketers can enter a custom time and date, and all times are based on the user's computer's local timezone. After selecting the date and time, users can click the main GMass button to schedule their email, and at the scheduled time, their emails will automatically go out. 

After scheduling an email, managers can alter the date and time to send the email immediately. All scheduled GMass campaigns are automatically labeled "GMass Scheduled" and applied to the draft. The tool allows users to adjust other settings, such as Open Tracking or sending new messages versus replies. After mass emails have been sent, the original draft with the label "GMass Scheduled" will be erased from their account.

GMass email marketing software allows marketers and companies to personalize emails, create meaningful customer relationships, and drive sales conversions. Personalized emails create a connection between marketers, prospects, and customers.

Customers love personalized services, and addressing them by their names makes them feel valued as individuals and an essential part of a group. Managing emails to everyone on a mailing list individually is inefficient and tedious and inefficient. 

With this software, marketers do not have to waste time giving their mass communications a personal touch. This email service makes it easy for marketers to personalize emails to customers and prospects to match their interests. 

Users can connect to Google Sheets and personalize multiple columns or use basic first and last name personalization without the spreadsheet. GMass email marketing software offers email personalization features and strategies such as automatic first-name detection, mail-merge style personalization, fallback values, etc. 

GMass email marketing software allows marketers and companies to analyze email campaigns, generate campaign reports, and optimize marketing efforts.  With this tool, marketers can generate campaign level reports to show the number of emails opens, clicks, replies, bounced emails, etc. 

GMass takes a unique approach to report and analytics when compared to most Gmail mail merge services. With this software, users do not need to log in to a particular website to view reports. They can easily access their reports using the Gmail app on their mobile device or their desktop. 

GMass email marketing software enables organizations to create dynamic suppression lists. The software allows users to create suppression lists for unresponsive email recipients. Email addresses and members on this list will not receive any of the campaign emails that marketers send out.

However, managing and manually updating email suppression lists for marketing campaigns can be time-consuming. GMass email marketing software allows marketers to maintain suppression lists for their mail merge campaigns easily. 

Managers can use the Google Sheets spreadsheet as the source of their email suppression list. By connecting their campaign to the Google sheet, addresses on the sheet will automatically be omitted from future messages.


GMass email marketing software allows marketers to send bulk email marketing campaigns from their Gmail accounts. With this software, companies can schedule and personalize emails, track performance, and optimize marketing campaigns.